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Introduction to free slot bonuses

No deposit bonuses are a promotion given by online casinos to attract new players. These bonuses usually take the form of free credit, which can be used to bet on various games, or the form of several prepaid spins on certain slots. No deposit online casino.

No-deposit bonuses are usually given as a gift to attract new players. The main goal of these bonuses is to promote the casino brand and capture an email address or phone number from potential players. These contacts will very likely be used for marketing purposes.

Terms and conditions of free registration bonuses

“One bonus per player” is the most important of the no deposit bonus policies. As the bonus is free, the casino obviously doesn’t want to give it to the same player over and over. If you manage to meet the bonus wagering requirements and want to withdraw your win, the casino will verify your identity. If you have signed up yourself as John Smith, you’ll never make a successful withdrawal.

Casinos are quite smart in this, so your only chance is to sign up with your own name and only once in every bonus.

If a bonus has the form of free credit, then you’ll have to roll it over many times before you can withdraw. No deposit bonuses have very high wagering requirements – sometimes up to 100x. This means that if you got $10 of free credit, you’ll have to play 1000 spins at $1 each to roll it over. Note that not all games are allowed to be played with bonus credit, and not all games contribute at the same rate to roll over requirements. For example Blackjack is usually either completely forbidden, or contributes only 5% of a bet. In that case you would need to play 20 times more bets on blackjack than on slots.

In the case of prepaid spins, the casino will total your winnings from these spins. When you finish spinning, you’ll have to roll over the total amount you’ve won in free spins many times over. Example: you won $3.69 from 10 free spins on Starburst. With 50x wagering requirements, you’ll have to bet more than $184.50 in total.

You will lose the vast majority of free bonuses before meeting the wagering requirements. But if you are lucky enough to roll the bonus over, then you have to count with the MAXIMUM CONVERTED VALUE rule. Even if you end up with a bonus value higher than $500, you usually won’t be allowed to withdraw more than $50-$100.

Casino online free bonus no deposit

Another rule is the maximum allowed bet. If the casino defines the maximum bet when playing with a bonus, you must not exceed it. Otherwise, the casino will have an excuse to refuse to pay out. And the majority of casinos really will use this excuse. Be aware that this rule is not enforced by the casino system, so it’s up to you to read bonus terms and conditions carefully.

The last rule applied by some casinos is that you’ll need to make a deposit before cashing out your no deposit bonus. I think that casinos use this as another form of verification. But be careful, because some casinos may try to trick you, and force you to play with this “verification deposit”. Always ask on live chat to make sure you understand the terms and conditions properly - and save the conversation.

Can I really win on slots without risking my money?

Many casinos are fair about their no deposit promotions, and a clear reputation is one of its most important assets. I’m quite strict when it comes to casinos that don’t keep their word.

The maximum win is usually limited, so $50 is too low an amount to risk a casino’s reputation.

How do casinos make money on free slots bonuses?

The answer is simple: they don’t.

From the casino’s perspective, no deposit bonuses on slots are an expense for marketing. The casino hopes to attract new players, which will spread the word about their brand. Also, some players will stay and deposit real money.

Online casino no deposit bonus uk

A lot depends on the habits of players from every particular country. Players from Western Europe are more likely to be real casual players. This kind of player often makes a small deposit after playing with a no deposit bonus. Players from Russia and Eastern Europe are more likely to be pure bonus gatherers who are looking just for profit without the risk. That is the reason why most casinos don’t give free bonuses to players from these countries.

Despite the fact that high rollers and the most valuable players are usually not very interested in 10 free spins at $0.10 each, no deposit bonuses can help casinos to attract at least casual players. With a long term perspective, these bonuses may pay for themselves.

Can I get a casino registration bonus several times?

Casinos are very strict about the one bonus per player policy, and childish attempts get around it have no chance of success. You have to sign up with a name for which you have a valid ID and passport.

If you are not able to prove your identity you won’t get paid.

If you sign up multiple times from same IP, you won’t get paid.

If you slightly modify your name, you won’t get paid.

Free online no deposit casino

My advice is: don’t try to do that. Casinos have to pay for free spins to game providers, so you’ll increase its expenses and you won’t help yourself. The only effect will be that you piss the casino manager off, and he may exclude players from your country from this promotion in future.

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