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If you like to play roulette online you&rsquo,ll love live roulette. It&rsquo,s an exhilarating game full of chances to win, and what makes it different from regular online roulette is that you watch the live stream of the game and not just the animation of a virtual roulette game. In fact, live roulette is a fascinating live stream where you see and interact with a live, human dealer. And it is this live roulette dealer that spins the roulette wheel, not a computer program. This makes the whole thing that much more real. Much more so than a virtual game of roulette. Think about live roulette as if it&rsquo,s hybrid between regular online roulette and the roulette game that you&rsquo,re likely to find in a real-life casino. Here at CashPot Casino we offer all the classic casino games in their live versions, including roulette. Live casino games.

Live Roulette Casino

A live roulette game uses the same rules as a regular roulette game. The only difference is that you see and hear the live stream from our 24-hour live casino game studios. And what a difference that live stream makes. Instead of feeling that you&rsquo,re in some sort of automated casino where you maybe also distrust the computers that are running the show, you see with your very own eyes exactly what&rsquo,s going on. You can see that roulette table, with its green, blue or red felt, so clearly that you&rsquo,d swear that you&rsquo,re in a casino. Placing your bets is incredibly simple, and note that the system that takes your bets seamlessly integrates this information in the game. The dealer has to physically spin that roulette wheel for a round to start, and the wheel he or she spins is a real, physical roulette wheel, so things couldn&rsquo,t be more real.

Live Roulette Tips

Playing live roulette is certainly more exciting that playing a regular online roulette game, but the rules are the same. This means that you may use all the same techniques and strategies that you use for normal roulette. And there are many interesting strategies to choose from. Yes, roulette is a game of chance, but advanced players all use certain systems and strategies to increase their overall win. &ldquo,How can that even be possible, &ldquo, you may say, and even though you can find plenty of sensational information about these things online, we&rsquo,ll quickly just mention a few of the most popular live roulette strategies.

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Strategies For Playing Live Roulette

One of the simplest roulette strategies to understand is the wonderful Martingale strategy. This is also one of the best known roulette strategies, so you may even be using it without being aware of it yourself. It tells us to double our bets after a loss. So, if you&rsquo,ve just bet 10 EUR on red, and black won, then you&rsquo,d quite simply bet 20 EUR on red on the next round. If you win, you&rsquo,ve just managed to recuperate your loss from the previous round. In case black comes up one more time, bet 40 EUR on the next round, and you will have recuperated your bets if red comes up. Now, of course, there&rsquo,s a chance that black may appear one more time, and another after that, but most people immediately understand the basic principle here, and realize the potential that it has.

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You can reverse the Martingale strategy, as well. If you choose to do this you simple double your bets after each and every win (on the 50/50 bets) you have. Say you just bet 10 EUR on red &ndash, well then double your bet and place 20 EUR on red one more time to take advantage of this inverse logic. Many people like this version of the Martingale strategy because they feel that roulette often is a question of having &ldquo,good vibes.&rdquo, Once you&rsquo,re in the zone, take advantage of your luck and increase bets to maximize your profit. There are many other roulette strategies out there, like the Hollandish system, or D&rsquo,Lambert, and do look these up online, but with the Martingale system at least you have a basic understanding of the potential power that using a system has.

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Play Roulette Live

One thing is certain: if you like the game of roulette, and if you like to play roulette online, it',s time to test out playing a live game of roulette. Enjoy the fact that the game is played in a live casino studio, with a live dealer. Feel free to chat with the dealer, and if you win &ndash, you win real money! To start playing live roulette, you will need to play with real money bets because it is not possible to play a game of live roulette for free. You don',t need to start with a huge amount, especially if you',re playing in our low limit live roulette rooms. But our live casino rooms tend to attract players of a higher playing level who like to play hard and play for real money wins!

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Free live casino games

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