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I stayed at this hotel over the past weekend. VERY BAD DECISION!!! Before arriving, I was told that I had to pay $280.00 as a deposit for the hotel but I would get that back when I checked out. When arriving I was told that was just part of the fee and I would have to pay the remaining balance. Which was like 500 and something. So I paid that amount no problem. Mgm casino.

When I got off the elevator, my impression of this hotel was a total disaster. The carpet was horrible and that was only the beginning. I opened the door which was filthy only to enter the room and it looked gross. The carpet was dirty, it was dark, the sink was dirty and I was totally upset. I called the front desk and they gave me another room, only this was on a different floor. This one was even worse. The room number was slanted and it stunk in the room. At this point, I was furious and wanted my money back but was told that I couldn't get a refund because I had already checked in. So I talked to 2 different managers all which told me there was nothing they could do about it because the west wing is what I reserved. I had no idea it looked like I was staying at a Motel 6. This is not what I was expecting from the MGM.

So finally I just went to the front desk with all of my stuff. One of the managers told me I could upgrade for an additional $30 per night for the grand towers. Reminding you that over the phone they told me it was nothing they could do. At this point, I'm really still just wanting my money back. I've stayed at Treasure Island before and it was 10x better than this. I'm very disappointed that I spent a total of $906 dollars on my entire stay. Oh and the manager laughed at me when I told them the room looked like **. His response was, "Yeah, it is the oldest and it was last updated in 2008." Well I was not impressed at all and I'm glad he thought it was funny. I was next to another family and they were pissed as well and they were told that there were no more rooms available but clearly that was a lie and the managers seem to like playing games with people and their money.

I will never stay here again. This was the worst experience I've ever had here. There was no refrigerator or microwave. If you wanted one there was an additional $25 per day as well. What a joke?! Sorry for such a long complaint but I think customers deserve to know what they are getting themselves into at MGM Grand before spending your money. Below is the response I received on my Yelp complaint. Clearly they still didn't care. For her to say "I hope your stay was enjoyable" was a complete joke.

I went to the MGM Casino in order to have a little fun gambling with a couple co-workers. We were having a wonderful time until two women approached the table and began harassing me by saying things such as, "I thought I was cute," "They slit the throats of *** like me," and a host of other unwarranted insults. I have never seen these women in my life before and therefore asked that they be removed from the table. At that point, they began threatening to assault me in the casino. I was told that they would grab me by my hair and drag me to the lot where they both would beat my ***.

I called the table supervisor over to me and asked him to call security. Before security arrived, I noticed that there were two African American gentlemen dressed in full length mink coats appear over my head out of the blue. The said some things to the two women and the women walked away while the men sat at the table and watched me with dead eyes. I felt so intimidated by this and requested security again.

By the time security arrived, they seemed very annoyed. The first security officer approached me and told me to calm down right now or leave the casino. I was crying uncontrollably and attempting to explain what had just transpired before he arrived. He was rude and looked down on me as if I had done something wrong. The situation got worse because I was threatened in MGM casino and the security didn't even care. They never asked was I okay. They never offered a Kleenex for my tears. They even let the ladies continue to play at another table and told me that the men could also stay because they didn't present a problem.

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That totally confused me because they were gathering around me and talking rudely to me and treated me like an ingrate. I told them that I have always supported MGM because I felt they were on of the better ran gambling establishments in Detroit. However, after the way they treated me, I told them that I would never step foot in MGM again and will not let any of my family and friends go there either.

The supervisor of the other security guards told me, "So what? Go down the street," which he then looked at the other officer and they shared a quick giggle about what he told me. I told him that he needed more sensitivity training on how to treat people. I feel that he was terribly rude to me. He refused to let me look at his badge and instructed the other two guards not to give me their names as well.

They never apologized for the incident and I walked out of the casino hurt, disappointed and feeling like I was unworthy of being treated with any type of dignity or respect. I called the security office as soon as I got home and was told that their boss was a guy named Marcus. They said that Marcus would get back to me asap. I called Marcus the next day and he told me that no one informed him of my complaint. He said they get complaints all the time and usually nothing is done about it. I find that to be so disappointing and unfair.

We booked 3 rooms (1 suite, 2 regulars) over the spring break and stayed overnight at the MGM Grand. At night, we had a small party with the drinks from the mini bar in the room. Unfortunately, we found out later on that 3 cans of beer we got from the minibar were past the date which we understand it could be either the "best before date" or the "expiration date".

