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If you are new to Fun Casino Hire, it is all to easy to be bamboozled by the casino terms and jargon, particularly so when it comes to selecting the right Fun Casino hire for your event. Casino hire.

To assist clients we have drawn up a professional standards list which will assist the user on what to look out for when deciding which supplier to book their Fun Casino Hire.

As a professional Fun Casino we feel it is important that our service be compared on a like for like basis.

Alternatively, browse around our website to see the equipment mentioned below in action. We do not buy commercial casino images for our website, here you see our staff and our equipment available for hire.

Professional Standard for Fun Casino Hire

First lets deal with the most common claim, namely, 'We only use Full size Professional casino tables'.

A full size Roulette table is a minimum size of 8' long by 4' wide or larger with two 'H' style legs and a solid central beam connecting both legs.

A full size professional Roulette wheel is 32" wide (80 cm) - Tip: Anything smaller is not professional so do ask.

Casino hire for parties

A full size Blackjack Table is generally 6' wide by 3' long with two 'H' style legs and a solid central beam connecting both legs.

'Dogs' legs or fold down metal legs are not professional and are potentially hazardous - Curtains secured to conceal legs never occurs in a casino.

A full size Craps (dice) table is 12' long by 4' wide and staffed by four croupiers. - Expensive and overrated.

A full size 10 player Texas Holdem Table is 9' long by 4' wide with two 'H' style legs and a solid central beam connecting both legs.

A full size Roulette table should have a wheel surround (metal or plastic seperator) used to support the roulette chips

A full size Roulette table should have a croupier rest to prevent the chips from falling off the table.

Casino table hire

The colour chips on Roulette should be 4mm thick and weigh over 8 grams. Do Ask!!

The cash or casino chips should weigh 14 grams. Tip: Ask about this.

On Blackjack tables the Dealers chip tray should be metal. Blackjack chips should weigh 14 grams.

Blackjack shoes (From where the dealer draws the cards should be solid wood or solid black) - transparent perspex is not casino.

Now the staff The word professional is often confused with experienced. A person who has been dealing for 6 weeks is a 'professional' croupier.

The general cost for casino hire. Providing the equipment you are hiring conforms to the above standard you should expect to pay the following price for hire for between 2 to 3 hours game time.

Casino hire perth

A standard Roulette & Blackjack package should cost between 400-500, anymore and you are getting ripped off, any less and you are probably not receiving the proper equipment!

We hope this guide assists, please contact us if you have any questions or would like further information. Happy hunting!!

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