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A Slots Tournament is an event in which players compete for a large prize. To play in a tournament, you buy in by paying the entry fee in chips. There are tournaments at many different levels, for beginners and advanced players. In the tournament lobby, select one of the four tournament types to view active tournaments in that category. Casino slot.

On the tournament tiles, you can see which slot you'd be playing, the entry fee, and the potential prize pool. Click or tap Details to see more.

The detail view will include:

You may wish to copy down or take a screenshot of the ID for the tournament you join. It will also be listed on the leaderboard once you start playing.

The tournament duration is displayed in this format: 10:00-25:00. That means you will have at least 10 minutes to play, and the tournament will run a total of 25 minutes, starting when the first player begins. If a tournament has less time remaining than the minimum duration shown, no new players can join.

How many players have joined the tournament so far

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Depending on the type, a tournament can accommodate as few as 10 or as many as 500 players.

The potential prize payouts

The listed payouts are based on full participation in the tournament. If fewer players join, the prize pool will not reach the projected size, and the payouts will be smaller. The actual prize payouts are based on the number of participants and the chips pool created by their entry fees.

Note: There are minimum participation levels for some tournament types. If fewer than 9 players enter a 50-player tournament or fewer than 98 enter a 500-player tournament, the prize pool will not be sufficient to reward the winners. In those cases, all buy-ins will be automatically refunded in full.

Once you join the tournament, you will see the time remaining displayed in minutes and seconds. In a tournament, you spin with credits instead of chips. Each player in the tournament starts with the same number of credits, and there is no way to earn or buy more. Additional spins may still be gained through bonus rounds, if applicable in the particular slot.

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As you spin, your wins on the reels will be tracked as your Score. No actual chips are won during tournament spins, the results of the spins count only toward your tournament score. Your score at the end will be compared with the scores of all players who joined this tournament, and the prize pool will be paid out to the winners as shown on the tournament detail view.

At the end of the tournament, you will see your Score and the time remaining. Check the leaderboard below the reels to see your current ranking. Depending on how much time remains for the other players to continue spinning, you may end up with a lower overall rank by the end.

Choose Tournaments to return to the tournament lobby, Casino to return to the main lobby, or Replay to enter the same kind of tournament right away. If you click Replay, you will not be playing in the exact same tournament, no matter how much time remains, you will play the same tournament type on the same slot, with the same entry fee, duration, and prize payout potential, but the Tournament ID will change, and there may be a different number of active players. Again, we recommend taking note of your Tournament ID.

In the tournament lobby, you can select My Winnings to view the final outcome of any recent tournaments you have played. If you won, the chips were automatically added to your account when the tournament ended.

If a tournament ends before you run out of credits, you will see the message that you ran out of time. This may happen if you selected Auto Spin and wandered away, then triggered a bonus round or finished the Auto Spin with credits remaining.

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What kind of tournament were you playing? The Hi-Lo tournament type pays out only 2 prizes, to the highest- and lowest-scoring players.

When you have 3 winning spins in a row, you trigger the On Fire bonus. It will double your payouts for the next 10 spins. The line wins displayed below the reels do not change, but the amounts get doubled when they are added to your score above the reels. For instance, if you have a 10,000 line win, the score above the reels will increase by 20,000, and you will see the message "2x On Fire Bonus!"

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