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Slots tournaments terms &, conditions

These Slots Tournaments Terms and Conditions are specific for the Slots Tournaments available on They are in addition to the General Terms and Conditions of the casino. All slots casino.

The Slots Tournaments are a service offered by SlotsMillion to their registered players, allowing you to compete against other players in slot matches in order to win prizes.

Most of the time, Slots Tournaments are available to all players, from any country and using any currency.

We do however organise private tournaments on special occasions for restricted groups of players.

In these cases, matches aren't visible to non-eligible players, meaning that if you can see a match on the website, you will be able to participate from your country and currency. The Slots Tournaments are available in Desktop only at the moment.

The schedule of the matches can be consulted on the Slots Tournaments page. Matches starting in the coming hours also appear on the homepage.

Once registered for a match, you will be able to follow the status of the match from the menu, and will receive a notification at match start and end.

To register for a match (or 'buy-in'), you have to pay the entry fee, which can only be purchased with real money and only when the registration is open - a few minutes before the match starts. This entry fee is considered similar to placing a bet and counts toward any Bet/Loss Responsible Gaming Limit you might have active on your account.

In the event that you do not have enough funds available in your real money balance or that the buy-in would exceed any applying Responsible Gaming Limit, the buy-in won't be authorised.

You can cancel your registration to a match as long as the registration period is still open. When cancelling a buy-in, the entry fee will be refunded to your balance and will no longer be counted toward your Responsible Gaming Limits.

Once the match starts, you will be communicated a link to the match page via the menu and a notification.

In the match page, you will see your coin balance, equally set for all participants to the amount defined in the match rules, which will correspond to your betable virtual funds available during the match. You will also have a score, initially set to zero for all participants, which will determine your position in the match ranking.

For every spin you place, your match balance will be reduced by the corresponding amount.

For every win you reach, your score will be increased by the corresponding amount.

At the end of the match, the prize pool will be distributed between players with the highest score, according to the match prize distribution rule.

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Please note that your match balance will NOT be increased by your winnings. All participants will bet the same amount within a match regardless of their potential winnings. Only the odds and each player's betting strategy will determine the highest score they can reach.

There is no minimum or maximum bet amount you can place in a match other than the game's bet limit itself, and no minimum or maximum number of spins.

(Eg: with an initial balance of 100 coins, you can choose to place 1 bet of 100€ if the slot allows it, or you can choose to place 100 bets of 1€. Or of course vary your bet amounts during the match).

You are free to manage your balance as you see fit. If you do not use your entire match balance, any remaining funds will be lost and discarded.

We recommend that you remain aware of the match time limit and adjust your bet amount in order to be sure that you have used all your available funds before the end of the match.

SlotsMillion cannot be held responsible for any technical issue on the client’s end that would prevent them from joining the match and spending their match funds.

(In particular, we advise our players not to register for a match if they are unsure of their internet connection stability, device battery, their availability time or any other element that could interrupt their participation in the match).

The money in a match is virtual and as such, bets and wins within a match do not count toward any Responsible Gaming Limit.

When entering the first match you will be asked to choose a public nickname. This nickname must respect the following conditions:

- It must not be misleading (eg: 'Admin') or give the incorrect impression that the account may be affiliated with SlotsMillion (eg: 'SM Agent')

- You are not allowed to use names that are disruptive, critical or offensive towards SlotsMillion company and products or any race, religion or social groups

- Promotional names (nicknames that unambiguously advertise or represent the name of a company, group, institution or product) might be permitted upon request to our Customer Support team (eg: we allow affiliates to play in their company name)

Note that our Customer Support reserves the right to delete a nickname considered as breaching the current nickname policy, in which case this player will appear as Anonymous until he chooses an appropriate nickname.

As the Slots Tournaments is a multiplayer feature and is advertised on our website, some information on match participants will be public. By registering for a match, you agree to see the following information shared and displayed to other players and visitors:

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- Your nickname (different from your login username, it is your 'public name')

- Your match betting statistics (eg: bet amounts, win amounts...)

In order to allow SEK/NOK players to bet with the virtual money amounts they are used to, we apply a 10x multiplier to their available balance. We then apply a 10x division to their score:

- A EUR player will play with a 20 EUR coin balance where a SEK player will play with 200 SEK coin balance

- A EUR player will gain 1 score point for each 1 EUR win where the SEK player will get 0.1 score for each 1 SEK win

Keep in mind that this money is virtual and has no value as such, the currency symbol is being used only to look familiar to players.

Each match has its specific conditions, which you can find by opening the match information page. By registering for a match, it is assumed you accept its conditions. In particular:

- The game: the game on which the match will take place

- The entry fee price: the real money amount that you will pay to buy-in. It contributes to the prize pool.

- The possible retries: some matches allow you to retry if you are unsatisfied with your first match participation. Buying a retry will erase your previous score and allow you to restart with a fresh coin balance.

- The retry fee price: the real money amount that you will pay to retry. It contributes to the prize pool.

- The price distribution mode: only one mode is currently available: TOP3 - the prize pool is distributed to the top 3 players.

- The minimum participants: this is the minimum number of participants required for the match to take place. In case the minimum is not assured, the match is cancelled and all entry fees are refunded.

- The maximum participants: the maximum number of participants in a match.

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- The minimum prize: the guaranteed minimum prize that will be distributed.

- The match coins: the initial balance that will be granted to each participant within the match.

- The match registration duration: the time limit players will have to register for the match.

- The match duration: the time limit players will have to spend their match balance.

- The match starting time: the time at which the match will start.

Due to the nature of slots and the unpredictability of bonus round durations, winnings will be accepted up to 15 minutes after the match end - assuming the related bet has been triggered within the match time limits. After this 15 minute delay, the score will be closed and prizes will be distributed to the winners.

Match prizes will be distributed to winners as real money that will have to be claimed from the player’s lobby. Upon claiming, the money will be immediately credited to the player’s real money balance. Match prizes will be considered similar to game winnings from the Loss Responsible Gaming Limits perspective.

In the event of several winners having the same score, the prize associated with their occupied rank position will be added together and split equally. (Eg: in a TOP3 match with a 30€ reward for the 2nd position and 20€ for the third position. If two players are tied for the 2nd position, they will occupy 2nd and 3rd position and will both receive 25€: (30+20)/2. In the event that they are tied in 3rd position, they will each receive 10€ (20 + 0)/2).

Players can see the history of their recent matches in their lobby, and have quick access to the match scoreboard located in the Slots Tournaments page.

From time to time, the casino team offers free tournament entry tickets to groups of players on special occasions. Such tickets allow you to register for a match for free, while still increasing the prize pool as though you had bought in with real money. Cancelling such registration will give you the ticket back. Please note that any retry purchase during these matches will be deducted from your real balance normally.

We reserve the right to exclude players from our tournament system, temporarily or indefinitely, in the event of fraud detection or abuse. In such cases, we might cancel any ongoing participation to a match.

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