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“I've had three $1500 jackpots in the past year, I always hit on the 2 cent, 5 cent, dollar, 5 dollar, all the machines.” in 12 reviews

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2 (Meh. I've experienced better.)

Meh. I've experienced better.

5 (Woohoo! As good as it gets!)

This is my grandmother's favorite place to relax.

She hadn't been in a while since a couple of falls last year.

I took her for her 96th birthday. She had so much fun. The food and staff helped make this a memorable moment.

The buffet is always awesome. New floor lay out since the last time we were there.

They added a couple of chocolate fountains. I regret not snapping a picture or 2. Instead of soft serve machine they have a staffed ice cream counter. It's not just chocolate and vanilla like before. Did someone say Bananas Foster??

The whole spread was fantastic. Server was great and the staff sang my granny happy birthday.

Going to do my best to get her there at least once a month. It's good therapy for her. Gets her out of the house and she said nothing hurts when she's there. LOL..

Fun place to be entertained.

Thanks to the staff for making this a memorable experience.

I'm not a very big fan of this place and it only gets my returning patronage because they have events I want to see there or because it's the closest casino in our area and my family wants to gamble.

Like all the other reviews, this place has tons of slot machines with only a few popular ones peppered throughout the place. You have to line up to play a machine you want and I personally think it's bad karma to rush the current player because you want to play. That's not to say that others will not do it to you though. The Casino Slot Stalkers are real and they're thirsty!

Also, there's never enough staff to accommodate the amount of people, even on weekdays. We were there two Thursdays ago and since we got there at 6 p.m. like all the other event goers, the food lines were massive and slow and there were very few people working to tend to the rush. The line to get into the event was so long it went into the parking garage because of the bottleneck.

If there's ever a nearby reservation that gets a casino, this place will be in big trouble. But since that's not happening anytime soon, they're now.

Overcrowded. Overpriced. People don't know how to walk. Everyone is rude including the employees. Only good thing was the buffet and even that was overpriced.

May as well just go to Vegas since you're already on the way.

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Love coming here to bingo night! All

The employees seem to be very professional and nice but the one who stuck out the most with Great costumer service an recommended the best street tacos was a gentlemen name Steven, I believe he was a bartender. keep this guy around! thanks Steven!

Last night was a great evening.

We did not touch the slots.  We did not eat there.  We got our money's worth. How? Why? We went for a show.

For an hour and a half, we laughed and yelled and participated and whooped.  And after it was over, we gave a standing ovation.  The entertainment was the best. Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood.  If you do not recognize those names, you may remember them after I say, " Whose Line Is It Anyway?".  Yes, two brilliant, quick thinking minds, a little raw at times, well-seasoned with a lot of sexual innuendos.  But hey, we can handle that, can't we?  And the fact that the audience did their best to suggest challenging improvisational material made it that much more fun.  You can expect lots of audience participation including a bunch of willing people  called up to the stage.  They only had to follow directions, no terrifying on-the-spot moments.  I would highly recommend buying tickets to their show no matter where they are.  I really hope they come to our area again, soon.

So now, what about this venue?  

San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino is one of several Indian casinos in our area.  This is not, by far, the wealthiest casino, but it is big enough, and seems to be well managed, maintained, with obvious security measures throughout. Appreciated especially since the city of Highland is located right next to notorious San Bernardino, a city I would not want to find myself after the sun sets.  Please, don't let that influence you too greatly, just ponder on it and behave wisely. There is a large multi-level parking structure at one end, elevators to take you to the right level.  A jaunt eventually leads you to the gates of hell, aka known as the casino. The theater, if you want to call it that, is at the far end.

The heavy smell of smoking was initially a downside for me, but it lessened once we were inside the theatre, and most likely I simply got used to it.

Just so you know, before entering the theatre area, three metal detectors were set up. Leave your Chinese beheading knife at home.  I did.

The "theatre" consists of a large, multi-purpose room (convention center style),with carpeted floors and a main stage with professional lighting.  There was no stadium-style seating as I envisioned, only rows of chairs set up in a fan shape on the flat floor, in front of the stage. A little disappointing, they had wisely positioned two large screens on either side of the stage so you could view their antics close up without needing binoculars.  It was ok, had better.  

