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We’,ve created quite a few great games in lots of genres here at Big Fish, for both PC and Mobile. Some of our most exciting themes and artwork come in the form of slots games. Here are some of our coolest and most popular slots games: Best casino.

This is my personal favorite slots game. It is affordable (in regards to chips), pretty, and supremely satisfying. The art style is whimsical with snow creatures waltzing across the slot machine in ice blue, purple and brown tones. If you get on a roll you can dance with some wolves in the pale moon light, which is pretty nifty. In Jackpot Magic Slots the Max bet is 225k for 25 lines. Min bet is 25k for 25 lines. This is the slot where I had my first friend request and racked up 16 million chips in wins.

Undying Love has a Tim Burton meets Day of the Dead style. It’,s a bit more pricey at 405k max bet for 9 lines but reaps some pretty big rewards (see what I did there?). A flower girl swoops in with wild slot spins. The slot also has both mini AND mega jackpots. Also, there’,s a pretty cool celebration when you get a jackpot! Players can pick 1-9 lines. Min bet is 3k for 1 line. Max bet is 405k for 9 lines.

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Wicked Wins has been one of our best and most popular slots for quite awhile now. It’,s hard to get cranky at a haunted pumpkin that says snarky things and spits out lots of chips and scatters. In Jackpot Magic Slots the Max bet is 432k for 9 lines. The Min bet is 72k for 9 lines.

Dragon’,s Cavern is a beautiful slot machine in deep jewel tones: gold, green, red, teal. No doubt, because of the richness of the slot, it is a bit more expensive. It’,s 25 lines and the max bet is 25 million chips total. Minimum bet is 1.25 million. You’,ll sit at a table with big spinners and will probably earn a like or two just from making a few spins. Entering the room feels sober and serious, but beautiful. And maybe a little dangerous.

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This is probably my second favorite slot machine. This one is great because as you spin you collect items, ships, lamps, etc. If you’,re like me, you’,ll enjoy watching your collection add up until you reach the goal and get some kind of prize (chips, gold bars, etc). This is another rich looking slot in purples and golds. Magical genies and characters (assuming Aladdin and his lady-love) spin across the screen as you watch your chips add up. In Big Fish Casino The bet is 9 lines. Minimum bet is 1,350. Max bet is 13,500.

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