Casino online roulette. Online Roulette Algorithm Prediction: It's possible!

Roulette is one of the easiest and most exciting games available online or at a casino. The game is first believed to have surfaced in France during the eighteenth century, and it is named after a French diminutive for little wheel. Online casino roulette.

The object of the game is to predict what number or within what set-up of numbers that a ball will land on a roulette wheel with 37 spots for European roulette, or 38 spots for American roulette. Both versions can be found on Guts Casino and 888Casino .

Before we discuss about algorithms to win at online roulette, keep in mind that the American roulette should be avoided at all costs, since this version of the game provides lower odds due to the extra number on the wheel without an adjustment to the odds listed on the payout tables.

Is There an Algorithm to Win at Online Roulette?

Many gamblers, scientists, and mathematicians over the almost three centuries since this game was first introduced, have attempted to find ways to beat the wheel through algorithms and other methods. Determination to find an algorithm to win at roulette have increased over the years in line with the popularity of the game growing stronger and stronger, especially with the increased availability of online roulette.

At the same time, technology is improving potentially giving mathematicians and others hope to find a solution to the game of roulette.

Some of these proposed algorithms to win at roulette being created. are publicly released mostly to get feedback from others (no, they don't do that out of altruism). Recently a member of Cross Validated, a site dedicated to statistics, machine learning, data analysis, data mining, and data visualization, asked other members what they thought about his proposed algorithm to beat online roulette. The python code listed below and published on Cross Validated may be confusing at first, but take a look and see if you can find a major flaw with how this algorithm was designed.

num = nums[random.randint(0,36)]

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The python code does not take into account that online roulette wheels contain 37 or 38 numbers, and is removing the casino edge with just 36 numbers. Essentially this python code is assuming no house edge where there is a true house edge of 2.7 percent on European online roulette wheels, and a house edge of 5.3 percent on American online roulette wheels.

Similarly, the algorithm to win at roulette simply does not apply to any online casino roulette game since it is assuming bets on even, odd, red, and black to be at complete parity or, in the long-run, to appear fifty percent of the time. Since the green "0" on European roulette wheels and "0" and "00" on American roulette wheels are not winning numbers for these side bets, the odds are a bit lower then 50 percent.

Another reason this algorithm is certain to fail in the long-run, is that it utilizes the Martingale system, doubling losing bets until you win. We will get into why this is a failing approach to any algorithm later in the article.

Will Algorithms Perform Better in Live Roulette?

Live roulette contains a component to the game you will not find in online roulette due to a physical ball being spun on a roulette table versus a virtual ball being spun in cyberspace. In the past, many have tried to create algorithms based off science of physics to win at roulette.

While most have failed unless they have detected and gained sufficient data about a faulty table discovering some numbers land more often than others. These cases are few and very rare especially in modern days, since the casino keeps close tabs on how "random" the distribution of numbers is along with other frequent table testings. And yes, casinos are usually extremely quick to replace tables at the slightest hint of something being off.

Physics involves more than the actual table, but also involves how the roulette ball's movement as it is being released from a croupier's hands.

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According to a Discovery News article published in 2012, University of Western Australia mathematician Michael Small and Hong Kong Plytechnic University electrical engineer Chi Kong Tse successfully developed an algorithm to beat live roulette, if they are undetected. The algorithm is based off the 1970's studies of Doyne Farmer which weren't released until recently.

During tests, the algorithm is able predict which half of a roulette wheel the ball would land on in 13 out of 22 times, which is much greater than the long-term expectations when not using the algorithm of 10.7 out of 22 times.

While it may be true that one could beat the live game, it would require a camera on site to be able to collect the data, which is against the rules if detected. If caught, the casino is likely to not only toss you out for being a cheater, but also blacklist you to potential restrict your activities at other land-based casinos as well.

Online Roulette Algorithm Software Do Not Work

While finding an algorithm to help you cheat in live roulette may be theoretically possible, albeit very dangerous and illegal to do, finding an algorithm to beat online roulette in the long-term is not theoretically possible due to the house edge on every bet of every spin.

For the most part, algorithms created to beat online roulette contain at least one major flaw of utilizing the Martingale system, which requires you to double up bets until you hit a win. While this might prove profitable in the very short-term or be a fun way to end an online casino session, you are doomed to lose money due to you not being the proud owner of an infinite bankroll and the online casino placing caps on the maximum bet to limit exposure.

Although there are no algorithms possible to beat online roulette, the game can be quite fun, exciting, and profitable in the short-term.

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