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In any industry in today’s dark and grimy world there will exist a black market, a seedy underbelly of criminal masterminds just waiting to cheat, scheme and steal away the precious possessions of unsuspecting customers! The gambling industry is no different, we’ve all seen Ocean’s Eleven, right? Online casino scams.

Unfortunately, we can't all be George Clooney or Brad Pitt, and sometimes its the casinos out to get us rather than vice versa. The potential for anonymity with Bitcoin can be a huge draw to those shady people looking to make a quick buck (or Bitcoin), whether its through physical theft of your hardware, virtual hackers or just a wolf-in-casino-clothing. Today I’ll run you through some common sense tips to send the hackers packing. Let’s get started!

1. Encrypt your Mobile Device!

The first basic step when using your mobile phone for bitcoin gambling is to place a password on your phone. It sounds simple but that four-digit code or a complex gesture lock can provide an essential barrier to your sensitive information in case you leave your phone on the bus. You doughnut.

Additionally, it never hurts to protect yourself a little further. Why not check out a product like Kaspersky or Norton’s mobile phone security software. Many of these products will allow you to remotely wipe your phone if lost or stolen, and can provide the extra encryption required to rebuff a hacker. Remember, hackers work in much the same way pickpockets do, they are opportunists looking for the easiest possible target, a small amount of protection can go a long way.

2. Choose a Secure Wallet

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks and haven’t yet read my sensational guide to choosing your Bitcoin wallet you can click the link and discover all you need to know about mobile wallets.

Always read up on the Bitcoin wallet you are about to use, and make sure it has as many security features as possible before using it to store your cryptocurrency. A decentralised system is preferable, compatible with Tor, uses two-factor authentication… You get the idea. Read the guide.

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3. Keep Physical Backups

If you’re a little paranoid like me or you’re gambling with large a amount of bitcoins then its worth making offline, physical copies of your wallets. Some wallets allow you to print physical receipts which can be placed in a safe and are not at the mercy of the internet.

Other incredibly important things to back up are the nmemonic password streams, pincodes and regular passwords which allow you access to your wallet. If you do not have these, you cannot access your money and it will be lost forever and ever and ever. And that would suck. This isn’t really advice on how to avoid a scam, its advice on keeping your sanity because you will lose it if your money is locked in a digital wallet for the rest of eternity.

4. Choose your Casino wisely

Do your research before depositing with a Bitcoin mobile casino. Check various things such as:

The length of time the casino has been operating

Reviews from users and professional sites such as our own.

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Whether the site has been blacklisted

Use the site's customer service feature to ask questions- if you don't get a helpful response about anything other than depositing, be suspicious.

If a promotion is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Use Easywhois and type in the company’s url to check the registrant name and admin name. If they relate to Whois in any way they are using Whois protection and this is a questionable casino trait.

Things to Take Away:

There are certainly Bitcoin mobile casinos out there with very different intentions to well established names. This makes your preparation very important! Nobody wants to get scammed in any area of our lives let alone by someone invisible in an unknown country. Follow these steps to make your bitcoin gambling career a safe and successful one, and reap the rewards of lower house edges, provably fair gambling, anonymity, speed of service and more! If you want a list of casinos you know you can trust check out Tristan's top ten Bitcoin mobile casinos, happy gambling!

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