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Pro Players Prefer Live Blackjack

If you like Blackjack, you’ll love the Live Dealer Blackjack here at Casino 1 Club! Because this is the closest you’ll get to the exhilarating feeling of playing Blackjack in a stylish casino even though you’re still actually seate cozy and warm in your own home. Or in the dentist office, on the train, in line for the next iPhone, or any other place where you have access to an Internet connection. Here’s a short article about what live Blackjack is, and how you should play to win! Casino live.

A Professional Game

Blackjack is a casino game that many professional gamblers prefer to play. This should tell you volumes right there. Yes, you do need some degree of luck, but Blackjack is still a game where strategy plays an important part, it is possible to play online Blackjack casino games with a degree of certainty that you may win nice sums of money. What is needed is a solid understanding of the game itself, a set of good strategies, and just a little bit of magical luck. Together, this is a recipe for consistent wins at the Blackjack table. But which Blackjack game style should you choose to play?

Live Blackjack Casino Games

Let’s have a look at how you can play Blackjack online. You’ve probably not thought a lot about these details before, but the fact is that when you play a regular game of Blackjack at an online casino, you’re playing a simpler style of Blackjack. You may notice this with the graphics. Yes, they are much more advanced and realistic now than even just a few years ago, but no matter how good the graphics are they’re still not able to compete with the magic of reality. This is where live blackjack and live casino games (in general) come into play. Because live blackjack combines a state-of-the-art computer system with the human touch of a live dealer. A fantastic way to play blackjack!

Playing Live Blackjack Online

In a live blackjack game, you’re looking at a live video stream of a human dealer that is standing in front of a real blackjack table. Real playing cards are used, and the dealer draws all cards at the very moment you’re watching the action. There is no software involved in drawing the cards, it’s an organic, natural process. This is of a huge advantage to most players. Also because some people automatically distrust automated blackjack games because these players prefer blackjack games where less playing cards are in use. Standard online blackjack games use hundreds of decks, but in real life casinos, or Live Blackjack casinos, only up to 4 decks are used. Let’s look into this important issue a little closer.

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The Significance Of Blackjack Deck Numbers

A regular blackjack game in a land-based casino normally uses four decks of cards. A software based blackjack game uses up to 300 decks. How can this affect the game? Well, first of all, blackjack is one of those games where a good memory can help you win more hands. This is the famous case of “card counting.” The principles are easy to understand. If you know exactly which cards have been played, and how many decks are in use, then you have a way of knowing which cards are left in the card shoe and you may calculate the probability of a certain hand appearing. And this, by the way, also applies to online baccarat card games. The mathematics may not be so easy to calculate, but you can clearly see how it’s possible and how it would be a great advantage to a smart player with a good memory.

Regular Casino Blackjack

Now, if you enter a normal, land-based casino and start counting cards or using some kind of memory system to better your chances, the casino will most likely quickly become aware of your skills and you’ll be asked to leave and never return. On a regular software based game, there are too many decks involved for you to be able to make any kind of actionable prognosis of the game. However, with live blackjack at Casino 1 Club, you suddenly have a dealer who uses the typical four to six decks of cards, and this means that the game is being equalized considerably. It is possible to analyze all cards that are dealt, and make decent judgement about what will happen. Make no mistake about this, as this makes live casino blackjack a very attractive game for professional blackjack players!

Playing Live Dealer Blackjack Is More Fun!

Another aspect of live blackjack – the aspect that 90% of live blackjack players like to point out, is that it’s just that much more entertaining than any other type of online blackjack. It looks and feels more real. It looks completely real, in fact, because it is. Live blackjack is not a game that goes on inside some computer, as it takes place in a live TV-like studio somewhere very real. In a few years from now, we’ll probably see huge changes in how online casino games will play out, not least because the business will be revolutionized by virtual reality glasses and systems. For the time being, however, live casino games like live blackjack is the closest you’ll come to the real thing, and our prediction is that even in a future where virtual games will explode, serious players will always come back to our live casino games, just because they are that much more real than everything else.

Live casino

Getting Started

It is very easy to get started. Here at Casino 1 Club, we offer a series of live casino games, including multiple live blackjack rooms. They are only available for serious Blackjack lovers in real money mode, you need to register before playing. But registering is easy to do, and the deposit you make doesn’t have to be very large. It has never been easier to play live blackjack online, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, connected to a real, live studio with all the excitement of a real live casino. And here at Casino 1, we have make sure our live casino set up is so glamorous and smooth, you're sure not to feel right at home!

Join our live blackjack rooms online here at Casino 1 Club for all the glamour, the thrill and the big money wins!

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