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Welcome to Fruity King, the King of Mobile Casino where we offer you the chance to enjoy numerous top roulette online game variations form the ever-popular classics to those incredibly exciting live games which take place in real time from a real casino, and all from the comfort of your own home. Casino online roulette.

Here we are all about actively encouraging the new player to play a game of online roulette for free before putting any of their hard-earned money into our site as it offers players the opportunity to test games that might be unfamiliar like our multi-wheel roulette games that move much quicker than a classic roulette game. Free games also give those who are new to online casinos the chance to take a good look at our site before making up their minds whether it suits their own individual requirements, we care about our players and want them to return time and time again.

Fruity King has a few things to make the site one of the premier sites in the industry and our aim is to provide only the very best online roulette selection making sure that your time spent at Fruity King will be exciting! Our online roulette simulator provides you with realistic graphics, audio and video clips as our software is state-of-the-art.

All of our versions of the game are as good as those you would find at any bricks and mortar venue and you can enjoy free online roulette with no download required straight to your mobile device so you can fire up your game whenever and wherever you choose.

A Brief Introduction to Online Roulette

The actual mechanics of the game are quite simple, the wheel is spun and a ball is placed on the wheel spinning in the opposite direction. The wheel has 37 slots (or pockets) although the number can vary depending on the game type of roulette played. Where the ball falls when the wheel stops determines if you win or lose depending on what you have bet on.

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Betting and The House Edge

There is a whole selection of bets that can be placed with some players making use of their strategies or roulette system to try their luck whilst other players will use their favourite number, a single number, odd or even numbers or even the colours red or black. What is certain is that all the games you try at Fruity King promise a top online roulette experience.

Please remember that no matter how you decide to play your roulette game it is always a great idea to thoroughly read through the rules of the game, especially when you are ready to use some of your own cash or take advantage of the amazing bonuses and promotional offer that the King of Mobile Casinos has to offer you.

Every game you play whether that is for real money or a free game of roulette include what is called a house edge and this is the money the casino earns from their players. The key difference between European and American roulette wheels is that the American wheel has one more green slot or pocket which is called the double zero and this extra pocket increases the house edge making it more difficult for the player to win.

Fruity King provides variations on both forms of the game so you can play roulette in all of its forms before choosing which version suits you the best.

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Roulette Trivia Time!

It was the probabilities genius Blasé Pascal who created the concept of the roulette table whilst trying to invent a perpetual motion machine to make his calculator, the Pacaline more effective.

The early American tables had few numbers incorporated bas well as a zero, a double zero and an Eagle Slot too, which was larger than the other squares and was very unpopular. Today the tables that contain that Eagle Slot are very valuable but also very rare.

Suspecting that some types of the roulette wheel had mechanical imbalance Joseph Jagger became that man in the song that broke the bank at Monte Carlo, both famous and infamous all at the same time!

The name 'roulette' originates from the word 'little wheel' and can be called the King of Casino Games because of its Monte Carlo connections.

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A less flattering name for roulette is 'The Devils Game' mainly because all of the numbers on the wheel add up to 666, the sign of the Devil.

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Play Online Roulette at Fruity King - Claim your £200 now

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