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There is nothing like the thrill of playing at your favourite online casino, but of course you can’t always win. The entertainment platform Fun-Casino has come up with a unique way to make sure you’re still a winner, even when you spin and lose. The idea is highly innovative, and thanks to the MIT-licensed Graphene blockchain technology and the decentralised financial trading platform OpenLedger, it has now become a reality! Fun-Casino has partnered with leaders in blockchain technology to create a special token that will deliver a dividend derived from casino earnings each and every week, so that you can always have a piece of the pie – after all, there will always be hungry players out there! In this way we are able to satisfy the desire for new ways of delivering added gains. Fun casino.

The idea seems complex, but is actually rather simple. Fun-Casino has created a digital token called the FUNC. Anyone who holds these tokens will own a slice of Fun-Casino’s income. It’s as simple as that. The only thing you need to do is buy whatever amount of tokens you wish.

Fun have issued 100,000,000 FUNC tokens in total on a dedicated escrow account called reserves.funcasino on the financial trading platform OpenLedger, from which you will be able to buy them from the sell walls created on the market for this purpose.

Play for fun casino

IMPORTANT! Only FUNC tokens held in the Fun-Casino wallet itself are eligible for Weekly dividends. You are, however, always able to trade your FUNC tokens on the OpenLedger wallet and deposit whatever you want to your Fun-Casino wallet.

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