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Choose Live Blackjack for Higher Wins

Have you ever played live blackjack at an online casino? If you like blackjack but are used to playing virtual blackjack tables, live blackjack will be a revelation for you. It’s like the difference between a black and white image and one with tens of thousands of shades of different colours. Everything just comes alive. You see the blackjack dealer as if he or she was standing right in front of you. And the game itself runs smoothly and without unnecessary interruption as the integration between your computer, the live studio, and our servers run seamlessly. Live blackjack at Cashpot Casino is just like playing blackjack in a real world casino. Everything seems real, and that much more exciting. And note that in a live dealer blackjack game the dealer only uses a limited number of decks, normally four. In a virtual game of online blackjack, the software can shuffle a few hundred decks of cards at a time, which makes predicting your next card next to impossible. This means that in a live dealer blackjack game it is easier to predict which cards are left in the deck, which may increase your chances of winning. Casino live.

Live Blackjack Casino Games

Live blackjack is gaining more and more fans each and every day and is changing the way online casinos work. These days it is virtually impossible to find an online casino that doesn't offer live casino games. In addition to being able to see a live video stream of the dealer, the blackjack table and the cards – as they are drawn – you get to be in your own home, so there’s no need to dress up, get on a plane, find a hotel room, and enter a real casino. Live casino games like live blackjack give you the feeling of being in a casino independent of where you are. No waste of time, no waste of money, just a pure, exciting, and potentially rewarding game of live blackjack.

Experts Play Live Blackjack To Win

You’ve probably already heard that experienced gamblers prefer blackjack to many of the other casino games. The reason is that blackjack is a game where luck is not the full story. Skills can get you far ahead, and may have you win more hands than a regular player. And this is much more true with live blackjack as opposed to a virtual online blackjack game since a small, fixed number of decks are used. Having said that, if you’re new to blackjack make sure you play some rounds for free first, as this will greatly help your understanding of the game. You may not need a lot of training, but perhaps just a few solid hours, then you can head over to the live casino game section here at Cashpot Casino. With the experience of a few free games, you will have a much better chance.

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Different Stakes, Different Rooms

These days there are many live blackjack casinos out there, but make sure you choose a casino that offers a little more than just the basics. A typical live casino may include a couple of standard casino games like roulette, poker and online casino baccarat. But here at Cashpot Casino, we offer so many live casino game variations and rooms, it's hard to beat! Some rooms are for more discreet, low stakes play, while other live blackjack rooms are for the more aggressive players who prefer to play for high stakes. You decide, of course, but it is always wise to start out a little carefully, then work your way up.

Live Dealer Blackjack Has Top Payouts

Note that live blackjack payouts generally are higher than the regular, virtual blackjack games on an online casino. There are many reasons for this, but mostly it's because live blackjack games attract the top players. If you want to get started with some basic blackjack strategy, consider the Martingale technique, which you might already be familiar with if you play live roulette casino games. This technique requires you to double your bet after each loss, so the betting cycle usually starts pretty low. Then even if you only win once, you'll make back any previous losses and then some!

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Try Live Blackjack at Cashpot Casino

Cashpot Casino is one of the best online casinos for live casino games like live jackpot. Feel free to play for free at first in a standard online blackjack game, then head over to the live blackjack section and start testing your skills in a live casino game. You can even communicate with your dealer through live chat and many players appreciate this social, hands on element in a world of anonymous online game play. This makes playing a game of blackjack that much more enjoyable.

Start playing Live Dealer Blackjack at Cashpot Casino for the big money wins!

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