A real turnoff, people were bringing in their food from the outside vendors, fast food in Styrofoam containers and eating it while squeezed into their barely adequate seats.  Annoying to those of us who didn't plan on smelling pungent mustard to the right of their elbow.

It seems that SMI&,C schedules their feature shows on Thursday nights, thus not interfering with heavier weekend traffic.  An excellent solution to what could have been one more negative aspect.

The worst thing for us was....leaving.  We painlessly made our way back to our car and tried to follow the signs to the exit.  We have never been here before, SMI&,C virgins, so we ended up driving in circles, completely frustrated and embarrassed, and at one point Mr. B tried to drive out one of the entrances.  Don't do that. But now that we have run that gamut, it will hopefully be better, if there is a next time. Meanwhile, I will keep looking on their calendar of events for the really good shows.  

Thanks SMI&,C for the Colin and Brad comedy show.

The thea-tah. A stage and the audience sits below in removable chairs.

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Took my mother here yesterday for her birthday...... WORSE EXPERIENCE EVER! WE WILL NEVER RETURN! started with a problem at the valet and continued down hill from there.......ended with not even a apology from the staff

We were there on a Monday and the minimum black jack was $15. There were only 2 tables. The rest were all $25. I could maybe understand if it was a weekend night, but Monday? I won't go back

I'm not a fan of gambling, id personally rather sit at the bar and drink but i'll still go instead of being a party pooper. The casino is really nice on the inside, there were lots of machines to play and lots of people to go along with it. They have machines that went from $.05 to high roller and they also had tables you can play at.

This casino is smoking, as soon as you walk in the doors from the parking structure the smell hits you, if you're not a fan of smoking try to find the non smoking section asap. When we left my clothes and hair smelled like smoke and I stayed at the lounge the entire time.

The beers are cheap at the lounge and the bar has machines, so you can play as you drink and watch sports.

Lining up a bunch of conference chair into a huge bingo hall does not make a concert venue. I wouldn't go see a reunion show of The Beatles WITH resurrected George and John at this place. Terrible in every way.

Other than the whole reason I went there (Mavericks, 10/1/2015), I'm no one to give opinion on an operation of this type, as it's the first and no doubt last time I'll ever visit an Indian casino. It seems to be pretty close to the absolute bottom of the human experience (everyone looked miserable), the single "drink" I ordered had only a rumor of alcohol in it, and my hair still reeks. BUT, adding a star because every single person who works there was cheerful and helpful. A+ for all of them.

San manuel casino concert tickets

Actually I was there last week. I did visit the buffet I will still visit the buffet I did not like the fact you have to ask the lady in the desert section to get your ice cream. You have taken away more choices from the food section. And it tastes a little bland. The line takes a lot longer now that they take your drink order at the register instead of at the table. And now that you are remodeling The machines are tighter. At the bar they charge you a dollar for the coffee. I will continue to go there cause it's convenient since my friends like to meet there.

Last time I was there all the machines started malfunctioning. The slot supervisor was very fast… Last time I was there all the machines started malfunctioning. The slot supervisor was very fast and efficient on getting to my machine so I can leave.  Turned  a bad experience into a positive. The buffet is slim picking but the staff is  friendly. The bathrooms are clean, and the tables are packed. They are closed on Christmas Day:) Read more

Business Customer Service

10/4/2015 Hi Hasmik, sounds like you stopped by on an interesting day when some of our slot machines happened… Hi Hasmik, sounds like you stopped by on an interesting day when some of our slot machines happened to be malfunctioning, but it's nice to hear that one of our awesome employees was there to help you out and provide excellent customer service! Seems like it's been sometime since you've visited our buffet. We recently renovated our Serrano buffet and changed the menu, we'd love for you to try it out and let us know what you think. Hope to hear from you soon!

