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Opinium publishes study profiling the UK gambler Uk online casino.

Aims to enable operators to understand customers better

The UK’s online casino market is ever growing and ever more crowded.

Casino operators constantly aim to get ahead of the competition and oe way they can do that is by getting to know and understanding the people visiting their online casinos.

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A report by Opinium called ‘Gaming’s not so quiet revolution: The changing face of the UK punter’, aims to profile UK casino players of today. A total of 1,500 gamblers were surveyed for the study, which produced some interesting statistics regarding the UK’s online casino habits.

The seven types of gambler

There are three key betting ‘verticals’ offered by online casino sites: sports betting, bingo and slots. The survey sorted punters into groups based on what betting verticals they had stuck to in the previous month. The full results are as follows:

Sportsbook and casino/slots –, 13%

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There are some statistics that are quite interesting indeed. The fact that a third of punters stick to sportsbook betting and practice no other type of betting is noteworthy, as is the rather surprising statistic that only 8% of punters stick to just online casino games.

Other statistics

According to the survey, punters across all three betting verticals are most attracted to a brand by introductory offers than anything else. However, not all punters remain loyal to their chosen brand: 49% of casino-only punters switching from the brand they use the most, whereas only 27% of bingo-only punters do this. When it comes to gender, 62% of all gamblers are male, whereas 38% are female.

Women dominate bingo, as 78% of all bingo-only punters are women. For sportsbook betting, it’s men who dominate, with men making up 80% of all sportsbook-only punters. As for casino/slots-only punters, it’s a bit more balanced with 57% men and 43% women.

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Comments from Steve Looney

Steve Looney, Research Director at Opinium, believes understanding customers is critical when the UK online gambling market is so competitive. He’s proud to be giving operators an insight into their customers and hopes it enables them to make better customer-oriented decisions.

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