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Real money online casinos allow people to gamble on the Internet at simulated table games, video poker machines, and slot machines. These sites use random number generators to produce results, much like slot machines have done for the past 35 years in brick-and-mortar casinos. Casino money.

Live dealer games allow gamblers who dislike RNGs to make bets with the help of live dealers who use real card decks, craps dice, and roulette wheels.

Real money casinos provide a gambling experience for a wide range of games. Virtually every game available in a land-based casino is offered at an online or mobile casino, except poker.

Best Online Casinos for Real Money

In fact, many online casino sites these days offers a few games you won’,t encounter in a land-based tribal casino, Atlantic City, or even Las Vegas. A good real money casino is going to offer hundreds of games, including table games, slot machines, video poker, and specialty games.

Those new to Internet betting have a number of decisions to make. Signing up for a real money casino includes registering an account, funding that account, downloading the casino software (or going with the no-deposit games), and selecting a game. If you’,re lucky enough to win, then there is the decision of how to withdraw money.

In this article, I’,ll discuss each step of the process. New players can look at this page as a guide to playing for real money at an online or mobile casino. Each step is easy, but it’,s a lot of information to absorb at first. Read through the step-by-step process and you’,ll be playing in a matter of minutes at a gaming website well-suited to your tastes.

Real Money Games

Before I discuss how to sign up for a website, I’,ll give a broad overview of the list of games offered by a typical casino. Sites in the industry almost always have a similar layout, so this should give you an idea how to search for your favorite casino game.

Real money mobile casinos have a similar approach to games selection. The only real difference is you select gaming apps through an online store format. This is familiar to most mobile game enthusiasts. If you’,re used to downloading apps with your Android smartphone, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android tablet computer, then you’,ll have no trouble playing at a real money mobile casino.

To get started, register an account with an online casino. Sign up by providing your name, username, address, and email address. Signing up incurs no obligation and costs nothing. The worst that might happen is you’,ll end up on the site’,s mailing list.

Some casinos offer a no-deposit bonus for signing up. This is a small amount of house money with which players can gamble. It’,s a promotional tool for casinos, but real serious gambling is done after your account is funded.


Gamblers make deposits with a variety of methods to fund their account. Deposits can be made with credit, debit, prepaid, and gift cards. If you don’t want to use any of those methods, depositing can be done with a wire transfer, eCheck, web wallet transfer, or e-voucher.

Online and mobile casinos make it as easy as possible for gamblers to make payments. The only real restriction is from the processor because some financial institutions do not want to be involved in gambling.

The advantage of credit cards is you can trigger rewards in two ways: through the casino and through the credit card company. Casino deposits qualify for the rewards programs and cash back offered to VISA and MasterCard users.

Debit cards and other prepaid options are preferred at many online casinos these days. Some sites even offer special bonuses for prepaid deposits. Among these cards, the VISA Electron and Switch programs are popular, while MasterCard Maestro is widespread. Regional options are supported on some sites. For instance, POLi Payments is offered on many sites friendly to Aussies.

Web wallets are money transfer sites which process and store electronic cash. There are dozens of these processors, many of which are used as international payment methods. Not as many of these options exist for American players because the U.S. government once hounded Neteller out of the market. In the wake of the UIGEA, most e-wallets left the U.S. market.

PayPal is not available at many offshore sites though it now supports New Jersey online casinos. PayPal is a preferred method by many Americans in the few locations which allow licensed gambling, because many Americans have PayPal accounts, due to its affiliation with EBay.

There are too many to list, but the most popular services include:

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Wire transfer companies like Western Union and MoneyGram can be used to fund a casino account. These methods are also useful for withdraws.

Bank wire transfers are a safe method of depositing cash, using methods, not unlike the wire transfer companies use. I’,ll discuss these more later on when we talk about withdrawals. This is a secure, instantaneous method of getting money directly from your bank account to your casino account.

Echecks, which are sometimes called “,eCheques”,, is another favorite payment method. An eCheck works much like a standard written check would, except it is handled electronically. Like the bank wire transfer, it is a popular, because it is so secure.

How to Deposit in New Jersey

New Jersey does not have as many payment methods as the international sites, but the methods offered are reliable. These include PayPal, Neteller, Bank Transfer (ACH), MasterCard, VISA, and online bank transfer. Pay Near Me allows New Jersey gamblers to deposit at their local 7-Eleven store by making a PayNearMe cash deposit. Caesars Interactive sites like Harrah’,s offer in-house deposits through Caesars Cage.

Withdraws at Online Casinos

Withdrawals are a bit more time-consuming and restricted than withdrawals because they require players submit proof of identity. Security is the main reason cashouts take more time. Not many scammers are going to be depositing money in a casino, but plenty of identity thieves want to remove someone else’,s money from an account. Companies want to be sure they’,re paying the right person.