To start on a positive note, the friday seafood buffet is worth the $30 if you like lobster, crab and shrimp. I am giving this casino 2 stars because of their tight slot machines. My mother-in-law dropped $10k here within a couple of weeks and only got a $1k jackpot. I have lost a few thousand recently and the final straw was last friday when the machine I was playing went  into the bonus rounds with free spins. It ended up with 18 free spins and my total bonus was $3, yes 3 bucks and this is with a $2 bet. $470 lost in a couple of hrs. There is something wrong with their slot machines, when the machine says "Big Win" it's only $5 or $10, big wins should be at least $50-$100 or more. Some of the.05 cent machines are deceptive on the bet amounts, if you are not careful your bet of 300 will be a $15 bet, not the $3 you are used to on the penny machine. In my opinion this type of tactic is criminal and deliberate, taking advantage of distracted gamblers. Have you seen the mansions on the hills that overlook the casino? Your money is supporting their lifestyles, remember that when you are leaving the casino broke. Do an internet search for the top 10 casinos in the US, the no. 1 is just a little further from LA and it starts with a P. If you must gamble here, go towards the end of the month, it is less crowded because all the government money has already been gambled.

I would much rather drive further to any other Casino than to visit this casino again. It is one of the worst casino I have been to and believe me Ive seen them all. Way too many greedy people playing 2 and even 3 machines at the same time. Its is very hard to find an empty machine and to top it off their seems to be endless drunks roaming all around. I won't be back here.

Business Customer Service

Thank you for the feedback and we are sorry to read of your experience at San Manuel Casino.… Wendy -

Thank you for the feedback and we are sorry to read of your experience at San Manuel Casino. During the weekends, we are certainly busier than the week days - you might be more likely to find an open machine Monday - Friday. We proudly boast over 3,600 machines and as well as tons of table games and we are constantly trying to find new areas for more to meet the demand.

Also, we are a responsible drinking facility and each of our servers and bartenders are trained in alcohol awareness.

We thank you for the feedback and we cannot wait to host you again soon!

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It seems as if it is bad every time we go, it is jam packed with people and no chairs available the last two times we were here. I'm not sure what happened but I don't like it and will not be returning.

Don't ever come here on any holiday. There was a line of people everywhere! At the cashier, Serrano… Don't ever come here on any holiday. There was a line of people everywhere! At the cashier, Serrano club, buffet, kiosks. It was a mess. And also lines for games! We couldn't find any seats and when we did people were so quick to try and sit down. I'm surprised someone hasn't been stabbed. There renovations aren't much of an improvement, same games over and over. I won't be returning. Read more

This Casino and the whole operations SUCKS.

We went there over Memorial weekend 2014, maybe that was wrong to begin with, but it is no excuse for absolute horrible service and filthy bathrooms.

Yes, all machines were taking, as if gambling was for free, but since it was so overcrowded it went over its capacity in case of an Emergency and none of the security officers cared, they were busy chattering with each other and having some good laughs, due to the huge crowd people were aggressive cuz everyone was clamped in a small space.

At the Bars Service is horrible, they think they are doing you a favor dispensing drinks!

The next morning we went up to Buffet, as we stood at a nearby Hotel in Redlands, boy did we regret it ever! At the Vegetarian section the sign showed Veggie Calzone, a few lines down it showed the Meat lovers Calzone. So I took a slice from the Veggie Calzone..... Wrong pick. I took a bit and gaged it out it was the Meat lovers not the Veggie. They mixed up the signs, when I went up to complaint, the Head Waitress came up switched the signs and said I am sorry sweetie, I hate when these trailer trash people call me sweetie.

Take my word and don't spend your money there, it is not worth the drive you get abused with your own hard worked money.

The Steakhouse in the Casino The Pine House, was awesome, but that is a total different review.

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This is the closest Indian casino to me,  been here a handful of times. The good is that this place is huge. Two stories of all the slots that you want to play. On the other hand, the crowd is pretty rowdy and questionable. They have a large security presence at the door and trust me they need it. So if you just want to come here to game, it's decent. But if you want to come to hang out and have a good time, I'll probably recommend taking a legit trip to harrahs Rincon or palm Springs instead.

Business Customer Service

Thank you for the feedback, we always appreciate hearing from our guests - especially Yelp… Michele -

Thank you for the feedback, we always appreciate hearing from our guests - especially Yelp Elites! We do have over 3,600 slots machines on the floor and pay out close to 500 jackpots a day - every day and as a result, attract millions of Southern Californians each year of all ages, shapes, sizes, income etc. The safety of all of our guests is one of our top priorities, so we take security very seriously. If you are looking for other activities as opposed to just our gaming offering, we have free entertainment in the Tukut Lounge every night (Comedy, Salsa Dancing, Live Music, Karaoke), resident DJs at our nightclub every Thursday - Saturday as well as incredible dining options available 24/7, from our Serrano Buffet and quick bites in our Food Court - to fine dining at our Pines Steakhouse. We would love to have you back again soon!

alcohol available before 5 pm on weekdays!  Isn't it always 5 o'clock somewhere?!?!  Just not at San Manuel Indian Casino!  That totally just downgraded their rating.  

