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There are thousands of online and mobile casino slots available to play right now, but let’s be honest, who has the time to try them all? Luckily, you don’t have to. We’ve done all of the hard work for you to allow you to get the maximum gaming experience without having to try every game out there. Prefer high-roller slots? Let us recommend the ones you should try. Want to play only slots with a horror theme? No problem, just check out our list. How about the slots that yield big progressive jackpots? We’ve made a note of those too. All you need to do is consult our list regularly to see which slots will suit your needs and your budget. Slots casino.


When we add a new game to our list, we take the time to fully review it so that you know what you’re getting. Our accomplished team has years’ worth of experience in the field of online gaming and that includes video slots, table games and more. Our team’s analysis of the casinos and the games allows them to write reviews that are not just informative, but really useful. We provide you with the following information:

About the slot – all of the information you could need upfront, including when the game was released, whether it is progressive or not, how many bonus games it offers, whether its mobile friendly and which developer created it. This gives you all of the information you could possibly need at a glance.

Quick summary – want to know more but don’t have the time? Our quick summary section lets you get the gist of what the game is about and what it has to offer you.

Full review – everything you need to know about the game including descriptions of the jackpots, symbols and bonus rounds.

Our rating – our video slot rating system is your guide to exactly what we think of the game and don’t be fooled, not all games are created equal. This allows you to see in a few seconds whether we recommend the game or not.

Check out the list below of our top rated SA casino options offering the best online slots and mobile slot games and highest pay-outs. Select a casino and start spinning the reels today!!


When we review the slot games we think you’d like to play, we do so according to certain criteria. This allows us to critically analyse the games available at South African online casino and make recommendations that are fair and accurate. Here’s how we break it down:

Look and feel – the first thing you get to know about a game is its appearance and though many games created by popular developers are really impressive, there are some games that have not been created with quite as much attention to detail. We check them all to ensure you get access the good-looking games.

All slots online casino

Functionality – if a game works well, players will want to come back time and again, and this is an important condition for determining whether a video slot game is worth playing or not.

Fun factor – though winning is really important, having fun matters too and we ensure that we rate the games we review based on how much the people playing them will have.

Rewards and jackpots – winning big can really make your whole day which is why we check all of the games and post what potential rewards the players trying them could get.

Bonus rounds – we know that bonus games are a really big part of slot games these days, which is why we check out the bonus rounds and list them in our reviews.

Unique features – since there are so many slot games to try out these days, we ensure that we make a note of any special features a game may have. This allows you to determine if a game could give you a little something extra for the same wager, and who doesn’t love good value for money?


Beginners who are just starting out in the world of online slots may be wondering what we mean when we refer to wilds, multipliers, payouts and progressives and even if you’re an old hand on the slot machines, you may need a little refresher. Some of the terms that will help you get started include:

Payline – this is a line on the reels which, if you get the symbols you need to line up, will yield a win. This can be from a vertical or diagonal line, depending on how many paylines the machine has.

Wilds – a wild is a symbol that will substitute for some of the other symbols (there are exceptions, usually the scatter) and has the power to even multiply what you would have won.

Scatters – this symbol will add to the money you win when it lands anywhere on the reels and in most video slot games, three or more of these on a payline will unlock a bonus round.

Casino slots online

Multipliers – there smart symbols multiply the amount you would have won. Usually, they are the wild symbols.

So how do you physically start playing the games? Well, all you need to begin is money in your real money casino account. You need to put money into the machine (in some cases, as little as R20 is good enough to begin), place your bet and spin the reels. Keep in mind that it makes sense to keep your wagers very low when you begin (betting increments of just R0.05 are perfect to start) and bet on the maximum amount of paylines.


If you’ve visited an online casino, you may have noticed that video slots are not the only ones you’ll find in the slots section. There are actually a few different types of slots, some of which overlap, for example, a five-reel slot can also be a video slot and a progressive slot. Have a look at what each of these terms mean right here:

Three-reel slot – this is a slot that has only three reels, very similar to the slot machines you might have found in a land-based casino about 30 years ago. They are not quite as interesting as their five-reel counterparts, but they do payout more often.

Five-reel slot – these types of slots have five reels and most of them are video slots. They also have a lot more paylines than the three-reel games simply because there are more potential combinations available with five reels than with three.

Progressive jackpot slots – these slots make use of a progressive jackpot which grows depending on how many players are playing it at the same time. Some machines have more than just one progressive jackpot.

Video slots – these types of slots have some of the best graphics you’re likely to find online and many of them include bonus rounds, animation and even 3D graphics


These days, more and more developers are creating mobile slot games. They are doing this because they realise that people are spending more time on their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and this is because our culture has become one that is coined by the term ‘FOMO’ or Fear Of Missing Out. While these are some who argue that missing out is a good thing, we understand that people today have extremely busy lives and they can’t always find the time to enjoy a few minutes of entertainment.

Mobile slots give them that opportunity and they do so at the convenience of the player. Mobile slots are mostly available on iOS and Android, but many Windows phone and Blackberry phone users will find that they too can access slots on their devices. These games are created using the latest software, so that players who are accessing them on mobile will have no problem with graphics, sound quality or functionality. Mobile slot games are an ideal way to stay entertained and potentially, to win, no matter where you are.

Casino slots


Slot games tend to be the most rewarding to play at a casino accepting rand (ZAR), especially if you are hoping to get comp points when you play. Additionally, online casinos tend to offer more bonuses for slots games, and that means when you are trying to get maximum value for money, they’re a pretty safe bet. However, personal preference is important too, so be sure to spice up your slot playing routine with a trip to the tables, keno or lottery games too.

If you want to know which slot games are on the verge of being released or which ones are brand new, consult our reviews and blog. We indicate which games are new and we always stay on top of new releases and write about them in our blog

Yes, some slot games are more rewarding than others and while these is never a guarantee that you will win while playing a slot game, some have either more jackpot options, higher rewards or higher payout percentages. Be sure to check the slot’s paytable and, if you’re not sure, check out our game review to see whether the win is worth the wager.

No, most slot games allow you to bet high as well as low. If you prefer to keep your wagering amount small you can do so, but a lot of slots give you the option to bet as high as R500 on each spin. Of course, if you want to make your money last, it is a better bet to keep your increments low. On the flip side, the more you bet, the more money you could make with each win.

It is vital that you know that when you play at any of the online casinos on our list, you are getting a fair experience. This goes for slot games too and we will never recommend a slot game that is not 100% fair. All slot games are checked by developers when they are created to ensure that players never have to worry about games being rigged. If you are not sure the casino you are playing at is fair, check for the eCOGRA stamp of approval.

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