We asked to speak to the managers in the morning. It took 30-45 minutes until the first one came up to our rooms but she said it wasn't her department and couldn't do anything. She excused herself and sent 2 more managers. Same thing happened, they all denied their responsibility, nobody took actions. We had to come down to the front office and asked for the front manager. She also denied to take responsibility.

Moreover, she was rude and looked down on us.

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The situation got worse as nobody could give us the right answer. It wasn't about the defective products that made us mad, it was the front manager who did. She never even asked how we were feeling or apologizing us for what happened. She just kept arguing with us and tried to convince us that it wasn't their fault. All we needed to hear was a nice greeting and an apology from her but none came out of her mouth. Later on, many people who were in charge had come to talk with us. But again, nobody apologized and took responsibility for what happened.

They even promised to send us the medical claim form in case we're not feeling well and needed to see a doctor, but so far, nobody has received anything from the hotel yet. We were really disappointed on how the hotel staff deal with guests when situations happen. Most of us are in hospitality industry for many years, some went to college majoring in hospitality management, or hotel operations. We have the worst hotel experience with MGM Grand and will never come back to MGM again.

We vacationed at property with our two kids ages 13&,16. We booked 2 rooms for our vacation on 28Jun08 for 4Aug08-7Aug08. I called 3 days prior to departure,&, twice or thrice,to ensure we had non-smoking upper flr. rooms AJOINING. The personnel I spoke to were courteous &, helpful. I was told that calling 3-4 days prior to departure would be helpful to ensure securing AJOINING NON-SMOKING UPPER FLR. ROOMS for our vacation.

The 1st call I was told it might be too early to make that request(she wasnt 2nd call on 1Aug08 @9:51am,I spoke to Monica,who was absolutely outstanding to deal with,an asset to MGM Grand. Monica, unlike the other women I had spoken to earlier,had totally taken care of the issue. My wife and I felt set and totally at ease with our decision to choose MGM Grand. At check-in, sometime after 9pm 4Aug08, we were told by Bora,who was very courteous,that our 2 AJOINING NON-SMOKING UPPER LEVEL ROOMS were not available. Instead she had 2 rooms across from each other on the 9th flr., &, said 2 AJOINING NON-SMOKING ROOMS UPPER FLR. WERE NOT AVAILABLE &, MAY NOT BE FOR OUR VACATION. Bora did note Monica's arrangement.

Only after persistance on my part, did she find 2 AJOINING ROOMS NON-SMOKING UPPER FLR. 27-317 &, 27-319 but available the next day, Tues. 5Aug08, that we could move into between 1-6pm. Bora did say that the arrangement was locked in. That was a plus. So were thinking "Gee, great, we get to move from room to room on our vacation". We worried about how much time was being wasted &, felt tethered, reminding ourselves not to forget to call, &, not feeling free &, at ease to move about Vegas &, the MGM Grand property, without that in the back of our minds.

In the morning I go across to the room my wife &, daughter are sleeping in &, my wife tells me they could'nt sleep a wink the whole night because the air-conditioner was making noise all night. They didnt want to wake my son &, I up &, without the air-con on, it was to hot to sleep. She felt that it would do no good to call the FrontDesk for help after the 2 AJOINING NON-SMOKING ROOMS UPPER FLOOR THAT MONICA HAD ARRANGED FOR US TO HAVE FOR OUR VACATION WERE YANKED.

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I called theFrontDesk. It was either Jeannette or Brianna about the problem with the loud noise the air-con was making. It sounded like construction was going on outside, it wasnt good. For all of the hassle on our vacation so far, I asked her if she could consider compensating us. She asked what I would like.I asked to be comped 4 for the buffet, to be used at a time &, day of our choosing during our stay, which she agreed to &, told me to call in advance just prior to using. But even that was botched, as someone dropped the ball &, listed only two be comped at the buffet even after we had called it in in advance (Wen,6Aug08), &, had to ask Mirna at LinePass to call the FrontDesk to iron things out. Mirna spoke to Heather there. Another hassle taken care of.

The 2 AJOINING ROOMS NON-SMOKING UPPER FLOOR 27-317 &, 27-319 were ready for us the next day, glory be. I called the FrontDesk about 1:23pm from the now it's time to haul everyone out of the LazyRiver to move to our new rooms. The kids are upset, my wife &, I are feeling dissapointed &, a little jipped. We did like the 2 AJOINING NON-SMOKING UPPER FLOOR ROOMS 27-317 &, 27-319 that Bora was able to nail down for us. All in all,my wife hit a little pay-dirt, but we would have had a lot nicer experience if it was not for all of the pitfalls &, me spending my time as a TroubleShooter on our vacation at The MGM Grand "The City of Entertainment".

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