This was my first time here and overall, I wasn't too impressed.  They had hardly any video poker machines and when you did find some, half of them weren't working.  As you can read from prior reviews, it seems like this casino has some issues with having working/useable machines!  As you roam the floor looking at the games that they have available there isn't much variety.  It seems like everywhere you turn, it's like you are in the same previous boring games.  The best part there I would say was the table games.  They offer all different card games with different denominations, so no matter what your budget will be able to play.  The dealers at Three Card Poker were all very friendly and energetic.  They made my card playing experience extremely enjoyable and on top of that, I hit a straight flush!  They even offer Texas Hold Em' and we didn't play this time.  

Overall, the casino was adequate and totally curbed my gambling fix for a little and I was able to walk away a winner.  THANK YOU!

Love coming here, They remodeled and add some great bars and more food choices, I still love to eat at the sport grill,best ribeye steak, I came for my birthday got a free meal and some money, and the best thing I won, so come check it out u never know u might get lucky

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Came here for mother's birthday.

Unfortunately we came on a night where everyone went to the club and so there was barely parking.

This casino overall is okay. It's a bit.... dated and out there. The machines were okay although we didn't win much.

I've never tried the buffet here but I don't think I will anytime soon though.

The workers there at the casino are hit and miss. Some are very nice and some are on the borderline of rude. I don't know what your deal is but do your job and leave the attitude at home or in the back.

It's an okay casino. I'd prefer the longer drive out to Morongo or Pechanga.

Although the casino is a two-story, it felt too crowded.  The seats are too close together.  I think they are trying to put a lot of slot machines, but they should space them out better.  The non smoking room is too small.  Once you step out, those cigarette smell comes quick.  Parking is real tight.  The food court is not too big.  There are 3 restaurants in the food court and you order in one spot and they bring the food to your table.  Don't get to see pictures of the food, which is not a good thing.  People are literally standing behind you waiting for your slot machine.

I have been to San Manuel Casino, haven't won big there, but I have known people that has, if you can't get out of town and would like some entertainment, this is not to bad, they do have some one with a cart that serves coffee and coke for free they are hard to fine, not bad for a night out.

Business Customer Service

Thank you so much for the feedback and we hope that you win big here sometime soon. Our… Tina D -

Thank you so much for the feedback and we hope that you win big here sometime soon. Our cocktail servers &, coffee/coke carts roam around the facility each day. Definitely keep an eye out for them or contact the nearest friendly San Manuel Casino employee to help.

Thanks again and we cannot wait to host you again soon!

Yelp's 365 Review Challenge 2014  #132 - #365

Years ago, San Manuel use to just be a bingo hall, then added a room for a casino, and then added a second floor casino. This is a great spot to gamble if you don't feel like driving 3 1/2 hours to Vegas, 1 hour to Pala, Pechanga, or Morongo.

Compared to the rest of the the Indian casinos, they all have hotel towers attatched to the casino except for San Manuel. They're partnered with a separate hotel in the area. Reason for a hotel tower not built next to the casino is because of the San Andrés fault line.

While it still beats the he'll out of driving to Vegas, this is the closest casino to Los Angeles with slot machines. All the casinos in LA County only have table games so it will be packed on the weekends. Be prepared to wait in line to use a slot machine or just keep walking around for an empty seat.

San manuel casino gloria trevi concert

Clientele is not classy and just the location being in the Highland, in one of the worst neighborhoods in the IE. Expect to see a lot of trashy and ghetto patrons walking and playing in the casino. Also some will even walk up to you and just to befriend you to get a little $$. It's  happened to me twice and I'm glad to not be a compulsive gambler.

My lucky day on the KISS Slot!