Below is a list of the basic services uses to make casino withdrawals. I offer a basic concept of the cash out time and fees associated with each service. They are web wallets, bank check, cash transfers, and bank transfers.


Web wallets are fast, but they require significant fees from the processor. Gamblers who want to take advantage of the much-advertised 12 to 24-hour withdrawal processes should use an eWallet.

As long as you make only an occasional withdrawal, then the bank check is a perfectly accepted payment method. In fact, it might be best if you do not mind slow processing time. Most sites allow 1 free payout every month through a service like this. The time for such transactions to complete can be outrageous, with a 2 to 4-week delay being common.

Cash Transfer

Cash transfers using Western Union or MoneyGram are possible, also. These payments are fast, but not offered at every casino. This withdrawal method involves fees. Also, you need a Western Union or MoneyGram physical location in your city.

Bank Transfer

The bank transfer is a withdrawal method offered by all real money casinos, but it’s used mainly for larger cashouts. The fees are high, with $25 charged both by the casino and the bank involved.

With so much money involved, security is a major concern for everyone involved. One of the chief reasons a gambler needs to choose a trustworthy casino is the safety and security of payments. It doesn’,t matter whether a site has good intentions or not if their verification process is faulty.

A number of safeguards exist in the industry. The job of a gaming commission is to assure an operator is honest and legit. Gaming commission auditors need to check a system for the advancement of its security systems.

To a certain degree, the Internet gaming industry is self-regulating. If a website does a poor job of handling money, its reputation suffers and fewer players sign up at the site. Eventually, this leads to the site going out of business. That’,s of little consolation to people who lost their winnings, so here are ways to check the security levels on a real money casino.


Make certain gambling for real money is legal in your location. In the United States, this means checking on the state and local levels. The UIGEA makes it illegal to process payments on sites which are considered illegal under the 1961 Wire Act.

The U.S. Justice Department under Barack Obama interprets that to mean online sportsbooks are illegal, but online casinos and poker sites are legal. Mobile casinos fall under the same interpretation of the law. That means federal authorities do not ban online casinos at the present, but the state and local governments might ban iGaming.

Look at state laws to see if playing for real cash is legal. New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware have legalized, regulated, and licensed casinos. California and Pennsylvania lawmakers are both seeking to legalize online gambling, but both states might allow online poker only. A handful of other states has discussed legalization since federal policies changed in 2011. Most states ban online gambling.

Free online casino money

In the United States, no gambler has ever been prosecuted for online casino betting. That does not mean prosecutions won’,t happen in the future. Even if you’,re not prosecuted, an illegal operator might have their site shut down and your casino account might be confiscated or frozen (pending trial). Know what the local laws in your region are, to avoid such inconveniences.

The same can be said in other countries. For instance, the national government in Canada allows online gambling, but the provinces and territories have their own laws. The City of Markham in Ontario has a law against online gambling. In Australia and Germany, federal and state laws overlap, creating a complicated legal system similar to the United States (though less complicated).

Player Safety

Gaming commissions license certain sites as a safe and secure. A number of gaming commissions worldwide specialize in such verification: Gibraltar, Antigua and Barbuda, Malta, Cyprus, Alderney, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada, The Isle of Man, and the Netherlands Antilles (Curacao). When one of these agencies has licensed a site, it confers a certain legitimacy on it. Players should research further, though.

Researching who handles third party testing is important. Several services are hired to handle verification, including Technical Systems Testing (TST), iTech Labs, and Gaming Associates. All three companies are based in Australia and all three provide third-party testing of sites. They audit the site to make certain their software is secure and their games are fair. Sites with a seal of approval from one of those companies should be deemed safer.

Casino Fairness

People might be wondering if online casinos are fair. A legit site has no reason to cheat if it is licensed and legal. Online casino operators license software from trusted companies, or design software themselves. This software uses true random number generators (RNGs) to determine the outcome of events. Most real money online games have a built-in house edge which weights the game in the casino’,s favor. Probability all-but-assures a profit, but the outcomes are determined by random chance. The house can be beaten in the short term.

An online casino that is allowed to set up a legal house edge would be crazy to cheat.

Think about it: online or land-based gambling under those terms is a virtual license to print money. The risk of cheating is losing that license and perhaps going to prison. The reward isn’,t profit itself, but higher profits. A legitimate businessperson would be a bit mad to cheat under those circumstances.

That being said, greed does win out over good sense at times. That’,s why it’s best to research any site you use for reviews and recommendations. A site’,s reputation helps you learn about bad actors who use deceptive methods and underhanded policies. Check player forums and review sites like this one to learn whether a site is slow to send out winnings, or uses nebulous policies to close down profitable accounts.

