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Perhaps Roulette is the most easily recognizable casino game in the world. Almost everybody having basic knowledge of gambling can easily identify with the Roulette wheel. The same fun and excitement of this classic is delivered by European Roulette Gold plus some really cool prizes, bonuses, and jackpots that are unheard of in case of traditional casinos. Here is what you need to know about European Roulette Gold. Online casino roulette.

European Roulette Gold has realistic graphics that depict traditional Roulette Board pretty closely. Players can bet on any number from 0 to 36 and have a slightly higher chance of winning in this game as compared with traditional American Roulette. An easy way of increasing your chance of winning is by placing wagers on multiple numbers.

European Roulette Gold Bets And Payout

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European Roulette Gold offers cool payouts as the same ranges from 5:1 to 35:1. One can place several different types of bets: Straight Bet, Split, Street, Square, Five Number, and Six Number Bet. A Straight Bet is placed on a single number, while a Split Bet is placed on two numbers and the number gets incremented by one in rest of the types of bets.

There is other interesting ways of placing bets as well, Column Bet and a Dozen Bet. Column bet is about placing a bet on any one of three columns of 12 that run along length of the table. A Dozen bet is placed on any one of three blocks of 12 numbers. Payout in both these types of bets is 2:1.

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European Roulette Gold is all about enjoying the traditional game of Roulette right there on your desktop. Follow few simple steps to get registered with an online casino of your choice and start enjoying it and winning cool prizes.

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