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We at New Casinos  believe that Live Casinos are as close to the authentic casino experience, as you will get from the comfort of your own home. In live casino games a real person deals real cards or spins a real wheel and players interact with the game via their computer. The popularity of live casinos really only took off in the last five years and the most popular are the table games like the Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Poker and Live Baccarat. We want to make sure that you are getting the most out of the live casino experience. Live dealer casino.

The purpose of this guide is to do exactly that. We want to show you what to look out for when choosing an online casino, how it differs from regular online casino gameplay, and give you a quick rundown on the terminology used in live casinos. But, first of all we will present you a list with the best Online Casinos with large live dealer games selection.

Latest Online Casinos offering Live Casino

How to Spot the Best Live Dealer Casinos

First of all you have to focus on the portfolio of the live casino section, the number of games offered and the number of developers. I this case the more games, and variation of them, an online casino offers the better. The same goes for the makers of the games, the more the better, but here we would like to recommend live casino games from Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, since they are the driving force in this industry. Then focus if the lives games are mobile device friendly, so you can play them on your mobile device. Then look for online casinos that offer some sort of exclusive games that only can be played at that specific casino, land based casinos like Genting offers live casino games direct steamed from they off line casinos. Finally focus on the bonuses and rewards, if they can be used on live dealer games.

Genting Casino is the outcome of more that 50 years of experience in the gambling industry. The developers of this online casino brand have also been thriving in the offline gambling world with more than 40 land-based casinos in their power all over the UK. What they do best, offering unique table casino games, they have it implemented in the extended Live Casino section, allowing also online players to get the real-life casino feeling.

Genting offers a portfolio of more than 20 Live Dealer Games where you will not only find the classic ones like Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker, but you will also get to play on a number of their variants all presented by impressive yet, friendly male and female dealers. You have always the possibility to read the corresponding info on each game and the chance to try them also for free. Just do not miss out to play at The Crockfords Edition of live dealer games played at the legendary Mayfair’s Premium Gaming Club.

New Casinos will further assist you on enjoying all the above thanks to our unique and exclusive bonus that you will have hard time to find in other casino websites. Get a 125% welcome bonus up to £1250 real money to play on the Live Casino games on using the bonus code: NEW1250 upon your initial deposit. Lets not forget the Exclusive VIP Fast Track where you will become a VIP member with just a £400 first deposit, instead of the regular requirement of £1000. Get your Exclusive High Roller Bonus

Online Casinos with Large Live Casino Section and Exceptional Bonuses

 Codeta Casino 80+ Live Dealer Games from Evolution Gaming –, Authentic Gaming –, NetEnt Live

10 % Top Up winnings or 10 % Cash Back on losses during your first week. Read More >,>,

  Casumo Casino 55+ Live Dealer Games from Evolution Gaming –, NetEnt Live

  Kaboo Casino 40+ Live Dealer Games from Evolution Gaming –, NetEnt Live

  Spinit Casino 40+ Live Dealer Games from Evolution Gaming

  Guts Casino 30+ Live Dealer Games from Evolution Gaming –, NetEnt Live

10 Free Spins after registration + 250% up to £250 on first deposit –, EXCLUSIVE. Read More>,>,

Live casino dealer

  Play Frank  Casino 30+ Live Dealer Games from Evolution Gaming

  All British Casino 10+ Live Dealer Games from Evolution Gaming

  Rizk Casino 10+ Live Dealer Games from Evolution Gaming –, NetEnt Live

Free go on the Wheel of Rizk after registration + 200% up to £50 on first deposit. Read More>,>,

 Miami Dice Casino 5+ Live Dealer Games from NetEnt Live

 Dunder Casino 5+ Live Dealer Games from Evolution Gaming

40 Free Spins after registration + 200% up to £50 on first deposit –, EXCLUSIVE.  Read More >,>,

  The grand Ivy Casino 5 + Live Dealer Games from NetEnt Live

200% bonus on first deposit up to unlimited + 10 Free Spins each time you deposit –, EXCLUSIVE. Read More>,>,

  Spin Station Casino 5+ Live Dealer Games from NetEnt Live

20 Free Spins after Registration + 200% up to £2000 and 50 Bonus Spins on first deposit –, EXCLUSIVE. Read More>,>,

  Play Grand Casino 5+ Live Dealer Games from NetEnt Live

Live dealer casino usa

£20 Free Money after registration + 150% up to£ 1500 on first deposit –, EXCLUSIVE. Read More>,>,

  Casino Of Dreams 5+ Live Dealer Games from Evolution Gaming

  Novibet Casino 5+ Live Dealer Games from Evolution Gaming

£21 Free Money after registration + 200% up to £1000 on first deposit –, EXCLUSIVE. Read More>,>,

How Does Live Dealer Casinos Work

A real dealer, normally a very attractive woman or handsome man, is placed in front of a webcam that is then streamed to a server. The online casino game is laid out exactly how it would be if you walked into a brick and mortar casino. The main difference, apart from being thousands of miles from where the game is happening, is that you interact with the game via a virtual control panel that is superimposed on top of the screen. All the information, including what you need to know about the other players is displayed in a similar way. There are also virtual tip boxes, that allow you to tip the dealer, and you can bring up game instructions, in game, which is very helpful for new players, or if you need to brush up on the rules. Compered to the standard online casino games that has something called a pseudorandom number generator, an algorithm to churn out a random sequence of events and numbers, Live Casinos offer an authentic gaming experience with real people and real cards that machines can not mimic.

