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Bonus wagering on deposit bonuses

All deposit bonuses have a wager requirement. How this works is that you need to wager (or play for) a certain amount of money before the bonus balance is turned into real cash that can be withdrawn. Best casino bonuses.

How the casinos structure this varies a bit, but the two most common ways are:

You play with your real money first, and if you lose your deposit and “dip into” the bonus balance, the wagering starts and you need to complete the wagering before withdrawing.

The deposit and the bonus is combined into one balance, and the wagering starts immediately when playing.

Both are common, but number 1 is slightly more advantageous for you as you generally can withdraw if you hit a big win and haven’t touched the bonus balance yet, and the bonus sort of works as a lifeline if you are unlucky and don’t win on your deposit.

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So how much do you need to play in order to fulfill the wager requirement of your bonus? The standard wagering requirement for the top casino bonuses is between 35 and 50 times your bonus amount. So if you get a €100 bonus and the wagering requirement is 35, you need to bet in total €3500 before the bonus turns into real money. That might sound like a lot, but with slots generally having between 95-97% RTP, your wins will keep you going, and all you need is a bit of luck and a couple of decent wins in order to clear it.

Note that on most bonuses only play on slot machines counts towards your wagering requirement, and a few select slot machines might count less than 100%. Tables games generally don’t count much towards your wagering, if anything at all. For wagering a bonus, a great tip is to play low volatility games that is generous with wins to keep you floating.

Terms and what to look out for

When you play with a deposit bonus, it’s very important to read its terms and conditions first. The reason for this is that all bonuses come with a set of terms, and here you will find the most common ones the be on the lookout for.

Wagering Requirements

This is probably the most important part of choosing a bonus. Generally, you want to stay away from bonuses with a requirement of 60 or higher, unless the bonus is structured in a way that it only activates if you have lost your deposit first.

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Bonus Size

Not all bonuses give you 100% of your deposit. 25%, 50% or 75% is common as casino promotions for reload deposits, and 150% and 200% are also pretty common on welcome deposits. Be aware of casinos that offer you “outrageous” bonus amounts such as 600%, generally, they have horrible wagering requirements or a strict max withdrawal amount.

Withdrawal Limits

This is generally not something you see too often on welcome bonuses on the biggest casinos, but some casinos have a max withdrawal amount on their bonuses. For example, the casino might limit you to withdraw maximum 10 times the amount you deposited. Make sure to look for this term, as a withdrawal limit of just a few times your deposit amount is normally not worth taking.

Max Betting Size

The max betting size rule is extremely important to be aware of, as it is by far the biggest reason for withdrawals to be declined. If you bet more than the allowed max limit, which is normally between €4-8 per spin, the casino might have the right to confiscate your bonus and winnings gained from playing with it.

Restricted Games

As we mentioned earlier, not all games can be used to wager with. While you still can enjoy Blackjack or Roulette, playing these with a bonus won’t often help you wager. Some other games are normally banned from playing completely, as they were being used to exploit the bonuses.

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