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There are hundreds of online casinos offering live online roulette, but many are dishonest and refuse payouts. Below are the recommended honest casinos offering live roulette: Live casino online.

#1 Play Roulette in REAL Casino From Home

This casino streams live video from a real casino. If you only trust spins from a real land-based casino that anyone can physically walk in and play, this one’,s for you. The only downside is sometimes the tables get busy and the wheel spins infrequently, although there are other wheels provided that spin more frequently.

Real wheel in REAL CASINO via webcam (plus other live roulette wheels)

Multiple wheels to choose from

See the wheels before depositing real money (account required)

Excellent honesty &, customer service record

#2 Live Roulette Casino

Multiple wheels to choose from

See the wheels before depositing real money (account required)

Online casino live

Excellent honesty &, customer service record

This is one of the very few live roulette casinos that haven’,t refused payouts to players. They have been around for a long time with a very good record with players.

# 3 Best Live Roulette Casino Online FOR USA PLAYERS

Accepts USA players (* play with Bitcoin so it is leg

Multiple wheels to choose from

See the wheels before depositing real money (account required)

Excellent honesty &, customer service record

If you join any of these casinos and are refused a payout, contact me and we’,ll publish your story on,,, this site and many others I own. You can be sure the casino community will know about it.

Live online casino

Warning About Dishonest Casinos

It may seem unbelievable, but most online casinos have refused payouts at some time. Most of the time, it’,s because of “,strings attached”, to deposit bonuses. This isn’,t the casino’,s fault –, it is the player’,s for not reading the terms before accepting a bonus. But often the casino just doesn’,t want to pay the winnings and will find any excuse. Some real excuses casinos gave are below:

The player had multiple accounts, therefore all accounts are locked and funds forfeited (deposits and all) –, Most casinos forbid multiple accounts. It doesn’,t matter if you created a test account with no money. The casino doesn’,t care and they’,ll look for any excuse.

Winnings or behavior were “,suspicious”, –, This is very common. The casino doesn’,t even give you details of what they mean. The fine print in the terms usually allows the casino management, at their sole discretion, determine what they consider to be activity that appears to breach their rules.

Betting progression was used –, Incredibly some casinos forbid progression systems, where you increase bet size after losses. These don’,t work in the long term, but some casinos forbid them to avoid large lucky wins by the player.

A big name casino doesn’,t protect you and in fact, I receive more complaints about William Hill than any other casino. And they are probably the biggest online casino company around. You only need to do a bit of research to see the many real cases where they refuse payouts for the most ridiculous and unjustified reasons. There are many other excuses for refusing payouts, but the bottom line is a dishonest casino will refuse payout and use any excuse they want. The best way to be assured you’,ll be paid is to rely on real-life experiences from real players, and these are carefully taken into account when recommending casinos.

How Many Live Online Roulette Casinos Are There?

More than you’,ll ever play. Somewhere between 100 to 500 or even more. Most of them use the same few wheels and live video footage provided by another company. So you can often play on the same wheel, but through a different online casino. The casino pays the live-video-provider a fee, but the casino itself is responsible for paying winnings. Although there are hundreds of live roulette casinos online, there are only about 30 different wheels.

Why You Should Never Accept Deposit Bonuses

Bonuses may sound great, but they always come with strings that ultimately benefit the casino. If you are a professional player, never accept a deposit bonus because it will limit what you can do. For example, you may have won a fortune on a wheel, then it gets changed by the casino. But you may not be able to withdraw funds until you have wagered a certain amount. And doing so may erode your profits.

Online casino live roulette

Dishonest Casinos To Avoid

Casinos listed below either routinely refuse payouts, or have conducted themselves in a dishonest way. Never deposit money with these casinos. Many of the operators have since created new websites to escape bad reputations, so you need to be careful of where you deposit money.

Cheating Casino Software

The software providers below are known to produce cheating software, that make it impossible for you to legitimately beat the casino. Basically the payouts are rigged to ensure the casino never loses.

Interactive Gaming Systems

COA World Entertainment

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