Online casino biz franchise scams. Beware of this scams when you play online casino

When you enter an online casino, no matter what your choice of casino is, there is always a small voice from the inner depths of your mind screaming that this might be a scam. For the regulated online casinos there is virtually no chance of cheating you, but the tricky part comes when you are playing in a website that you don’t know if it’s regulated. Online casino scams.

We truly believe that when you take the chance and put your own money in the line you should be able to participate in a fair game with fair rules and if you win something you should be payed. This seems like something logical, but you will be astonished when you find out what some online casinos are doing, just so you won’t be able to take your money. We won’t tell you where to play, or where not to play. This is not the purpose of this article. Our aim is to give you the knowledge to protect yourself when you are playing in an online casino.

Always read the “Terms of agreement”

You must keep in mind that this is not like entering Facebook or playing Candy Crusher, where you can just ignore the terms of agreement (not that you should do it in facebook or anywhere else, but not reading the Terms and conditions in Facebook will probably just get you banned and you won’t lose any actual money). In this websites you are giving your personal information and you should read the “Terms and conditions” very, very carefully so that you are sure what your personal info will be used for.

This rule goes double when you enter a website, offering you free spins, or other bonuses. Most casinos have specific rules on how your bonus must be used and in what situations you can withdraw  your winnings. So for many players that haven’t read this small but very important piece of information it comes as a shock to find out, that they must spin this money at least 5 times, until they can get a payment.

Online casino affiliate scams

If you are a gambler you probably should avoid bonuses all together and play with your own money.

Beware of the Pending Period on Withdrawals

Some casinos use a very sinister tactic that works like a charm every time. In the terms of agreement they put a pending period, that means that whenever you request a withdraw, you must wait a week to get your money. This is a period that they claim is necessary for legal stuff, but it actually has a more profound task. Knowing their clients, casinos are sure, that during this week the player would get bored and he will play again with his money, thus making the chance of losing some of them bigger. After all, when you come to think of it –, it doesn’t take 1 week to take your money, why should it take 7 days to give them back?

If you do a research on online casinos that refuse to pay your winnings you will stumble upon hundreds of thousands of complaints. This is a disgusting practice of some online casinos that refuse for one reason or another to pay the winnings of their players. This usually happens with small casinos, that don’t have enough capital to cover the winnings. Some times they will stall indefinitely, others will just disappear. Some casinos just put in their terms of agreement a particular sum you can withdraw for one week. This way you are sure you will get your money in time, but depending on your winnings this could take years, and we think that this is not fair.

Online casino bonus scams

To protect yourself from this travesty of justice the best thing to do is to check your online casino before you put money in it. We live in the age of internet and virtually all information is accessible through several clicks.

Protect yourself from Crooked Software

Every time you place some money in an online casino you can’t help but wonder if the system is not rigged. After all the casinos are looking for profit and it’s easy to make a system which gives you several wins just to lure you in and than you start to lose big.

Well this is not that common. Most online casinos use platforms that are licensed and they are made specially for casinos and to prevent them from interfering with the outcome of the games. There are those casinos though that use other systems and they rig the games in their favor. The only way to protect yourself from them is by choosing casinos that are known to be legal and that they use a secure system. You can find black lists of casinos all across the internet and you can check out if your chosen casino is in this list.

Online casino real money scams

Which online casinos do you play? Write us in the comments below..

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