This casino is only 20 minutes from my house but I'd rather drive 3 hours to Vegas because this… This casino is only 20 minutes from my house but I'd rather drive 3 hours to Vegas because this place has nothing else to offer then a slots and tables. The baby boomers seem to love this smoker's paradise because it's full if old people.

Dining options here not that bad, they have a food court, reasonably priced restaurants and your occasional steak house. Read more

Looking at the Indian Mansions!

View of Highland from indoor walkway

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Best CASINO ever #AllThrill check it out all the new changes happening. Remodeled. New High Limit. Two new bars... really nice

Business Customer Service

Thank you so much for the feedback and the five stars! We are so glad that you love all of… Aritima -

Thank you so much for the feedback and the five stars! We are so glad that you love all of the exciting changes going on here!

We cannot wait to host you again soon!

I have to agree with all of the slot players, this place has the tightest machines. I used to play at San Manuel about 3-4 years ago until they started tightening their slots, took a break from it to visit other casinos around southern Cali. Memories of winning back then brought me back again. The place has changed a lot since then, they've renovated/remodeled many parts of the casino and still in the process now. The slots gotten even tighter than when I left it several years ago. I guess the casino doesn't care for people to win, people go there even when they know the slots are super duper tight. On second thought, maybe they have to tighten it or players will not go home and the new players will not get a chance to lose their money. This place seems over its capacity on Saturdays, not sure if it's being monitored.

The casino is a nice place to party with friends, maybe enjoy the buffet and hang around but AVOID the slot machines, they will not let you win! By the time you do win something, it was only enough to cover your loss, so you have stay and play more and end up putting that money back into the machines.

Try Morongo, it's about 20 mins away. Aqua Caliente, Pecanha, Pala, ect.

SLOT LOVERS: Do NOT play at San Manuel!

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Do NOT go see a concert here! Floor seating is flat, over halfway back you WONT see anything! The acoustics are absolutely horrible and overpowering to make up for the bad sound. It's basically a

Ballroom they half way turn into a makeshift music venue. The event planning crew here so seriously re evaluate the layout for shows and concerts here before ever booking anything again.

This is the view less than 50 yards from the stage... AWFUL

Compared to Morongo and Pechanga, I will most likely return to this casino if I ever feel like gambling. I visited this place for the first time on a Thursday night. I was expecting this place to be a little quiet, but it was pretty Vegas crowded, but there were a lot of people on a weeknight.

This place looks much older than the other two casinos. In fact, it doesn't look well kept. In the parking lot, you can see spiderwebs all over the light fixtures. When you're walking into the entrance, the walls looked a little dingy and like it could use some fresh paint. When you are in the general gambling area, all the lights and noise distracts it wasn't so bad there. However, I'd recommend San Manuel to give their building an upgrade.

I'd most likely return to this casino than the other two because of their customer service. Everyone, EVERYONE was very nice. I didn't encounter one person who was rude. That's very different at Morongo and Pechanga (people at these two are nice, but not everyone). Also, if you're a frequent visitor here, you get many perks. This includes additional slot play and free meals. Also, they offer free non-alcoholic beverages. The other casinos provide this too, but you'd have to flag them down. Here at San Manuel, they come to you frequently!

Their slot machines are up to date. Many of the ones I've seen at San Manuel are also at Las Vegas. They were all well maintained, I've only encountered one machine that needed service.  I found a Walking Dead slot machine (I'm a huge fan), but I was not able to sit down because there were too many people hogging the machine. After that, I was on a hunt to see if they had a Game of Thrones slot machine. Unfortunately, I was not in luck...I am not sure if one even exists.

Overall, I am giving this place 4 stars. The city that the casino is in is not great. The interior could use some sprucing up. However, the people working here is friendly, the slot machines are great, and they offer an amazing reward program. These three are more important to me than the other two. I recommend this place if you're looking to spend some money, but don't want to drive all the way to Las Vegas.

They have The Walking Dead slot machine! One of my favorite shows right now.

Free gift - tools for the car...including a jumper cables. Awesome!

The security had a bad attitude, he asked for my ID I showed it to him, he said that wasn't me, I was like what?! That is me. He said "if I say its not you! It's not you!" Like what the heck who is he to tell me that. So me &, family, we just left, they just lost 8 customers in one nite! We never coming back here! My tip is your better off at Morongo! I should of asked the name of the security to put him up here. Lats nite was so bad for me, I started crying cuz this guy did that to me! Bad Customer Service!!!!!

