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It is difficult to find a good casino online. An Online Casino has grown to be the most popular way for New Zealand gamblers to play their favourite casino games virtually. At Kiwi Casinos, it is one of our major priorities to list the best online casinos available on the internet in September 2017. Best online casino.

Our expert team of players have carefully reviewed and ranked what the best New Zealand casino has to offer. Play a wide range of games such as roulette, online pokies (slots), blackjack and video poker at the best online casinos.

As a premier affiliate website, we have shortlisted the best real money online casinos for 2017. With different casinos online to choose from, we have carefully reviewed and ranked the leaders in terms: of online casino bonus promotions, payout/cash out percentages, NZ pokies, etc.

If you’ve asked yourself, “What are the best online casinos in New Zealand?” the answer is simple. New Zealand gamblers can trust Kiwi Casinos to help them find the best casino sites that have undergone our stringent vetting process.

Learn more about the top recommended online casinos where you can play for free or real money. Get tips and strategies on how to win real money at the best online casino or play for free at the #1 ranked site. Play and deposit in the NZD$ currency &, get winning a New Zealand casino today!

Real Money online casinos that accept NZD$.

1000s of online casino games such as online pokies, roulette, blackjack and video poker games.

Top online casino sites with the biggest bonuses and jackpots.

Best informative online casino reviews, ratings and much more!

From Auckland, in the North Island down to Queenstown in the South Island, look no further than Kiwi Casinos. We have you covered with the best New Zealand casino online. So, sign up at one of the top ranked online casinos in New Zealand and stand a chance to win big today!

Top Recommended New Zealand Online Casinos

List of Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand

One of the biggest advantages of the best internet games in New Zealand is the fact that you can experience the pleasure of hundreds, or even thousands of different real money online casino game titles at your fingertips instantly.

To add the icing on the cake, all the online games at the best online casinos we feature are New Zealand friendly. This means it’,s easier for Kiwis to find their way around and start gambling in NZD$.

With so many spoils available for you, it’s good to have a general idea of what is on offer. Below is a list of premier games found at the top online casinos.

Best online casino slots

Feel free to try some of the games, never know, the odds may be in your favour!

1. Blackjack

This is one of the most favoured card game on most casino websites – and in the brick and mortar casino realm. Blackjack is a gambler’s best friend. This is owed to the crazily low house edge in this game. If your aim is to beat the dealer – which it should well be – this is the best game to play to reach that goal

2. Baccarat

Baccarat is similar to blackjack – both card games require you to reach a particular point count in your hand. However, baccarat is the slightly more challenging of the two. Although difficult, keep in mind that if it’s good enough for Bond, it’s got to be good. Quite an exciting casino game!

3. Roulette

This is another wildly popular game of chance which involves the dealer spinning the wheel. When playing Roulette, a small ball is then released which will find a resting place in one of the pockets on the wheel, resulting in the winning number and colour

4. Pokies (Slots)

New Zealand pokies are the all-time favourites for most NZ players. The online casino game comes with different reels that have symbols on them. All a player has to do is to spin them, and when the reels stop spinning, they symbols will then be analysed for the winning combinations. Online pokies are easy to learn and easier play. Learn more about NZ pokies here.

5. Poker

Online poker has outgrown the popular card game tenfold with numbers of fun filled versions to enjoy such as, Caribbean Stud Poker, Live Poker, Casino Hold’em, Video Poker and more.

6. Scratch Cards

Scratch cards have grown to be a popular online casino game. All a player has to do is to click on a specific selection of scratch cards at a New Zealand online casino and start winning today!

7. Lottery

Online lotto has also been making huge waves in New Zealand. Kiwis can simply register at an online casino we feature and bet on lottery games like Keno and Bingo.

#1 Ranked Pokies in New Zealand

Online pokies are the most chosen games at any casino – both in land-based and at internet casinos.

As such, there are thousands of different titles such as the all-time favourite Pai Gow and Android Pokies. Here are some of the most amazing online casino pokie games for Kiwi players:

Progressive Jackpots

These are cutting-edge pokies amongst all online gamblers due to their illustrious big wins. A progressive jackpot will continuously grow every time someone deposits into the game. This jackpot will only be re-set and cease to rise when someone wins it, therefore making the prizes that much bigger. Read more on online progressive jackpots here.

