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At CasinoCanada.Online, we aim to offer useful, interesting and up-to-date content about the exciting world of online casino gaming. With new brands, games, payment services and promotional offers being launched regularly, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. That’s why we’re here – to help you make informed decisions about how and where to play, saving you time and of course money. Online casino reviews.

Every member of our team is a long-time fan of online gaming. Because of our shared passion for this pastime, we feel we can provide Canadian casino fans with a service that will help them get more out of their gaming experience. We know how to write with the player at heart so our reviews and advice give you the perspective you need. There’s a lot of information about the many online casinos out there, but we wanted to focus specifically on what Canadians have access to so that you can rest assured that everything that appears on this website is available to you.

The Best Casino Table Games and More

Being true casino lovers, we’re always looking for games that manage to capture the essence of the casino experience. While playing an online game is completely different to being at a brick-and-mortar casino, online casinos have come a long way and there are some great brands out there that offer really enjoyable casino gaming. Casino players can have very different tastes when it comes to the games that they play. Some of us prefer classic table games, while others go for the thrill of big jackpot slots or video poker. At CasinoCanada.Online, we cover all forms of casino entertainment. We also review the poker rooms and sportsbook services that are offered by the larger brands.

Online Casinos for Canadians

As Canadians, we’re blessed with a lot of freedom in terms of the regulation imposed upon the online casino gaming industry. This means we have a wide choice of casinos and betting options open to us. With the huge range of brands available, it can be an overwhelming task to pick out the better quality services from those that should probably be avoided. Researching the internet can also be frustrating as it’s not always clear whether a special offer or restriction applies to Canadian players. At CasinoCananda.Online, we customize the information to suit Canadian players, bringing you only the best in online casino entertainment.

Find a Recommended Casino

Looking for an amazing online casino experience? Not sure where to play? This website has the information you need to find exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t waste time making unnecessary deposits and going through annoying registration processes only to be disappointed by poor gaming products. At CasinoCanada.Online we feature only the highest quality online casino brands so that you can experience the best casino entertainment the internet has to offer.

Best online casino reviews

Some brands advertise a long list of features, but only after signing up and navigating through the features, do you realize that what you’re looking for either doesn’t appear as part of the product, or it’s of such low quality that it isn’t fun to play. We aim to save you that disappointment by collecting the best casino fun the internet has to offer and bringing it to you in a nicely packaged and informative way.

What Makes an Online Casino Great?

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to comb the internet in search of the best online casinos available to Canadian players. There are big differences between what the different brands offer and how they work. Here’s a list of the different aspects we like to check when we’re judging the quality of an online casino…

Game Quality

First of all, we look at the actual gaming possibilities offered by the casino. We research the software company responsible for powering each gaming platform and gauge the size of the prize pool offered by the jackpot games. Then we check the quality of the games and their payout rates. We also make sure the games run smoothly on PC and Mac computers and on mobile devices.

Welcome Bonus &, Promotions

Next, we take a look at the promotions on offer, starting with the welcome bonus and moving on to the regular promotions offered by the casino’s promotions team. We don’t just look at the size of the bonus advertised by the brand although that is of course an important factor to a lot of players. We read the fine print to see how the bonus is actually redeemed and also check the wagering requirements. Some bonuses are great for high rollers but not for smaller deposits, and sometimes the opposite is true. In our reviews, we break down the welcome offer so that you can decide if the bonus suits you.

Casino online reviews

Customer Service

You never know when you’ll need to contact an online casino’s support department. Whether it’s for something technical, bonus-related or about the processing of a certain payment, it can be really frustrating dealing with customer service representatives that don’t know what they’re talking about. It can be even more frustrating not being able to reach anybody for something you need help with. The brands that we recommend are scored upon the professionalism and friendliness of their customer support to ensure you get the service you deserve.

Deposits &, Withdrawals

We like to make sure that deposits and withdrawals are easy to perform, not to mention safe and secure. We look for a range of depositing methods so you’re not restricted to just the use of a credit card. Since CasinoCanada.Online is focused on Canadians, we obviously make sure that these methods are easily available to Canadian players.


We read up as much as we can about every online casino’s history. This is done to ascertain that the brands are reliable and trustworthy. Which legal body is the casino licensed and regulated by? What is the casino’s reputation amongst the playing community? These questions and others help us decide whether to recommend an online casino to our visitors. For example, certificates such as the eCOGRA stamp help to ensure that the approved brand operates under fair gaming laws.

Real Money Casinos

Online casinos are hugely entertaining and there’s a lot of money to be won too. The problem is finding the best casino for you. Well, we’re here to point Canadian online casino real money fans to the best brands the internet has to offer. Playing online casino games for free can be fun for a while, but the real thrill comes into the picture when you’re playing for real money. The obvious advantage here is that the money you win is also real! Just browse our detailed collection of reviews of the best online casinos available to Canadian players and make your choice. All our recommendations come with an in-depth analysis by seasoned players, so that you can be sure every operator we mention here is trustworthy, meaning that it’s safe, secure and fair.

Casino reviews online

Online Casinos with the Best Payouts

A lot of players are constantly on the lookout for an online casino best payouts list. Let’s get one thing straight and say that such a thing doesn’t exist. What online players should understand is that casinos aren’t organized by a single payout ratio. Instead, payout percentages affect specific games only. For example, it’s quite well known that blackjack, video poker and roulette games generally have better payout percentages than slot games. And within the category of slot games, there’s also a big range of payout ratios. The casinos that we recommend on this site all offer games that are deemed as fair by external monitoring agencies. This means that although it’s always a matter of chance, these games definitely allow you to win money, and winning isn’t some crazy one-in-a-billion event. Leading online casino game developers such as Playtech, Microgaming and 888 all create games that have payouts that are good enough to keep players coming back for more. Otherwise, no one would play.

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