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It doesn’t take a genius to know why. That town was built Casino money.

on one thing –, money. Specifically, money that poured in from casinos. These new ventures were absolute gold mines, bringing with them fortunes never before seen on American soil. Millions of people flocked to Vegas to literally give away money in exchange for entertainment. Quite a nice business model, I’d say.

As casinos evolved, so did their technology. They began to understand consumer behavior and the power of automated algorithms (video slot machines, poker, keno, etc). When you walk through a casino now, you may see lights and hear sounds…but the casino sees data and profits. It’s an amazing business driven by huge margins and fierce competition.

Naturally, with the evolution of mobile, this industry saw another opportunity. Using the same psychology and business models of their brick and mortar predecessors, developers began creating huge casino games for mobile devices. Full slot machines for iPad. Multiplayer video poker for the iPhone. Solitaire on Android. Slowly but surely, every game that makes money in real casinos was digitized and served to a mobile audience.

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And guess what? It made money. A LOT of money. So as it turns out, you don’t need a ‘real money’ casino app to profit. Below, you’ll see three easy-to-implement steps to increase the value of any ‘free’ casino app you develop. But I must warn you, the information you are about to read is not the typical way of doing things in the app world. Having said that, it’s my way, and it works.

Step Create Leads for Casinos

To fill these large casino games with users, the owners go out and spend tons of money on ad networks. More specifically, they spend money trying to find TARGETED users –, this means users who are playing other casino games already. The big guys literally go to ad networks and say “We will spend enormous amounts of money if you can send us good casino users” and the ad networks turn around and pass that money to a developer who can do just that.

If you have a kids education game, chances are you won’t convert to a big casino game, right? But, what if you have a beautiful, well built casino app that is serving the ads that are directly tied into what big grossing games want? More importantly, what if you can create dozens of games that are all exactly on point with what those top companies want?

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You gain access to some of the highest advertising bids in the entire mobile industry. All you need to do is create the right users to pass over. The #1 way to do that is to create good casino games with awesome casino source code.

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