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Alluring seasoned and novice players with juicy discounts and exclusive promotions, our selection of online casinos will help you choose a better place to gamble at and make the most of your gaming experience. Picking up a decent online gambling house in Canada has never been easier –, an impressive collection of card, table, roulette, scratch and slot games awaits! Top online casino.

Canadian gambling industry sets one record after another: the annual turnover has already exceeded a psychological mark of CA$15 bn. in accordance with the official stats. Despite the tough regulations, the country is making it steadily forward in terms of growing the number of gambling houses: Canadians can gamble at over 70 casinos and thousands of bingo houses. In the most populous Ontario state, having the reputation of the best online casino area for development, there’s a slot machine per 350 locals and the number keeps on rising at 13-14% rate annually. Canadians’ gambling appetites grow with years too: now an average 19+ years old citizen is spending CA$750 annually.

The industry is subjected to strict regulations and entering gambling business is a prerogative of investment groups or prosperous entrepreneurs. To enroll in local gambling business as a full-fledged casino you will have to invest CA$45-55 ml., temporary casino options require less heavy investments and could be up to 60% cheaper options. The licensing process reminds the process of acquiring a franchise –, the permit is granted by Gaming and Liquor Commission, while the authorities of the provinces decide which of the game types to approve.

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Thus, neither in Ontario nor in British Columbia you can play video lotteries, while slot machines or betting on horse racing are allowed.

Gambling in Canada from a legal standpoint

To run a legal gambling business you will have to get the assertion that implies registering business in strict accordance with Criminal Code and acquiring permission of the province authorities. Legislation in the country is the area of local authorities in the provinces, playing the decisive role in legalisation process. The provinces were empowered to deal with the gambling area 30 years ago and since then their privileged status remains unchanged (and there are no prerequisites for the state of affairs to change).

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Criminal Code describes the legal positions regarding the industry and its aspects of functioning. Even though all the provinces participate in the national lottery program, the decision to prohibit or cease the activity can still be made.

Even though all the Canadian provinces are the members of the National Lottery Program, the decision to cease or ban the activity can still be made on a local level. Thus, the state of affairs where online slots can be accessed in Manitoba and remain illegal in British Columbia is a common practice.

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