Casino Security

The advice about safety and fairness is about an operator’,s intentions. Security is about an operator’,s capabilities. It doesn’,t matter if an online casino means well if it doesn’,t have the technical capacity to handle funds security. Therefore, it’,s important to learn a site’,s security profile.

Learning about the gaming commission and third party verification process is important, once again. Other methods exist to verify, such as industry watchdog groups like eCOGRA.

The eCOGRA network tests member sites each month to see whether they are secure and fair. The network then publishes the results of their testing monthly, so gamblers have a good understanding of a site’,s payout rates and level of security.

Also, sites publish information about their software providers and verification technology in their Frequently Asked Questions. Read the FAQ to see whether a site uses 128-bit verification or not. Look over their site to see which software providers they use. In each case, do a bit of research away from the casino site to learn whether their technical support is sufficient and up-to-date.

Real Money Casino Bonuses

Any real money casino is going to offer a deposit bonus to players. Some sites call these promotions “,welcome bonuses”, or “,initial deposit bonuses”, though the latter term is a bit outmoded. Bonus money helps even the odds of playing against a house edge while letting gamblers get more play out of their bankroll.

A deposit bonus has several components:

Matching rate –, is simply how much you receive for each dollar you spend. If you receive $1 for every $1 deposited, this is a 100% match rate. If you receive $2 for every $1 paid, this is a 200% rate, and so on.

Playthrough requirements

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The minimum and maximum bonus amount tell you how much a site provides in bonus money. A common minimum is $20, meaning a low roller has to deposit $20 to activate a bonus. The max rate usually ranges between $100 and $20,000, but there is no set upward limit.

The common max bonus offered is somewhere between $500 and $2,000. If you play at a site with a 100% bonus with a maximum limit of $1,000, you’,ll receive $1000 for a $1000 deposit. You’,ll receive $1000 for a $2000 deposit because you’,re maxed out the promotion.

Reload bonuses are common these days. Many sites do not offer an initial deposit bonus anymore, but instead offer a tiered bonus based on the first three deposits. This helps low stakes and mid-stakes players receive more bonus money because they can spread out their payments over three or more deposits. Beware of the terms, though.

Most depositor’s rewards have a time limit. Many sites have a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day limit on their deposit bonuses. I have seen special offers which require play within a 48-hour or 72-hour window, or which lasts through the weekend. Read the fine print on casino promotions.

All casino bonuses have a wagering or “,play-through”, requirement. This determines how many times you have to “,play through”, the bonus before you can withdraw it from your account. It’,s common to have a 20x, 30x, 40x, or even 50x wagering requirement. The multiplier indicates how many multiples of the bonus completes the requirement. So if you receive a $100 bonus with a 20x playthrough requirement, then you must bet $2,000 to be able to withdraw the money. That might sound like a lot, but remember that the house edge is likely to be 5%. If you bet $100 twenty times with a 5% house edge, then you would expect to lose $100.

That’,s the expectation, though.

Some players are going to blow through their bonus before they can withdraw. Others might have a few dollars they can withdraw. Still others will win a bunch of money. The wagering requirement is a way a casino operator protects itself while still being able to offer rewards to every gambler who funds their account.

Keep in mind that some sites only allow games with a high house edge (slots, keno) to satisfy their wagering requirement. If you see that blackjack and video poker (or other table games) do not qualify you for the wagering requirement, you have a decision to make, on how important the bonus is to you. Players who don’,t like slot machines often look for other online casinos in those circumstances.

Real Money Casino FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions that new gamblers have had in the past. This Q&,A style discussion is meant to answer the most basic and common questions gamblers have. These are particularly targeted towards real-money gamblers.

Sheldon Adelson, the chairman of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, wants to ban all US online gambling. To that end, he has lobbied the U.S. Congress to pass “,Restore America’,s Wire Act”,, often shortened to “,RAWA”,.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina sponsored the bill in the US Senate and Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah sponsored the bill in the U.S. House of Representatives. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida signed on as a co-sponsor in June 2015, a week before he declared his candidacy for the Republican Party’,s nomination for US president.

Despite the outward show of support, Beltway insiders believe the RAWA legislation has little chance of being passed. One congressional watchdog group estimated its chances between 1% and 7%. Though Graham, Chaffetz, and Rubio are Republicans, the legislation does not have a whole lot of support among rank-and-file Republican congressmen.

Sen. Rand Paul and former Rep. Ron Paul have called on their followers to oppose RAWA because it greatly expands the power of the federal government over state’s rights. Grover Norquist, arguably the most powerful lobbyist on Capitol Hill, is also against the legislation.

People who don’t follow American politics might not know Grover Norquist, but he is the lobbyist behind tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and he has tremendous sway among Republican politicians. Norquist is also the Vice President of the NRA, America’,s most powerful lobby. With a gridlocked US Congress and such GOP power against Restore America’,s Wire Act, there is little chance such a bill will pass.

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