Player Chat

This feature is underutilized by some live casino player, but if used correctly it can add a whole new dimension to live casinos. Bluffing via a messenger application is a completely different ball game to maintaining a steady poker face. Some people say that it can’t be done, that no one will take your seriously, and that it only good for socialising, but we think that there is definitely and advantage to be gained by implementing a solid strategy in the player chat.

You can weed out the experienced players from the newbies. This is evident in how they talk, the terminology they use, and the confidence they exude. Ask questions to help pick them out, and by doing so you also come across as knowledgeable if they are tricky question, and an amateur if they are obvious ones. It might be to your advantage to play the fool in the group chat, or your strategy could be to be very truthful about the quality of you hand, build up trust, and then throw a hail marry of a bluff for a big win. Regardless of how you play, the player chat is a very exciting element of live casino play that you won’t find on your regular online table game.

Buy Ins and Maximums

Live Casinos don’t require the same financial commitment as going out to a land based one. To further cater to players who just want to play some games without sinking 100s, Live Dealer Casinos offer much lower buy ins. You can play games where bets are only a couple of dollars. You won’t win big, but you won’t lose much either. These games are great for players that are still learning, and they don’t want to bet a lot on experience they don’t have.

On the flip side, online casinos also offer live casino games that have no maximums. If you are high roller with more money than you know what to do with and ultimate confidence, you are taken care off. Between the penny tables and the no limit games there are all kinds of betting brackets that you can slide into. Choose a table that agrees with your bank roll, and you will get more enjoyment out of your live casino experience. To check the minimum and maximum in a game there is normally a button that you can hover over down the bottom of the screen, and it will mostly likely be stated in the lobby or before you join the game.

Talk to the Live Dealer

You can talk to the dealer in some games. If you can do it, you might need to tag you chat with something like pitboss, or dealer, so they know that the message is addressed to them. Sometimes they will reply with audio and other times they will type a response, or a member of the customer service will type a response. If other players are talking to the dealer, you will need to wait your turn.

The Most Popular Live Dealer Games

As mentioned before, the most common games on live casinos are table games like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow, Roulette, Dices, Live Lottery and Live Wheel games. Bingo is sometimes played live, but it is not that common to find a game with a live video stream. Live lotteries are played at scheduled times throughout the day,  you can choose your numbers before or live bet on the next number chosen.

Poker and blackjack are by far the most common, both in online and offline casinos and they probably translate the best to the live casino format. It is very easy to record and stream a live game of poker, and the player is given the option to zoom in, so you can see exactly what is happening. The main difference, in the games offered, between  Live Casinos and land based ones, is the amount of variations that you can play. It is not uncommon to see up to ten variations of poker, how often do you see that in a land based casino? The games are also much faster than playing alongside players in a land based casino. Everyone can enter what they want to do into their own panel at the same time, and there are less distractions. Better yet, you never have to wait for a table. If they are all full, you can just go to another lobby or casino, but it rarely ever happens.

Live dealer casino usa

Software and Developers

Usually running flash and HTML 5  and  you will be able to run straight out of your browser, just click and go. They will often require a faster internet connection, and they aren’t as flashy, but then you can run them on any personal computer and sometimes on some mobile devices. Some Live Casinos will require that you download a software before you can play, while this can be a bit of an inconvenience you will likely experience stable gameplay, better graphics, and the game won’t demand as fast an internet connection.

Lead operators are currently pulling in about 50% of their  revenue via their Mobile Casinos, but do not expect to find that many casinos that offer Live Dealer Games. The fact is that it is really hard to squeeze all the graphics in the tiny screens offered. But there are a few exceptions, we would like to make a special reference to NetEnt, game developer, that has recently made a breakthrough in the Live Casino field. ‘,NetEnt Live' is a new and totally innovative brand that develops high quality live casino games for mobile devices. They are produced having in mind the players' needs meaning that they offer a unique user experience and a user-friendly interface. Their high technology systems allow for a perfect view of live HD images, giving players the ability to live a true live casino experience whether they are on the go.

It isn’t just the well know casino game developers, like NetEnt and Evolution Gaming, that make live casino software, some of this software is developed in house by the casinos, and more of it still by companies you have never heard of that specialize in online live casinos.

Casino Studios and How the Games are Made

It takes a lot of resources to host a live dealer game, and the software is only half of it. Online casinos also need access to studios where the tables are located and dealers conduct the actual games. They are themed to look like fancy establishment, using similar techniques to movie sets. The casino studios are typically hosted in countries with reliable internet connections and the biggest studios can be found in Latvia and Malta.

Land based casinos are also taking the initiative to host live casino games in their casinos. This innovation gets you even closer to an authentic casino experience. You play with professional, land based dealers, dressed in the familiar attire of your favourite casino. Live casinos powered by Evolution Gaming have a lot of these, because they offer to set it up for the casino and even train their staff.

Just a little tip. Find out the location of the casino studio, because it is a good indication of its reliability. You need to consider things like the reliability of their internet and power in the countries that they are found in. For example, a casino studio in Manila is more likely to go offline than one in Budapest. Then make sure you join a table that speaks your language. You don’t have to, but it is just good manners. Most of the big online casinos will offer tables in several languages. There are also some minor differences between the studios


Live casinos are as close to the real thing as you are going to get, but also offer several advantages over land based casinos. Live casinos have more betting options, tables with lower buy ins, tables without limits, and you can wager from the comfort of your own home. All you really need is a fast internet connection, and you can get started wagering on truly random games as they happen.

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