Smoky and nasty.  The slots suck.  The only thing good about this casino are some of the bartenders.  Tip them very well, because they work hard.

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Cigarette smell is overwhelming toxic as they don't have a ventilation system.  After exiting the casino it felt like I consumed two packs of cigarettes.  Extremely ghetto atmosphere and very suspect looking crowd.  Very crowded and I don't understand why,  slots are a terrible investment and not one slot machine was empty,  in fact people were waiting in line for most of them.  Just a very bad experience that I never want to endure again.  Crowded,  lots of smokers,  ghetto atmosphere,  just a terrible overall experience.

All the reviews are spot on...Visited on an early Sunday afternoon last you can actually see the clouds when walking in. I used to be a smoker and actually like the "faint" hint of smoke place has ZERO find a machine until you walk around for 15 min. Amazing how many people were here at this time. Of course on a weekend night I could see it being packed, but 1pm on a Sunday?? People actually cued up for some machines...a couple people deep!! wow

Never got a chance to play a table game as they were ALL full for the 3 hours we were there.

TIGHT SLOTS...Played slots for decades in Vegas, Indian Casinos, Cruise ships, etc. This place has the machines wound super tight. No winning here when i came by.

I was really hoping for an OK experience close to home. Won't be back. Will just wait to take a longer trip to SD county or Las Vegas.

Pretty good casino. Mom always wins here. It's just missing a hotel. But the Hilton down the street offers free shuttle service.

Business Customer Service

Thank you so much for the feedback and we are excited to hear that you enjoyed your visit to… Dorian -

Thank you so much for the feedback and we are excited to hear that you enjoyed your visit to San Manuel Casino. We partner with the Hampton Inn, located just minutes from the Casino with free shuttle service to boot! Check out our website for some awesome money-saving deals with Hampton!… We hope to have you at the Casino again your mom!

I have been here about five times. It has easy Valet parking - a great little Asian noodle house - and friendly Indian service folk.

I like the familiar noise of slot machines banging in the background. But is you want to play craps or roulette then go someplace else - they only play with cards here - no dice - no spinning wheel with a metal ball. California law.

I did however make a hundred bucks the last time I was there.

It is a good stop over if you are heading up to Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead.

Otherwise - it is on the way to Vegas - so just keep going.

I went to this Casino for the very first time and I could not wait to leave. I understand it is under construction, but still the casino is not nice at all. The people playing at the Casino look like homeless people. Many of them look like their playing their last dollar and look pist off cause their not winning. Their rude, they smell and smoke like trains. The parking sucks big time. I was worried my car was parked in the 4 level parking area. People were zooming out of there like if there were a fire. I'm glad I went to find out I will never go back. The reason we went was to see about going to a concert there. Because they do gave good bands playing there. I should of just went to Palas Casino my favorite.

This place gets worse and worse all the time,,,, you get hardly any play on the machines... spinning spinning spinning and nothing's happening..... then when you get a bonus if you're thinking you might win something but instead you barely win any money back at all sometimes you get nothing on the bonus!.... when you come here and all you do is lose every single time then something's got to be wrong when you come here and all you do is lose everything all time then something has got to be wrong... These slot machines are securely rigged so you can't win..... you have to be extremely lucky,,, walk around the place to see if you see any bells going on for anybody's shouting or screaming or winning it's not happening!

