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Online Roulette is a popular game at Casino-Mate online casino Australia because it’s simple to learn and even easier to play. Casino-mate’s specialty is Aussie-friendly games, and online roulette is a great game to skin your teeth on. Part of the charm of roulette is the simplicity of the game. You place a bet and wait for the dealer to spin the wheel. The odds of winning on a specific number are 35 to 1, so this game is worthwhile for Aussie players. We offer almost every version of online roulette, from classic European to Multi-Wheel, we’ve got it all. Online casino roulette.

We are an Australian casino, so all of your bets will be AU$. You won’t have to hassle with conversions and different payment amounts. Just use your chosen casino banking method, and you’ll be spinning the wheel in no time. And when you win big, we’ll make sure you get a quick and easy payout.

At Casino-Mate we offer online roulette and Live Dealer Roulette. Online Roulette will be similar to regular Roulette, but you won’t have to wait to play. In Live Dealer Roulette, you’ll be connected to a dealer and other players, so there will be a short wait between games. Live Dealer games give Aussie players all the energy and excitement of a land-based casino without leaving the comfort of home.

Online Roulette Origin Story

Roulette was invented officially in the 18th Century, though the first Roulette was invented even earlier. In 17th Century France, mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal was working on a perpetual motion machine. Sadly, his machine failed, but the wheel was the first prototype of Roulette. Luckily for modern Roulette fans, the machine was turned into a casino game.

In 1843, Francois and Louis Blanc added the single ‘0’ pocket, creating the game we know today as European Roulette. While other versions, like American Roulette, already had two zero pockets, this change helped cement Roulette in casino history. From then on, Roulette became popular across the Western world.

Roulette was a popular game amongst Europeans, but its fame can be traced back to one country. Monte Carlo introduced Roulette to its casino, and the game took off. From then on, Roulette became a glamorous casino game for gamblers. Casino-Mate now offers many different Roulette versions, so our Aussie players will always have their favourites a click away.

How to Play Online Roulette

American Roulette is one of the most popular table games in casinos across the globe. American Roulette is one of many Roulette variants on offer from Casino-Mate. With a simple click and spin of the reel and the sounds of a possible life-changing payout, there’s no real reason why you should not try this magnificent casino game.

Roulette Royale is derived from the traditional European Roulette variation. This variation is played with a single-zero on the roulette wheel. Spin things your way with Casino-Mate and Roulette Royale

European Roulette involves a combination of strategy and chance. The rules are simple, and it’s very simple to play. European Roulette even offers players, a wide selection of betting options.

French Roulette is one of the most popular Roulette variants available from Casino-Mate. The game is played with only one zero space. This is what sets French Roulette apart from other Roulette variants. Other differences French Roulette offer are the “La Partage” rule, “En Prison” and call bets.

Take multi-tasking to the next level with Multiplayer Roulette from Casino-Mate. Multiplayer Roulette is a casino game that will have you creating your very own interactive community in no time. This style of the game allows you to enter a virtual environment where you can view other player’s cards.

Multi-Wheel Roulette is one of the variations introduced to the game of Roulette. Multi-Wheel Roulette as the name suggests offers players ample opportunity to win. Casino-Mate makes this possible as players can spin up to a total of eight Roulette Wheels simultaneously.

Free online casino roulette

Roulette Betting Guide

No matter if you’re new to Roulette or you’re trying a different version, it’s good to know your betting options. We’ve listed a few of the most common bets for all online Roulette versions here.

Black Action: A wager made with a black chip.

Black Bet: A wager that the colour of the next number will be black.

Column Bet: A bet on one of the columns of twelve numbers.

Combination Bet: A wager made with one or more chips, on two or more numbers.

Dozen Bet: A bet on one of the sequences of twelve numbers on the layout.

Even Bet: A wager that one of the even numbers will win the next spin.

Even Money: A wager that pays out one to one. In Roulette, Red, Black, Odd, Even, Low and High bets all pay even money.

High Bet: A wager that one of the high numbers will win. The high numbers are between 19 and 36.

Inside Bet: A wager placed on the middle, numbered part of the Roulette layout.

Line Bet: A wager made on six different numbers.

Online casino live roulette

Low Bet: A wager that one of the lower numbers will win the next spin. The lower numbers are between 1 and 18.

Odd Bet: A bet than one of the odd numbers will win on the next spin.

Outside Bets: A term for the types of bets that are placed outside of the numbered columns on the Roulette layout.

Quarter Bet: This wager is similar to the Corner and Square Bets. It is a wager that one of four numbers will win on the next spin.

Red Bet: An even-money bet that the next money will be red.

Roulette Payout Guide

In Roulette certain payouts pay more, however, bear in mind that the higher the payout, the harder it is to achieve. Here are the major payouts in Roulette:

Roulette Terms

While playing online Roulette, it’s better to know the terms a game might use. We’ve put a few here to help you get familiar with the game.

Action Player: A term that refers to a player who places large bets for extended periods of time.

American Wheel: the Roulette wheel used in the American version of the game, with 38 pockets, including both zero pockets.

Ball-track: The outer, stationary circumference of the roulette wheel, where the ball is spun.

Croupier: The French term for the Roulette wheel operator, or the ‘dealer’.

Casino game online roulette

Douzaine: a French term that means ‘dozen,’ which refers to a column bet or a dozen bet.

European Wheel: A roulette wheel that is used in the European version of the game. This wheel has 37 slots and offers a slightly lower house edge.

George: A term that refers to a good tipper.

High Roller: A term that refers to a person who plays big to win big.

House Edge: A mathematically calculated probability of the advantage that the casino has on a bet.

Layout: Refers to the part of the Roulette table that is marked with numbers and sections to demarcate different types of bets.

Roulette is a types of casino game that will have you at the edge of your seat. However, if you still not sure how to play this exciting casino game, give our how to play roulette guide a visit.

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