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Sky Casino Bonuses Explained

At Sky Casino the majority of offers will carry a wagering requirement. This means you are required to bet a set amount (win or lose) on Sky Casino games before your bonus and any winnings made while it is active are converted to cash. Latest casino bonuses.

Typically our bonuses will carry a 10x or 20x wagering requirement. If, for example, you deposit £50 and receive a £50 bonus you will have £100 in your promotional balance. If this had a 20x wagering requirement you would be required to play through the £100 a total of 20x before it becomes withdrawable (so £4,000 in this example).

For full details of the wagering requirement applied to your specific bonus please refer to the promotion terms on the Sky Casino site.

Game Weightings

Some bonuses include game weightings – this means that a bet placed on Roulette, for example, would not contribute as much to your wagering requirement as a bet placed on a slot.

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If a game has a 20% weighting, for example, then only 20p out of every £1 staked on it would be deducted from the wagering requirement.

For full details of the game weightings applied to your specific bonus please refer to the promotion terms on the Sky Casino site.

How much do I have left to wager?

By visiting the promotion page for your offer you should be able to see full details on how much you have left to wager. Below is a breakdown of the information provided:

Latest casino bonuses forum

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