Greetings all I must post this input and mean to speak truthfully for my first few visits starting back in July 2014 was beginner luck and in a not so familiar environment.  After that first couple days in July 2014 it has been all downhill.  Just like all the other complaints about winning they ae far and few.  Let me start with air quality which is very, very bad, not even wearing three facial mask help.  The smoke is horrible from cigarettes and the nerve of people to smoke cigars in there to, and I must add the people will sit by you and deliberately blow smoke your way, especially when they want the machine you're playing on, the music is much to loud.  From there I'll go to the bathrooms which I have never found dirty and the helpers in the ladies room are exceptionally nice and friendly, the buffet, restaurants are great, the servers, cashiers are great.  One in particular I had difficulty with in the sports bar and was told she had personal issues regarding family matters, so sorry but why does it have to be taken out on me.  So Alex is who I usually request at the sports grill, he is very nice and professional as well as some of the other workers in there.  The buffet is great, have never found it dirty or undesirable, the food is great, Fri. seafood is awesome, the workers are very friendly from the front desk, servers and management.  I have been waited on by many in their have found only one that I would not like to have again, in fact she was so bad her tip was left on the table of the waiter that was so nice to help me, Joseph is the greatest.  The Casino does get a little over crowded, weekends and Holidays good luck if you don't go early A.M. and stay all day getting any machine is almost impossible not to mention the favorite ones that sometimes hit, people will do just about anything to get them.  They will stand behind you and harass you, have their friends and family members harass you, they report you to the supervisors to get you in trouble hoping you will be made to get off "their machine".  Even though they come and admit to you they play two machines quite frequently, and I am so glad that it was a supervisor that knew exactly what she was doing.  Seldom do I visit on the weekend and holidays because it is busy and any sensible person knows it's not the right time to play two machines.  Most will hold machines not really playing both.  Worst case is being bullied by a guy at 0800 when the majority of the machine are open walk up to me and demand that I let him have a certain machine because it was his favorite when I didn't he threatened to report me to a supervisor.  Another guy about the same time in the morning 10:00 a.m. rushed up to the machines I was on and told me I had to let him play a certain one because he had driven a long way to play that machine.   Now to the floor workers, some are great others shameful, most of the ladies and gentlemen giving change and watching the machines for you are very good, the drink servers can be rude sometimes, almost throwing your juice or whatever you requested to you, some of them are so use to people being so rude and nasty to them they think most people are going to treat them the same, sometime not even waiting for their tip, but those that are good show their appreciation by letting you know, most don't serve with a smile.  

San manuel casino concert hall

I play at least once a week but after this past Friday 09/18/15 that has to change, mostly because the winning is so poorly spaced out and because there has to be a better place where the winnings are better and you don't have to constantly fight with people and not be able to play comfortably and feel safe, some people really scare me there.

Love coming here, I always win money and love dancing on tuesdays.....I recommend coming wows are amazing

I've been to a couple shows here before and, although I love having shows closer than LA, this venue is not ideal unless you're in one of the first five rows.  When I saw Mike Epps here, we were in the fifth row and I could see the seams on his clothes, so I was pleased.  This time, I went with friends to see Anjelah Johnson.  All of the seats are at the same level, so if you're not up front you're basically watching the I'd rather watch on my own tv.  I won't be back to this venue unless I know we have good seats.

Anjelah Johnson, on the other hand, was pretty funny. She's really evolved as a comedienne because I thought I might hear the same jokes, but they were all new and funny.  When she goes on tour as Bon Qui Qui, I think I want to see her in the Bay area.  You can tell she knew about Southern Cali, but I kept seeing that Bay come out of her and I love it ,)

soooooo getto and slumy...horrible food and it took forever.....please don't go here,  i promise you will regret it...

Been going here for a long time now and the ratio of loss to win is definitely out of balance in their favor. For the most part it's a good place to go and spend an hour or two but I recommend bringing money you don't mind losing because you probably will.

The slots are what we usually play and they have a decent variety of them. One HUGE issue though that I have with slot machines is that theirs, unlike other places, aren't capable of changing denomination (.01/.05/.25) and some of the games are set up to where you bet like $2 a spin - which eats the cash really fast. They need to change that. They do not have enough drink persons walking around either. But the employees there are pretty nice.

One BIG positive for this casino is the Buffet. It's always been clean, brightly lit, friendly etc. Occasionally though the food isn't what I'd call spectacular but perhaps that's just my pallet. Overall - I'd say if you get the money - try eating here.

They have good venues as far as entertainment goes - but the prices are way too high for me to attend any.

Stop following Darrell K.

