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Forget the beer soaked pub fruities, these days, the best slots are played online. Internet-based casinos host the largest collections of the latest games from the top developers, there’s not only higher payouts rates online, but more impressive jackpots compared to arcades and pubs. I’ve listed the high paying slots for the jackpot hunters as well as an overview of the game selection available if you want to play for fun with the potential for smaller wins. Play game slots online.

I’ve considered plenty of online slots casinos for this test and have high expectations in the quality and selection I see fit for a top ranking. I’m looking for dizzyingly high jackpots, epic bonus offers and only the best games. Security is always a consideration, and as such, only safe, secure and fair casinos are amongst my top picks. This page delves into every detail you could and would need to know about playing online casino slots games.

Which Slot Games Standout Online?

There is a slot to suit pretty much every taste and persuasion online, the topics are the most diverse given the ease of adapting any theme to the reels from fairytales to movies, you can even fly to space or explore the wild west. Some developers going as far as to specialise in niche slot games, for example NetEnt produce some of the best 3D slots around, whereas others pit for original licenses, Playtech, for example, have exclusive rights to DC Comics slots such as the Batman series. Of course, fans of the classic fruit machine found in pubs and bars can also find an accommodating selection of these online.

As well as the most famous casino games, there’s a whole stack of slot games to discover, from the original 3-reel series, to the most popular 5-reel slots and 3D games which offer the most visually stunning experience, with epic graphics and soundtracks to match. Regardless of theme or game type, we all want to win something or, better still, hit a million pound plus jackpot.

Popular Slot Games for Grits

There are many slots to suit every type of player, both in terms of paylines and number of reels, but also in terms of themes and graphical and sound effects. Here you can find a list of the best online slots:

Which are the Best Slot Sites

If you’re new to online gaming, a common mistake is to look for a dedicated slots-only casino. There’s a lot more to online casinos these days, and whilst slots are the most popular online casino game, to offer a comprehensive service, roulette, poker and blackjack are also displayed prominently on each site. Providers commonly treat players to exclusive bonuses based on their favourite slot games, with offers tailored with just slots fans in mind. An enthusiasm for slots is also rewarded with special promotions such as free spins.

The nearest gambling casino

The main thing is that there’s a lush selection and a supporting programme refined just for the game with a handful of software providers to maximise choice, whilst bringing the freshest ideas and technically, most modern slots online. We’re talking at least 100 slots from the standard providers.

Mobile Slots – Gamble On the Go

Every online casino worth its salt has its own app, players not only desire to play on the go, they expect the means to do so. Slots are perfectly suited to smaller handheld devices, with simple play buttons and sparkling graphics they light up any screen. You can find plenty more details about mobile slots and casino apps in general on my mobile page. The main points to consider when playing mobile apps is that the game selection if always smaller than the browser or desktop PC version. This is because lots of online games are supported by flash. As some of you may know, flash have had problems with security and compatibility with apple devices.

Accordingly, smartphones and tablets are no longer supporting flash games, and because of this, most of the older mobile slots are no longer available. In any case, HTML5 is on the rise, becoming popular with developers meaning more compatible modern slots for everyone.

Online Casino Slots with Jackpots

The fantastic thing about online slots are the progressive jackpots. These special games amassed a ‘pooled’ fortune each time a player places any money on the game, we’re not talking a small-time amusements arcade, this includes every single international play in each virtual playing hall, all feeding money into a common pot. It’s more than likely you’ve seen a newspaper clipping, a happy winner holding a giant check. These progressive gains happen a lot, regularly over a million pounds.

Take Mega Moolah as a prime example, this unassuming jungle themed slot from Microgaming, one of the largest gaming software developers in the business and supplier to dozens of online casinos. The original Mega Moolah slot game is bundled with other Mega Moolah titles, 5 Reel Drive, Summertime and Isis, as well as the infamous The Dark Knight slot. The jackpot increases faster than London rent prices, and every few weeks a lucky player triggers the bonus round and hits the jackpot, and once again, we’ll read about it in the local papers.

Casino royale dvd

Slots for Beginners – A Brief Guide to Gameplay

The popularity of online casino slots is enduring because of their simplicity, you can’t go far wrong as a beginner, but it’s easy to get confused with what’s appearing in front of you, with reels turning, exploding, lines appearing and fanfares going off, you’ll want a little insight into proceedings. What you can win and how, and I’ve outlined the fundamental principles which are the same for most of these online slots machines.

Each slot consists of reels, these are the rollers you see coming up and down the screen, often between three and five virtual ones. Each roller displays symbols these are typically themed to the slot from witches to elephants, most importantly is the symbols values. Once a turn has been made, all identical symbols on a winning line is produced, the highest value on said winning line is then paid out. Profit lines are not just from left to right, some slots have different formations and ways to win, with symbols connecting on different levels, this is the main different from slot to slot, the values and the course of the winning lines. For the clearest view of potential winning lines, simply click the corresponding line number on the profit line at the edge of the virtual slot machine.

Scatter and Wild symbols hold the key to the bigger wins. Wild act similarly to jokers in a card game, these can replace any other symbol on a pay-line with any other symbol to help build a profit line. Scatter symbols are a little trickier explain, because they take on different functions for different games. More often than not, they multiply the profit of a winning line, or unlock bonus round when you hit a certain number of distribution of them across the reels in a single spin. If you want to build up on these basics, our slots terminology roundup has got you covered!

I still enjoy playing slots to this day and am excited by the innovations and variations from the basic principle since transforming to an online game. Above all, I keep in mind these basic questions, how much money can you win, how do the bonus round work and above all, is the game fun and entertaining at all? I test slots regularly and prefer to play for real money to get a feeling for them. I can wholeheartedly recommend this site, their games machines are as diverse as they are interesting and, as an insider tip, there’s the option to test them out in demo mode before you play for real.

Other Slot-Related Topics

Online slots are one of the most fruitful, high-paying games that you can find at casino sites, so you can imagine that players want to know all there is to know about them. So, here is a list of the most interesting topics surrounding slots:

Poker uk

Is it Safe to Play Slots Online?

You don’t have to look beyond your local high street for an amusement arcade, betting shop or local pub providing opportunities to play games for money. It’s an integral part of our culture. My main concern about these ‘offline’ games is the average payout rate (RTP), which is significantly less (60-70%). In your average slots casinos, the RTP is not only much higher on average, but is reported. Strict regulations from outside bodies such as the UKGC keep a keen eye on the activities of casinos. This transparency saves from feeling ripped off if you’ve not had a ‘fruitful’ round on the fruities, forgive the pun.

The rate and regularity of payouts are checked by independent companies, specialising in RTP testing. They use powerful computers to test for unpredictability, checking over a million turns for a clear understanding of a machine’s payout probabilities. In terms of security and transparency, I’d suggest online slots at my top rated online casinos are far superior, so enjoy yourself and have fun playing at the best slot sites! Of course, there’s a plethora of other games to get to grips with, for a overview of the most popular online casino games head to our games main page.

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