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No deposit casino bonuses are immensely popular with Canadian casino gamblers, and with good reason. They offer a great way of exploring the services offered by an online casino, with no risk to your own money. Whilst they are definitely do not offer a “,get rich quick”, opportunity, they can be used very effectively for free entertainment and a chance of making a small profit. We explain the various options open to Canadians and also show you how to avoid potential traps. Online casino canada.

Featured Canadian No Deposit Casinos

Our goal on this page is to disseminate the necessary information that will help you take maximum advantage of no deposit offers. We keep this page up to date all the time and will keep on negotiating new deals in 2015 and beyond.

What Are The Canadian No Deposit Offers?

Canadian gamblers are blessed with choice when it comes to no deposit deals:

The typical no deposit bonus, as it suggests, will allow you to use a small amount of bonus money, typically no more than $25, to play games for free. You cannot cash this money out, and the rollover requirements will be tough to meet. Some of these bonuses have up to 100 times rollover requirement! You can win with this bonus, but you can only ever cash out a limited amount of money, never more than $150.

The next option is free spins bonuses. These are the least common of our three types, but very popular. They are always tied to a specific game. You will receive a set number of spins, usually about 25. Any winnings from your spins will be converted to bonus credits that are subject to the casino’,s bonus rollover restrictions. You will also find that some of these bonuses to restrict the amount you can cash out.

Thirdly you can try the free play bonuses, sometimes also referred to as “,one hour free bonuses. You will receive a staring balance of anywhere between $500 and $1500, and a time limit of one hour in which you can try to get the balance above the starting amount. Once over that amount or at the end of the period, you may claim the different, but never more than around $150. This becomes bonus money, which you can unlock with a small deposit of around $20.

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With all of these offers you have to make sure that you understand the restrictions. You cannot win big amounts of money when you use these bonuses. More about that further down in this article.

What Games Can You Play Using No Deposit Bonuses?

All of these bonuses allow almost unlimited slots play, except for free spins offers that will be restricted to one game.

Some no deposit bonuses will allow video poker, blackjack and roulette but it is rare.

Free Play bonuses for the most part allow you to play any game, however check the restriction at your chosen casino.

How To Claim Your No Deposit Bonus

To get hold of a no deposit bonus is pretty simple, and it works in one of the following ways:

Canada casino online

Bonus Code –, a code is entered in the cashier, which identifies the bonus. The bonus money will be instantly available.

Automatic –, In this case you will simply receive the bonus money once registered. There is no need to do anything specific.

Via support contact –, some sites will ask you to contact their support staff to ask for the bonus. This will usually be quite quick but can take a few hours.

Take Note of the Terms and Conditions

These can vary a lot between casinos, but look out for the following and make sure that you understand what it means:

Rollover requirements, also known as the wagering requirement.

Canada casino online

Maximum cashout restrictions, or how much you can cash out when winning with this bonus.

The games that you are allowed to play as well as any restrictions on certain wager types. For example, some of these bonuses will prohibit the gambling feature in a lot game.

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