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Standing Up For the Right to Organize at Station Casinos!

Third largest private employer in Las Vegas. Station Casinos operates 17 casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, including 9 large hotel-casinos, and it is the third-largest private employer in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Station casino.

Owned by Wall Street and billionaires. Station Casinos is majority owned by Deutsche Bank and two billionaire brothers, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta. The Fertittas are majority owners of the cage fighting promoter, Ultimate Fighting Championship ( UFC ).

100% non-union and rabidly anti-union. About half of Station Casinos’ approximately 12,000 workers are in job classifications that are typically represented by Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and Bartenders Local 165, Nevada affiliates of UNITE HERE. These include kitchen and restaurant staff, cocktail servers, bartenders, housekeepers, bells, and porters. But the company has never allowed its workers a fair process to decide whether to unionize. It even refused to hire most of the workforce when it bought a casino where the workers had chosen to unionize through an NLRB election.

Why Station Casinos Workers Are Standing Up and Demanding a Fair Process

Workers suffered greatly after the 2007 leveraged buyout. While 13 company insiders, including the Fertittas, got paid $660 million in cash thanks to the LBO, more than 2,800 workers (20% of the workforce) were fired from January, 2008, to January, 2010, and those who kept their jobs saw their healthcare costs skyrocket and lost their employer-paid 401(k) match (restored last January). At the end of July, 2012, the workers got a wage increase for the first time in five years.

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Workers started their public organizing campaign in 2010. In February, 2010, workers at Station Casinos decided to stand up for themselves and their families and went public with their demand for a fair process to decide whether to unionize. Committee leaders began to wear union buttons to work and to organize their co-workers.

Majority in Culinary and Bartenders union classifications have now signed a fair process petition. Their petition was delivered to the company on March 22, 2012, after a 4,000-people rally that was attended by Station workers as well union workers, clergy leaders, and community allies. The company has ignored the workers’ demand.

Fair process is the Las Vegas standard. A fair process would let workers make their own decisions as to whether to unionize in a way that is free from management interference, intimidation, bullying, or litigation. Over the years, tens of thousands of Las Vegas casino resort workers have utilized a fair and non-confrontational process, rather than NLRB litigation, to decide whether to have union representation with the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and Bartenders Union Local 165.

The Unprecedented Anti-Union Campaign by Station Casinos

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Station Casinos is now the worst labor law-breaker in the history of Nevada gaming. Station Casinos has been found to have broken federal labor law eighty-eight (88) times, according to two NLRB Administrative Law Judges. That is the largest number of unfair labor practices committed by a single employer in the history of Nevada gaming. The company has appealed the judges’ recommended decisions. The National Labor Relations Board in Washington, DC, has completely denied the company’s appeals.

Station Casinos’ anti-union campaign has overwhelmingly affected Latino workers. While the company claims 26% of its workforce is Latino or Hispanic, nearly 80% of the 88 Unfair Labor Practices found by the NLRB judges involved Latino workers. Moreover, Station Casinos has fired ten worker organizers so far, and eight of them are Latino. Three have been brought back to work after charges were filed with the NLRB.

Station Casinos is attacking the Culinary union rather than respecting its workers’ demand. Station Casinos spent millions of dollars on a citywide anti-union multimedia blitz – with an almost non-stop stream of TV commercials, mailers, full-page newspaper ads, and billboards – in order to thwart the workers’ organizing drive.

Take Action!

If you support workers' right to organize, sign the pledge to support Station Casinos workers and call Station Casinos today at 702-495-4256 to ask the company to respect the workers' signatures and agree to a fair process immediately!

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