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Get your 300% up to $2,000 each on your First 3 Deposits!

How would you like to be given the chance to play exciting online casino games and also earn up to $6,000 in free cash? This is exactly what Drake Casino offers because new players are eligible for a massive 300% up to $6,000 welcome bonus. Before we continue discussing the bonus, take a quick look at how it breaks down: Casino bonus.

First deposit, 300% up to $2,000 bonus

Second deposit, 300% up to $2,000

Third deposit, 300% up to $2,000

Free casino bonus no deposit required

What's great about Drake's welcome offer is that it's essentially three different bonuses. So rather than having to deposit $6,000 right away just to get a big bonus, you can spread your deposits out over time. This is perfect for players who have smaller bankrolls, yet still want to play for lots of free money.

More Deposit Bonuses

The welcome bonus isn't the only reward that Drake players can look forward to on their deposits. Players are automatically enrolled into our RED DIAMOND bonus level, which offers them 100% up to $500 on EVERY deposit that they make. Once a player submits their first withdrawal request, they will be reviewed and assigned to the next appropriate bonus level in our Drake Club system. No other casino has such a great offer, as you can be 100% For Life with Drake Casino.

Drake Casino also offers a number of special weekly and seasonal bonuses, so stay tuned by checking your weekly email newsletter, and also logging into the website for special pop-ups and offerings.

Casino bonus online

As you can see, the online casino deposit bonuses never stop at Drake. Plus they only get bigger as you play more casino games and move up the ladder.

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