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If you've been looking for the best UK online casinos you&rsquo,ll know there&rsquo,s a wide range of good, medium and bad casinos out there. Top5CasinoSites team of experts have reviewed the Best Online Casinos &ndash, finding which have the best games, software, graphics, bonuses and are most secure, in order to provide you with clear ratings, reviews and features to help you decide which to join. On Top5CasinoSites you&rsquo,ll find all the info you need so you can compare &, choose from the very best and start playing today! Uk casino.

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Since the first online casino opened 23 years ago, online gaming has become an attractive business. There are virtually hundreds of online casino sites offering an array of games from Online Slots to Roulette Games and Live Blackjack. The ongoing increasing number of online casinos might be slightly overwhelming for new users as well as for experienced gamblers. So, before you get started, it's always good to come well prepared and know more about online casinos.

Land Based Casinos vs. Online Casinos

When you go to a land based casino you are usually over stimulated by all the bright lights, music and overall buzz. It's that kind of excitement which can't be replaced easily. Most online casinos aim to replicate this sensation, and many of them actually succeed.

At a land based casino you may need to wait your turn to play a table game, you might be held up waiting for other players to place their bets or remove their winnings from previous hands. You may also get distracted by your fellow players. With online casinos the whole experience is much slicker. Simply choose the game you want to play and get straight into action. Most games are played at your pace so there&rsquo,s no waiting for someone else to bet, nor having someone else rush you to make your move.

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In a land based casino you may find it hard to locate your specific table game, or the minimum bet might be too high. Online casinos give you hundreds of game variations for choosing exactly the one you want to play.

Best of Both Worlds?

What happens if you don&rsquo,t want the distractions of a land based casino but also don&rsquo,t feel playing Blackjack Online like a computer game? These days, many online casinos offer Live Dealer Casino. The most obvious difference between them is that with live casinos you really feel part of the action. Gone are the slick graphics, they are now replaced with live videos feed of a real dealer dealing you cards, or spinning a real roulette wheel.

The whole experience and thrill is much more similar to that you'd feel at a real land based casino, truly giving you the best of both worlds.

Casino Games Offered by Gambling Websites

Just like a land based casino has a full range of games, with online casinos you can play all of these and much, much more. Online casinos have a huge selection of slot games, some similar to those you have seen in real casinos, whilst others take full advantage of the technology at hand and provide a smooth enjoyable experience while utilizing advanced graphics, features and even sound effects.

In addition to a complete range of Online Slots you can play familiar favourites Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Live Roulette, keno and video poker games.

Sports Betting at an Online Casino

One of the beauties of online casinos is that you can play almost anything. It is even possible to bet on sporting events with many of the larger online gaming brands. This normally will include outcomes of major sporting events, in-play betting or even the outcome of political or television reality events. Because of the lower overhead required to run online gambling sites they may even offer better odds than a regular bookmaker.

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How to Play Casino Online

Most online gaming sites offer their own software which can be easily downloaded, giving you access to their virtual casino. The software is free and usually allows you to test the games with virtual money. When you are ready to dip into your own pocket, most online casinos will even top up your balance with bonus money allowing you to bet on more for less.

Is Online Gaming Legal?

Not every country allows online gaming, although actual prosecution of players is rare since they play from their home. Online casino websites must operate from countries that allow online gaming such as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Denmark, Finland, France, the UK and Germany. Altogether there are about 70 countries that allow online gaming. Each online casino has a set of rules and restrictions which must be followed. There are requirements as to age and locale. If it is discovered that online gaming is illegal where you live you may have to forfeit any winnings, so be careful when playing games at online casino sites. All of the online casinos we feature on Top5CasinoSites have a licence to operate in UK.

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