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Which licenses should I trust?

Licensing probably tells more about a casino than anything else. A solid, reliable, and trustworthy license is a good indicator that players are dealing with a serious operator who runs the business the way it is supposed, However, how can you know what licenses are reliable when there are so many out there? Online casino guide.

The license issued by the UK Gambling Commission is one of the most trustworthy ones that exist these days. Unlike the small countries that make their living off of issuing casino licenses, the UK licenses are only issued to online casinos that are able to prove they are running a legitimate and trustworthy operation. Other than the UK license, the license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority are usually solid.

Apart from these licenses, you should always try to find out if a casino has been independently verified by eCogra. This is an independent approved testing agency that makes sure games offered by the casinos are fair and up to the standards. Casinos displaying eCogra seal of approval are usually reliable.

Can I be signed up at multiple operators?

Online casino players, especially those new to playing online, are often confused and uncertain how many online casino accounts are they allowed to have. The answer is: as many as you like, as long as they are created with different operators.

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One player is usually only allowed one account per casino, barring some extraordinary circumstances, but there are no restrictions on making as many online casino accounts as you like with different casinos.

That said, some casinos are part of the same networks and sometimes you will not be allowed to participate in certain promotional offers on more than one casino within the network. For example, if more casinos on the same network are offering 100% reload bonus, you might only be eligible to accept this bonus on one casino.

Are online casino games rigged?

When a player goes on a bad streak of luck, it may seem to him that the games have been rigged by the casino, making sure they lose their money. However, this couldn’,t be further from truth if we are talking about legitimate, fully licensed operators.

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Despite what some people may believe, casinos licensed with those licenses mentioned in the first question are subject to some very thorough testing and their games are regularly checked for fairness and integrity. Should any irregularities ever be discovered, the casino would stand to lose their license, their customers, and could potentially be facing a lawsuit.

The fact is, casinos have no reason to rig their games as they are already guaranteed to win thanks to the inherent edge present in nearly all casino games. Odds are in their favors and they are in no rush. Thus, only rogue casinos who are in it for the cash grab would risk rigging the games.

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