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What are Live Casino Games?

Live Casino Games attempt to provide the ultimate combination of online and in-casino play, focusing on the benefits of each. Live casino games allow players to partake in a real-life casino games on their laptop, tablet or smartphone which is generally done by streaming events taking place in a casino, such as the spin of a roulette wheel or the latest cards dealt on a poker table. Live casino games.

Live Casino Games Explained

In hindsight, Live Casino Games are an inevitable part of the industry’s evolution. Ever since the introduction of online casinos and computer-generated play, the gambling industry has sought to make such games ever more interactive and realistic. This has partly been done to attract players who idolise the common casino atmosphere, although one other benefit is the added transparency such an approach provides. This is because regardless of regulations and each company’s reputation, some players will always be suspicious about how fair the odds are in a computer-generated game.

There are various ways in which a live game can be streamed and played online. Sometimes the camera is placed on a casino floor, broadcasting a table in its most natural environment. Other companies, however, prefer to opt for studio surroundings, for instance by having a croupier on their own repeatedly spinning a roulette wheel. Given how players are often attracted to authenticity, the former approach is generally the most popular. It also mimics the set-up casinos sometimes have within their own establishment, whereby a person on a roulette machine can choose to play with the same wheel being used elsewhere on the floor.

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Depending on the complexity of their set-up, companies can offer various different features for Live Casino Games. Some provide the option to view other bets placed at the table, whereas others allow you to actually speak to the croupier. Given the complications and technology involved in such projects, the number of games live-streamed by each casino is often limited to the most popular options, including roulette, blackjack and Texas Hold’em Poker.

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