Casino security jobs. Changing casino industry brings new jobs, tourism,

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The changing casino industry in the Quad Cities is promising to grow jobs in the area. Both the Isle of Capri and Rhythm City Casino are hiring. Casino jobs.

Rhythm City Casino Resort in Davenport, Iowa is about 60 days away from opening and brings promises of more than just wagering on the line for a business hoping to cash in with vacationers. Right now it's row after row of silent slot machines, all lined up and waiting for gamblers.

"This is a destination resort and we're hoping it's more than a day," said Mo Hyder, General Manager.

Right now, the casino construction means jobs for about 250 workers laying tile, finishing work on the ceilings, and all the other details needed to finish the $110 million development. That includes work on a steak and seafood restaurant, a casino floor with slot machines and table games, a high end sports lounge and more than 100 rooms.

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A couple suites for high rollers offers window views of the lifeblood for Rhythm City: Interstate 80.

Rhythm City says this construction will be a catalyst for northeast Davenport. But it will also level the playing field as all three Quad City casinos become land-based hotel and entertainment complexes.

And with that is the promise of more work after these crews are done with their jobs. The downtown boat has 250-employees, this new casino will have more than twice that number.

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"We have a tremendous amount of job opportunity for anyone that's looking and we're always looking for some great people to join us," said Hyder.

Every other week the casino offers "Dealers School," to train new casino workers. You can contact the casino for more details on job opportunities.

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