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Want the best New Zealand online casino experience? Need to know the safest place to play some online Pokies? This is where we come in. We rate and review the very best online casinos so you don’t have to. We measure each casino based on: Best online casino.

This guide has been created for those starting out and for those who want to vary their winnings with the very best New Zealand online casinos. Let us guide you through and help find you the very best gaming environment.

We are going to share tips and tricks on how to pick the winning online casino, but before we do, take a look at some of favourite and preferred online casinos…

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How We Review Casinos

We factor in all kinds of elements when finding the perfect online casino NZ supplier. First and foremost the online casino needs to be a safe and secure environment- fully regulated and licensed, it also has to have incredible customer service, the company needs to have an HQ (headquarters), it needs to be tied in with ‘Player Protection’ and it needs to have outstanding technical security.

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We rate New Zealand online casinos that are fully compliant with the law. The current gambling laws in New Zealand prevent any online casino from operating within the country, but players still have the ability to play at international online casinos which cater to specifically to NZ. Once an online casino is licensed you can rest assured that you and your money are in safe hands. If a casino has no license, it can do what it wants. A licensed casino is a great experience, the player can relax and enjoy knowing he’s in safe hands.

Incredible online casinos will have incredible customer service. It really is that simple. Casinos such as GoWild have 24 hour access online and over the phone to English speaking call centres where there’s always someone at hand to give you the help you need. Good casinos will also have live chats (for times when you just don’t want to pick up a phone), emails and a snail mail address for more formal communications. Customer service teams are responsible for processing payments quickly and efficiently.

An odd rule, but a crucial one. The online casino NZ must have a clearly visible HQ- this links into safety and security. Things can get complicated and ugly if you try to chase a claim with a company that has a faraway HQ. – Different territories have different gambling laws. You must play with a casino that caters to a New Zealand audience.

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We personally love any casino that is affiliated with well-known player-protection organizations. These organizations are usually non-profit and exist primarily for the benefit of the player. So IN CASE you need them, it’s good to know there’s someone who will see things from your point of view.

Nobody wants to play outdated games with outdated software. Firstly, the experience isn’t as fun, and, more importantly, it’s not safe. Your online casino needs to be fully up to date with all working encryption software- there must be no room for error, particularly when you are loading and withdrawing money on a regular basis. All payments need to be encrypted with at least 128 bit protection and they need to be certified from well-known companies- such as TRUSTe, Norton, McAfee.

When we review online casinos we are strict with everything mentioned above- we also want you to recognize a good casino and be able to understand what splits a good online casino from a bad online casino. We exist so that you can enjoy your online casino experience and find the perfect, safe and winning playing environment!

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