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Realtime Gaming (RTG) HIGHLIGHTS

Software,and Interface. RTG software powers over 110 games and provide compatible platforms for Windows and Mac. Another interesting characteristic about this software is that the casinos powered by it are visually different from the rest. The games also generally play faster with RTG software. Slots plus casino.

The software is fast, smooth and easy to use so no one should have problems finding their way around it.

Auto-Play. RTG recently added the auto-play function so that players can take a break in between games and come back to realize they hit a jackpot.

Mini Screen. The software provides a mini screen which allows two games to be played together.

Download Time. The size of the games at RTG is really small which allows a fast download with no real loss of animations quality.

Compatibility. RTG software is entirely compatible with Mac operating systems.

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Video Poker. RTG has been rewarded as the best video poker provider as the quality of this game excels in this software.

Big Bonuses. Even though this is not a software feature, all RTG licensed casinos have agreed to give really large bonuses to their players.

Jackpot Hit Frequency. It is official that the jackpot hit frequency at RTG is higher when compared to that of other software platforms.

Realtime Gaming (RTG) DOWNSIDE

Graphics. The graphics at RTG are no necessarily bad, the reason why I think they are a downside is because compared to other characteristics of the software, finding pixelated graphics in some games is a big turn-off. However, the animations are outstandingly good.

No-Download Version. The instant play version of RTG cannot be called impressive as it does not offer the same quality of the download version.

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Freedom to Operators. While some may consider this is a good feature of the software, I will say I disagree. For example, RTG allows operators to choose how high or how low the payout percentages will be at each individual Casino. This is highly beneficial to operators, but it can also harm players as you never know which casino will be extremely generous or which one will be totally rogue.

This is a feature that has contributed to the software',s popularity amongst operators. Perhaps it would be easier for everyone to just set a universal parameter (at least per software), but again it is a matter of preference.

No Slots Tournaments. A very popular game at casinos are the slots tournaments, however these cannot be found at RTG powered casinos.

Updating System. Sometimes you will find yourself opening the casino you want to play at on your computer and you will find out it is trying to update. These updates really seem to take forever and it can be quite irritating to wait for them to finish. Thankfully (and somewhat unfortunate) the updates are not very frequent at RTG.


Even though RTG does not excel as a software provider, they have a lot of interesting features that will not only benefit, but also entertain players. RTG is well balanced and I think that its downsides are made up by its highlights and the software is worth checking out as you have a better chance of hitting a large jackpot.

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