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Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular games in the online casino world. Originating in France, roulette is a game that was made for casinos and one that has always found a home in online and offline casinos around the world. It is easy to play and there are some huge wins on offer. Casino online roulette.

Top Online Roulette Sites for Real Money

We have compiled a list of the very best online casinos offering games of roulette for cash:

Roulette is a very easy game and one that can be mastered in an instant. The game revolves around a wheel, which is inset with many numbers (either red or black, with one or two green numbers). There is also a ball and this is rolled around the wheel one way, as the wheel is then spun the other way. As the wheel slows down, so does the ball, and eventually it stops and drops into a numbered square.

As a player, your goal is to predict and to bet on the number that this ball lands on. You can bet on the number itself, or you can bet on a group of numbers, a color, and whether the number is odd or even.

Can I Get a Bonus Playing Roulette?

Yes, and you should. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend playing without it. These days all online casinos offer big bonuses and loyalty schemes, and you’re missing out if you don’t

one of these. There are many different types of bonus and which one works best for you depends on your circumstances, your budget and the games you play.

For roulette, you’re better off with matched deposit bonuses, but only if you’re a medium to

player. If you have a very small budget and can’t afford to deposit much, then opt for a no-deposit bonus.

We have discussed these bonuses and more in our Casino Bonus Guide, which is essential reading before you make your choice and secure your bonus.

Top 5 Tips for Playing Real Money Roulette


One of the most important steps with online gambling is to ensure that you use proper bankroll management. If you only want to play for ten or twenty minutes, to deposit a small amount and to leave when that’s gone, then you’re okay.

If, however, you’re in it for the long haul, then you need to bankroll to ensure that you only lose what you can afford to lose and that your gambling never becomes a problem. This is the backbone of every professional gambler’s strategy, and it is important whether you are gambling on the roulette wheel or the poker table.


As roulette is all about luck, and whether you have it or not, you should always look to get a bonus on your side. This will basically let you boost your chances of winning, because if you’re playing with someone else’s money then it’s very difficult to lose.

Loyalty schemes are also very important, although they are becoming increasingly difficult to find these days. A loyalty scheme will reward you for extensive play and may ensure that you get back into the black if you finish a session slightly in the red.

House Edge

No two games of roulette are the same. Although you might not think it, there are a number of different roulette variants and these dictate the size of the house edge (the advantage the casino has over you) and the size of your payouts.

American Roulette tends to return some of the poorest odds, while French Roulette offers the biggest. However, it all really depends on the individual casinos and the games that they offer.

Microgaming, for instance,

to stick with the standard odds and their French Roulette has the lowest edge of any of their roulette games. However, the same doesn’t apply to other developers.

Casino roulette online

Play the Odds

you will be faced with a choice of two betting categories. You can bet for the short odds or you can bet

the long odds. You should look to mix things up and to bet on both of these, but you should try to change your bets when you do.

If you’re betting on the long odds, reduce your bet. If you’re betting on the short odds, increase it. This might sound obvious, but amateur gamblers and gamblers that are frustrated (more on that soon) don’t always follow these basic rules.

Don’t get Frustrated

It’s easy to get frustrated in any game. In a game of

you might feel frustrated if you are beaten on the river card. With

you might feel frustrated when the dealer hits multiple blackjacks in a row. And in roulette, you might feel frustrated when you hit the number next to yours, or when the game seems to work against you.

This happens, and it’s all part of the experience. The trick is to not let it get the better of you, because as soon as you do, as soon as you start making bets out of anger and frustration, you will start to lose more money than you can afford to lose.

Pros of Online vs Offline Roulette

Bonuses - You will find bigger and better bonuses online than you will find offline.

Variety - Land-based casinos offer just one or two variants, but in online

Live Dealer - Still want the offline experience with the comfort of the online one? Live Dealer games are the perfect combination of the two.

Cons of Online vs Offline Roulette

Thrill - Sometimes the thrill of gambling in the real world just can’t be beaten.

Community - In the casino, roulette is a communal game, one where you can have fun with others, but that is not the case online.

What are the Best Deposit and Withdrawal Options for Online Roulette?

Which method you use depends on your location, your

and your preferences. There is no better or worse option, although there are options that might be better or worse for you. If you are worried about the safety of online gambling, you might be better off with a prepaid card.

If you live in the US, you will be better off with a wire transfer. If you live in Europe and gamble frequently, you will probably be better off with a web wallet like PayPal, as you can use winnings from one site to gamble on another. To learn more about the best deposits and withdrawals, read our deposit and

Can I Play Roulette for Real Money on my Mobile?

Games of online roulette are just as widely available on mobile software as they are on desktop software, and you can get just as much out of them. In some

Best online roulette casino

they are more streamlined and the number of bets

been reduced, but that doesn’t apply to all of them.

Is Roulette Random?

Roulette is completely random, and there is no way the player or the casino can predict the outcome. Many have tried in the past, but the only ones to have even come close have been cheating the game, and this has never happened online.

the outcome is dependent on where the ball lands and you have a set chance for each number on the board. Online casino games use a very similar formula, only there is no outside influence. There is no motion, and no dealer dropping the ball.

This basically means that an online game of roulette is more random than an offline game, but either way, both are fair and there is no way to manipulate either of them.

Can Roulette be Beaten?

Unfortunately, roulette can not be beaten in the same sense that blackjack and poker can be beaten. It is possible to win big, of course, and if luck is on your side then you can also win consistently.

However, no amount of skill, strategy or experience will help you with this game. It does pay to know what you’re doing, as that will reduce mistakes and limit losses, but regardless of what you do, you won’t be able to gain a consistent edge over the house.

There are strategies that claim otherwise, and people sell a lot of books and get a lot of website visitors by making such claims. But the simple fact is that unless you are manipulating the wheel or the software, and unless you have Lady Luck on your side, there is no way to beat either offline or online roulette.

What is the Best Roulette Strategy?

As mentioned above, there is no way to beat roulette. We know this probably isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s true, and while many have tried, none have succeeded. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you can do to increase your chances, limit your losses and eliminate your mistakes.

If you are new to the game, you should play it for

to begin with. Make sure you understand the layout and the

and make sure that you won’t make any mistakes when you play for real. You should also try and play Live Dealer games. These are not necessarily better than 100% virtual games and we actually prefer the speed and simplicity of 100% virtual games.

However, if you have joined a casino that has Live Dealer games available, it won’t hurt to try them.

Can I Play Roulette Online in the US?

Although online gambling is severely restricted in the United States, there are loopholes and the restrictions are not placed on the casinos themselves. They are placed on the financial institutions that facilitate them, which is why all US-legal online casinos do not accept debit cards, credit cards and other popular methods.

They also avoid web wallets, as providers like PayPal and Skrill refuse to facilitate online gambling in the United States.

For a casino to be legal in the US, it needs to be based overseas, and the better ones tend to be based in Central American countries such as Costa Rica and Panama. The bigger European, Asian and Australian gambling sites tend not to accept US

Roulette casino online

though, as online gambling remains a very contentious issue here.

You should always check your local laws before signing up to an online casino, or any other gambling site.

What is the Best Roulette Software?

games of roulette, and the best ones have at least half a dozen of them. That’s because there are many different variants of roulette and the casinos like to offer as many of these as possible.

One of the most celebrated roulette developers is Playtech, where you can find several top games on both their desktop software and their mobile software. Microgaming also

several games to choose from, including multi-table roulette, where you can play on several tables at once.

Where are the Best Places to Play Roulette Online?

It is a matter of preference, but the best casinos tend to use software from the biggest developers, including Playtech, Microgaming, RTG and BetSoft. As roulette is luck-based you will want to take whatever edge you can find, which is why it is important to look at the specific house edges of each game that you play. Bonuses are also important, and a big bonus will essentially let you play with someone else’s money.

One of the newest additions to online casinos

Live Dealer games. These combine virtual roulette with the live casino experience. They use real tables, real

and real dealers. Your bets are virtual and you don’t need to interact, but everything else feels and looks real.

These games are limited to how many people can play them, so they often have queues. However, the best and the biggest casinos will have several tables and enough dealers to ensure they all remain active.

To browse a list of the best Live Dealer casinos and the best roulette casinos in general, search our recommended and reviews casino list.


Roulette is an exciting casino

and one that all gamblers should experience at least once. It is a game that has converted brilliantly into the online world, and one that is as exciting in your living room, as it is in the biggest casinos worldwide.

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