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The phrase “Ubuntu online casinos” is tricky, as it simultaneously applies to all and none of the Internet gaming establishments currently available. While that might sound confusing at first, this end to end Linux user gaming guide is designed to explain the intricacies of playing your favorite casino games with this open source operating system. Online casino guide.

Since you’re reading an article about Ubuntu, it’s probably safe to assume you already known a bit about the subject. If you’re not, however, here’s a basic primer: Ubuntu is an operating system that utilizes Linux and is distributed as free and open source software. It is currently the most popular form of Linux distribution for home computers, and its basic concept is derived from the South African humanist philosophy of the same name.

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A Brief History of Linux and Ubuntu

The history of Linux started in 1969, when the Unix operating system was first conceived by AT&,T researchers Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson. Over the next several decades, the popularity of Unix continued to grow, inspiring others to create their own operating systems with varied success.

In 1991, a student at the University of Helsinki named Linus Torvalds was looking for a way to access his school’s servers, and he decided to apply some of the theories established by Unix. He was initially seeking to create a terminal emulator, but he was surprised to find that he had created an operating system kernel instead.

From that point on, Linux began to develop a loyal following among individuals who preferred a more malleable and less expensive alternative to the operating systems marketed by Apple and Microsoft. This ultimately led to the development of Ubuntu, with the goal of providing a simple Linux desktop that would receive regular updates at six-month intervals.

Key Differences between Windows and Ubuntu

While both operating systems allow users to access the wonders of the Internet, there are several important differences between Ubuntu and the Microsoft operating system. These include:

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Licenses – When you purchase a license for a Windows product, it is known as a “fixed license.” This means that a single license may be used for a single device. Since Linux is defined as free and open source software, there are no such limitations. In fact, a customer who obtains Linux software may then alter and sell it themselves, as long as the code is made available to anyone who wants it. This is one of the major selling points of Linux, as it flies in the face of the corporate-minded obsession with making a profit.

Popularity – While millions of technical-minded individuals use Linux, the numbers pale in comparison to the vast popularity of Windows. Since its introduction in 1985, Windows has grown to become synonymous with the personal computer market and earn a dominant 90% of the market share. Of course, swimming against the mainstream current is what attracts many users to Linux in the first place.

Availability of Code – Windows customers don’t have access to the operating system’s source code, and the casual computer user doesn’t really need to. Linux users are a different breed, however, and having access to this code allows them to freely modify the software any way they see fit. They can then make these changes available to other users, and any improvements will slowly be adopted by the community at large.

Technical Support – When Windows users have a problem with their software, they can call a customer service hotline or head online and view numerous sites dedicated to Microsoft technical issues. Linux customers have fewer options, although fellow users can usually be consulted at a multitude of forums and blogs. There’s no costumer service option, however, which means you may have to wait longer to get a response.

Options for Online Gambling with Ubuntu

Before I detail the online gambling options for Ubuntu users, let me clear about one point: there are no online casinos that are specifically designed for Linux-based operating systems. You can search through the FAQ section of most casinos and find words like “Windows” and “Mac,” but “Linux” or “Ubuntu” are unlikely to turn up.

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While this may sound like bleak news, let me assure you that Ubuntu users are just as capable of playing online games as those who utilize more popular operating systems. In this section, I’ll detail the most common options for how to accomplish this.

Install WINE – If you want to get the same experience as a Windows user, you can always download WINE. This Windows emulator allows for applications from the company to run on Linux or any other operating system. In order to take advantage of this service, you’ll need to visit their official website and make the necessary downloads. Once you’ve completed all the steps and made a few technical adjustments, you should be able to download casino software just like anyone else.

Dual Booting Windows – Another option is to install Windows on your computer and allow it to run simultaneously along with Ubuntu. This takes up a lot of hard drive space, plus partitioning your hard drive in this fashion does create the opportunity for file loss. If you’re confident in your technical skills, however, it remains a viable alternative.

No Download Option – The simplest way for Ubuntu users to enjoy online casino games is to take advantage of the no download option provided by almost every Internet gaming establishment. All the games are played via your web browser, and the real-money option is still available. All you need to download is Adobe Flash Player, and tutorials for doing so are readily available at numerous sites and forums.

I hope this end to end Linux user gaming guide has proved helpful, especially when it comes to defining “Ubuntu online casinos.” While no Internet gaming establishments specifically cater to this operating system, several procedures exist to allow for easy access and/or conversion. And since most Linux users possess a respectable degree of technical knowledge, the process is a relatively painless one.

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