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Given that most people know they are at a slight disadvantage when attempting to win money at a casino, on the basis that the games they are playing have a house edge, some visitors turn to cheating in an attempt to either balance the books or ensure it is they who are in the beneficial position. Online casino scams.

However, although some scams and techniques can be successful for a period, on the majority of occasions they are sussed out in the end. The key for the scammers is to know to quit when they are ahead.

Below are some examples of previous scams that have eventually been brought down, as well as one where the orchestrator was never caught:

The Ones That Went Wrong

1. The Sock Stunt

Given they work in casinos and know the layout back to front, it is easy to see why a croupier would believe that they could pull a dirty deed that could go unnoticed.

Back in 2009, roulette worker Wayne Wagner was eventually caught, having been stuffing chips into his sock for six years. He is thought to have been illegally making £1,000 every month through the move.

However, he was eventually spotted making untoward movements towards his socks one night, with security convinced that he didn’,t have a shoelace that continually became untied or new footwear that was giving him a blister.

Having admitted the theft of £69,000, Wagner was jailed for 15 months. However, the casino believed he may have got away with over three times this amount.

A partner in crime was also thought to be in on the deal by being responsible for cashing in the chips, but they were not identified.

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2. Card Marking

Professional poker player Archie Karas is perhaps best known for having turned an initial €50 into a sum close to €40m, with his win streak earning its own nickname of ‘,The Run’,.

However, he didn’,t have much of a run marking cards, after being caught doing so in California.

The technique involved using tiny smudges of dye to identify all aces and cards with a value of 10, to improve his chances of knowing when a favourable card was in the deck at blackjack.

He is said to have made about $8,000 through the process, but was caught on camera performing the move. The penalty was a sentence of three years of probation.

The latest is that Karas is banned from entering casinos in the US state of Nevada and he would face criminal charges if he did. The blacklisting is for “,numerous transgressions”,.

3. Rigging Slot Machines

Back in the 1980s, eight men in various roles as mechanics, blockers and collectors tried their hand at rigging a slot machine, using piano wires to control the rotation of the reels. This allowed them to influence the spin of the reels and hence manipulate a jackpot.

The bad news was that the scam was being watched by authorities on a stake out.

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The case went to court, with some of the homemade tools made by the scammers shown to the jurors.

In total, ten illegal jackpots were reportedly won over a 10-month period. Some of the team eventually pleaded guilty and received prison sentences, with the longest being 13 months.

And The One That Went Right

Past Posting

Sleight of hand is something usually reserved to the world of magic, but is something that has additionally aided casino cheats in the past.

In his book ‘,The Great Casino Heist’,, Richard Marcus speaks about a trick described as past posting, which is effectively sneaking high-value chips into a bet after it is confirmed a winner to substantially increase the payout.

This works at both roulette and blackjack in the 1980s and 1990s.

Marcus was part of a successful team, one member that was on the lookout, one who had the craft to make the move, one who placed other bets to get dealers to turn their backs and one who claimed the winnings.

In roulette, past posting was done by betting four chips on a certain number and then when the dealer wasn’,t looking, replacing the bottom chip with one of a higher value.

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It was then claimed that this has been there all along and because the roulette felt is constantly full of bets and players regularly reaching across to place new ones, the dealer couldn’,t be sure if he had just missed the initial bet or not.

Marcus and his team had numerous variations on such stunts, but he was never convicted, despite the crusade of one security detective who knew something was going on, but couldn’,t prove it.

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