Five reel pokies

These are the common types of pokies found in the online gambling world today. The five reel game offers a great winning potential to all players at the best online casinos.

Best online casino promotions

Video poker

The most loved video poker game is a version of the classic card game of Poker which operates in a format similar to the slot machine. Poker machines are the reason the term ‘pokie’ is used to describe slot games.

Thus the nickname ‘pokie’ was developed and quickly caught on. This term then spread to our beautiful New Zealand shores and has stuck ever since.

Other Online Casino Gambling Games

There’,s a huge variety of other top-rated casino gambling games on the internet available for players which aren’,t your traditional casino favourites but found at multi-platform casinos any much more in New Zealand. These are mainly fun games such as lottery based games, however, there are other types as well:

Online Bingo: Bingo, commonly known as Housie, is a widely loved online casino game. With its popularity evident, online bingo was quickly developed to cater to all players’ preferences.

Keno: This is a lottery-style game in which players select a certain amount of numbers. After a Kiwi player purchases an online keno ticket at a New Zealand casino online, a draw takes place, and if the player manages to match a certain amount of their preselected numbers with those drawn, they will win. The more numbers matched, the higher the payout.

Pai Gow (original): Pai Gow is yet another old game hailing from China. Online keno is played using a set of dominoes and like blackjack, you will play only against the banker. The player will create a front and back hand against the dealer in an attempt to win. Pai Gow was later adapted into a type of poker, which is the more commonly seen version in online casino sites today.

How We Evaluate the Best New Zealand Online Casino

Our dedicated team has gathered all the relevant information on how we sort the good from the bad casinos. Read on and learn more about our NZ online casino vetting procedure for the best casino online.

Best New Zealand Mobile Casinos

Another great development in the New Zealand online gambling industry was the introduction of the mobile casino.

Now, not only can online gambling players gamble from home, they can gamble from wherever they please while on the go. Mobile casinos are accessible at sites such as Golden Riviera, Crazy Vegas Casinos, G’,Day Casino and much more.

Furthermore, whether you’re on your way to Auckland, Wellington or Queenstown, online gamblers will be able to play at the top mobile casinos featured on our site, even while travelling abroad. However, while still being relatively new to the industry, there are fewer mobile games available than traditional online casino titles.

If one has a good and stable internet connection, they can enjoy their desired casino games on their iPhones on the MAC devices. Android users are not neglected at all. They can play their favourite games at Android casinos and stand a chance to win huge today!

As a result, many developers have taken the hint. They are now producing titles compatible with both desktop and mobile screens, as well as games such as Android pokies. The following is an excellent guide on some of the online gambling terms that are popular in the realm of internet casinos.

Best online casino australia

Leading Mobile Casino terms 2017

Top Rated Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand

NZ residents have the luxury of enjoying some excellent high-end land-based casinos available for all Kiwi Casinos. While focusing mainly on the online casino industry, Kiwi Casinos will still offer a bit of insight as to what is available to players at brick and mortar establishments. Below is a table including some the critically examined top land-based casinos in New Zealand:

New Zealand Live Casinos

Looking for the traditional brick and motor casino near you? Not to worry! Visit our land-based casinos’, page. There you will learn more about the best casinos near you.

Kiwis in South Island can go find their pleasure and thrill of a local casino. They can either visit the amazing ChurchChrist Casino or the popular Dunedin Casino.

The North Islands give us the heart of New Zealand, Auckland. There, Kiwi players can go visit the most famous casino, SkyCity Casino.

Also, there is another SkyCity Casino for online casino players who reside in Hamilton or closer.

Problem Gambling in New Zealand

You may be having a problem in gambling. Perhaps you have grown to be addicted to the activity. And it may seem like a deep and dark bottomless pit. We at Kiwi Casinos are saying hang in there, there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, it may be you, your friend or your family member that is affected by the addiction of gambling. We advise that you seek help for them or yourself while you still can.

Below are some of the organisations that are there to help you or your loved one. Feel free to give them a call, they are all just a call away.

Choice, not Change –, Provides free and confidential support via a call or text. Also, they can also make necessary arrangement for you to meet with a counsellor close to your area.

Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand –, Offers free professional support, treatment and advice. It s offered to all who are facing difficulties in escaping the addiction of gambling. