Best online casino bonus. Online Casino Bonus Comparison August 2017 - Enlisted Bonuses

Getting an online casino bonus is a great way to boost the balance in your account and make the chances of you winning big even greater. Casino bonus online.

Through a range of deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses you can make the money in your account work for you, ultimately giving you even more opportunities to play.

With a range of different bonuses available, with different casinos, and differing wagering requirements, bonuses can be a tricky issue. But we are here to get you through it.

What Is a Casino Bonus?

As the name suggests, a casino bonus is the way of your casino saying thank you to you as a member.

There are different types of bonus depending on the type of casino you have joined but all are a clever way of keeping you playing longer and to a greater value than you would without the bonuses.

The value of bonuses does vary greatly, depending on the number of times you have played in a particular casino or how much money you have in your account.

Other bonuses are a fixed credit which will be triggered following a certain action. This could be when you open the account, after your first anniversary or for carrying out a certain number of bets.

A casino bonus can be a fantastic way to get something for nothing, as long as you know and understand all the strings attached.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is the casino’,s way of rewarding you for depositing cash and incentivising you to place more bets.

The casino may reward you with a certain percentage of the value of your deposit on top of the money you have already put in your account. Sometimes it can be 10% or 20%, other times it can be more than 200%.

A deposit bonus doesn’,t even need to be financial. It could be in the form of extra spins if you are an online slots fan, or it could be a number of extra hands next time you are at the blackjack table. It can also be a special bonus when playing from your mobile using the dedicated casino app.

Casino online no deposit bonus

The most common time to get a deposit bonus is when you make your first deposit with a casino. However, it is also worth looking out for bonuses for regular deposits or for casinos who are keen to welcome you back with this type of incentive if you haven’,t played for a while.

No Deposit Bonus

A No deposit bonus is an incentive that doesn’,t depend on the member making a deposit, the bonus will be offered irrespective of any financial outlay.

Some online casinos with no deposit offer this type of reward to encourage you to come back after a long time away from the tables. Others will want to reward you for regular custom.

A no deposit bonus is usually a very welcome surprise to the customer and isn’,t usually expected at any time.

But if it makes the chances of winning big, and gives you an extra boost to your balance, then it can be very warmly received.

Free Spins as a Casino Bonus

Free spins no deposit are becoming an increasingly popular casino bonus, both for deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. There is nothing like the feeling when you think you have run out of spins at your favourite slot to find out your casino has given you a little extra boost.

Not all casinos are the same, and your bonuses will depend on the terms and conditions of their current offers. But if you look out for casinos that have a reputation for giving high value bonuses, the difference it can make to your bank balance can be pretty amazing.

Casino Bonuses for Loyal Players

Committing to one or two casinos from our casino comparison list and being a loyal customer is a great way to keep the bonuses coming. A lot of casinos like to reward their loyal customers and both deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses are a great way to do this.

Some casinos offer monthly loyalty bonuses for those that keeping coming back to their tables and regularly enjoying the games available.

Wagering Requirements –, What to Look for When Applying for a Bonus?

A wager requirement is the amount of money that you will have to ‘,play through’, to be eligible to take any bonus offered by an online casino and withdraw it as cash. It is therefore imperative that you are aware of the wagering requirements in your casino before applying for any bonus.

No deposit online casino bonus codes

For example if the wagering requirement on a £25 bonus is 10x, then you will have to play through £250 before the winnings from this money can be considered as part of your standard balance and withdrawn as cash.

Some casinos will use the value of the bonus alone for the wagering requirement. However, if it is a deposit bonus that has been offered, at many casinos the value of the multiple will apply to the sum of the deposit and the bonus together, making the requirement significantly higher.

Furthermore, the amount that a bet can contribute to the value of the wager requirement may also differ between casino games. Usually the wager is indicated as a percentage and can vary dramatically between games.

For example, if you bet £300 on a baccarat table that contributes 50% to the wagering requirement, your wagering requirement will fall by £150. However, if you bet the same £300 on a blackjack table that has a 0% contribution, your wager requirement will not change at all.

It is therefore wise to know exactly how much you need to bet before you can withdraw any bonuses.

There are also requirements that exclude the use of certain payment methods. Players should be careful and read the terms &, conditions because despite the fact that there are online casinos that accept PayPal, players will not be eligible for any bonus offers if they use PayPal as a payment method.

There are now a number of online casinos which offer a no wagering requirement proposition to their members. This means all bonuses can be withdrawn, without any need for further bets. However this is usually limited to only certain casino games.

Tips and Tricks How to Fulfil the Wagering Requirements and Withdraw Your Winnings

The key to making the best out of any bonus is to understand the wagering requirements before you accept the bonus and to read a few casino reviews to see if the online casino is reputable or not.

Joining bonuses and deposit bonuses are always likely to have some form of wagering requirements to stop new members coming in and abusing the system. However, once you have the knowledge of what is required, you can decide for yourself whether the bonus with worth taking.

Many members will choose not to accept a bonus offered, especially a deposit bonus, if it is going to tie up their own deposit within the wagering requirement. There may be conditions which actually stop them withdrawing the cash they have put in until the conditions have been met. It is therefore always wise to ensure that the money that you put in to trigger a bonus can stay in the account in the long term. Alternatively, it may be possible to opt for smaller bonuses where the wagering requirements are less demanding.

Online casino free bonus

Most wagering requirements are also time limited, meaning that the member must play at the casino for a certain length of time, and a certain number of times, to validate the wagering requirement. If you are therefore looking for a short term win at a casino where you can make your money and run, make sure any bonuses you accept will not hinder your plans.

Any withdrawal made from your account is also likely to impact on the validity of the wagering requirement. It is therefore wise to wait until after a wagering requirement has been met before withdrawing any cash, if at all possible.

Lower bets on slot machines may lead to lower levels of return, but as this increases the time spent on the machines it can dramatically increase any potential bonus rounds without the need for wagering requirements. It’,s the ideal way to increase your bonuses without the strings that are sometimes attached.

Also, make sure you choose the games you play carefully, to ensure they are fulfilling the terms of the wagering requirement in the easiest possible way.


Though wagering requirements can make bonuses a bit of a hassle, a bonus can be a great way to expand your account balance. So make sure you compare casino bonuses before you sign up and then you can get the best deal for you.

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