Seeing their commercials a million times, I decided, despite the long drive to come up to this casino.  Make sure you have a good GPS, since it is kind of hidden and not too much in traffic signs help you to get here.  I guess that's a good thing.  Much to my surprise, especially with all the negative reviews, I thought this place was large and clean.  Having said that, the cheapskate penny slot players were put upstairs in a smaller less appealing area.  I know, since I'm one of them.  So even though it seem big, it was kind of small for use penny players.  The table games were not cheap either.  Sadly, not their fault, craps is a card game not does not rely on the dice for the final outcome.  They have a food court with some ok options and a couple of restaurants in here.  Problem is that the food is average quality at best.  Having said all that, it was clean and seem to be well run.  The parking garage was large and even though it was crowded, it seem easy to get a table game or slots.  Of course I didn't come on the weekend, so my experience may have been much different from the other negative reviewers.  So come on a weekday and you will find a typical California Indian casino.

Business Customer Service

Thanks for the feedback and for making the trek from Seal Beach! Glad you enjoyed our… Darrell -

Thanks for the feedback and for making the trek from Seal Beach! Glad you enjoyed our commercials and hope you saw the new spots, which we just unveiled during the last week of August. During your visit, we were in the midst of a renovation of Tutu's Food Court and recently re-opened it with improved food options, more seating and just an overall better experience for our guests. We will pass your feedback on Oasis Burgers to our Food and Beverage team. Glad you were able to find a wide variety of gaming activities and enjoyed your experience. Be sure to check out our website for current table games promotions going on in September as we giving away THOUSANDS and if you enjoy football, we have a promotion for the sports enthusiast.  We do hope to see you again soon!

Went to a few bars they had very long lines with just one very slow bartender at each place on a Saturday night. Could not find any open seats at any slot machines they actually had people waiting for them. To get help on the floor or order drinks forget it,  they are scarce or non existent.

As for the buffet it was decent but they are doing construction so everything is odd.

People seam to be very upset here, I'm shocked a fight has not broke out yet. Let's just say we ended up leaving without cashing in my vouchers.. Hot, stuffy casino, with mad customer's and watered down drinks.

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Come have fun the San Manuel Indian Bingo &, Casino way! Gaming, dining, entertainment - we've got it all. We've been a Southern California staple since 1986, attracting more than two-million …


Come have fun the San Manuel Indian Bingo &, Casino way! Gaming, dining, entertainment - we've got it all. We've been a Southern California staple since 1986, attracting more than two-million guests a year - guests who have gone home with nearly two-billion dollars in cash and prizes. Our friendly, dedicated staff is here to provide you with the finest service while you relax and enjoy the fun and games. Swing by and check us out for yourself. Open 24/7, San Manuel is ready to play whenever you are.


Welcome to San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, Southern California's Destination for Fun!

Located in the heart of Southern California's Inland Empire, we're just 67 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Flying in? Ontario International Airport is just a short drive away.

Offering the most fun in gaming, dining, and entertainment since 1986, San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino is owned and operated by the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians.

With so many fun choices, you are sure to find something to put a smile on your face:

Games - from slots to poker, table games, and high-stakes bingo

Entertainment - featuring many of the biggest names and brightest stars every week, plus an intimate lounge with free nightly entertainment

Food, food, food - from on-the-go fast-food options, to an all-you-can-eat buffet, sports-themed bar and grill, and an upscale steakhouse

Meet the Business Owner

The San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians is a federally recognized American Indian tribe located near the city of Highland, Calif. The Serrano Indians are the indigenous people of the San Bernardino highlands, passes, valleys and mountains who share a common language and culture. The San Manuel reservation was established in 1891 and recognized as a sovereign nation with the right of self-government. Since time immemorial, the San Manuel tribal community has endured change and hardship. Amidst these challenges the tribe continued to maintain its unique form of governance. Like other governments it seeks to provide a better quality of life for its citizens by building infrastructure, maintaining civil services and promoting social, economic and cultural development. Today San Manuel tribal government oversees many governmental units including the departments of fire, public safety, education and environment.

San Manuel Indian Bingo &, Casino also recommends

San M. says, “While visiting our fabulous Casino, re-fuel at our newly-renovated buffet!”

San M. says, “The Pines is one of the IE's premier upscale dining locations. Open THURS - SUN 5-10pm. Also doubles as a nightclub and NOW open for Sunday Brunch!”

San M. says, “Rock out nearby at San Manuel Amphitheater!”

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My first time here and the odds are way better than Vegas.

I love the roasted jalapeños at the salsa bar.

The garlic mashed potatoes were quite nice and accompanied the crusty-yet-still-juicy inside top sirloin steak wonderfully!

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