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Play The Top Slots Online At Casino 1

Online slots are a specialty here at Casino 1 Club. We offer a huge selection of nearly 300 online slots, all in a wide range of styles. We have all of the most popular slots on the market, and a host of others as well. Choose from eleven different online slot developers! Very few online casinos offer this many online slots, but we've made it a top priority. Online casino slot machines.

Casino 1 Club's Superb Online Slots

Casino 1 Club Casino offers around different 300 online slots of all kinds. The most popular online slots are the graphically superior online video slots. These are gaming machines that offer prizes in the normal range, typically up to tens of thousands of dollars on a jackpot - in some cases even in the hundreds of thousands. But don't forget that there's another exciting category of slots called progressive slots. Nothing much changes in terms of gameplay, but on these exhilarating online slots you may win several hundreds of thousands of Euros, even more, all on one spin. You see, these online slots are bound together in series so that the jackpot becomes huge. And you may win at any moment, even on your first spin!

Playing The Best Slot Games Online

It’s difficult to find someone who’s never played on a slot machine either online or in the real-world matrix that we normally walk around in, so we’ll not waste too much time explaining the game. But let’s just say that the game is all about lining up certain symbols over more or less invisible bet-lines that are superimposed over the wheels. In the earlier days only three wheels were used, but today five wheels, or reels, is the standard. There are normally numerous bet-lines although each and every game can, in theory, decide these things for themselves. Some slot games even offer hundreds of lines, which makes each round unpredictable and incredibly exciting.

Online Slot Machine Coins and Wagers

You need to make bets to get the action started on a slot machine, and the bets are all linked to the so-called lines. A line is sometimes called a bet-line, other times a win-line, but the meaning is essentially the same as you need to bet on at least one line to be able to play, and the object of the game is to get the symbols of the wheels lined up on your active lines. A game starts like this: First, you choose how many bet lines you want to play on. You can choose the minimum, the maximum or anywhere in between. But unlike in other games like online roulette, betting on more lines won't decrease your final payout if you win. In online slot games, the more you bet on, the more chances you have AND the more money you can win. Then, you decide on how many coins you which to bet on each line, and then the value of each coin. The more you bet, the more you may win should the symbols line themselves up over the reels.

Free casino slot machines online

Free Spins For Bigger Wins On Slot Games

An interesting aspect included in most of our slot games is the free spins feature. Free spins are free rounds within the game itself. Rounds where the casino does not take any of your chips or money but banks your bet completely. It’s free. And if you manage to line up enough prize-symbols, you win money, and you get to keep it even though the round is free. But the fact that free spins rounds are free is not the only thing that makes them interesting because most online slots offer way higher prizes in their free spin rounds.

Exciting Online Slot Game Bonus Levels

You see, most slots double, triple, quadruple (or double up even more) their prizes when you find yourself in a free spin round. So, it gets doubly interesting. Another interesting detail about video slots has to do with the so-called bonus games. You see, most online slots offer a game within the game, and these are the famous bonus games. Sometimes you may get an arcade-style game with an added opportunity of winning extra money, other times you get simpler bonus games. But you almost always get a bonus game, and the bonus game are both more interactive and you can win extra prize money. So they’re definitely good!

If you enjoy the interactive aspect of the bonus games in online slots, you might even want to try your hand at our online video poker games, this is a relatively recent variation of online video slots that combines with online poker, so you get the fast action and instant win gratification of the online slot games, but there is some basic poker strategy required to play interactively and to win as well.

Casino online slot machines

Playing Slot Machines Then &, Now

In the 1960s slot machines became more and more automatic, and in over the next decade – the decade of Ziggy Stardust and Abba – the slot machine became 100% automatic and electronic thanks to the invention of the video slot machine. Since the 1990s casinos have gone online, and the rest is now history, as they say. No other online gambling game is more popular than online slots, and thanks to a handful of really exciting software developers we can even see exciting new online slot concepts take shape, giving us creative, modern slots worthy of the millennium.

Here at Casino1 Club where we offer nearly 300 online slots. You will definitely have huge difficulty in finding other casinos that offer this many games. Check it out for yourself, and do note that all the very best software developers are on board here with us!

Plus Earn 100% Loyalty Points Playing Your Favourite Slots!

Also, did you know that at Casino1 Club you earn 100% loyalty points for every slot game you play? This adds up so that you get seriously more value for your money. As you earn more loyalty points, just by enjoying yourself and playing your favourite games, you will climb the ranks of our rewards program towards top VIP status. And every level you reach along the way brings more rewards, prizes, gifts, better competitions, super special bonuses and of course, better rakebacks. You can get started today, just fill in the short registration form, and you’re off. Make a deposit (it doesn’t have to be too much) and find your favorite slot!

Free online casino slot machines

Take your pick from our extensive collection of the newest slots online and start playing at Casino 1 Club today!

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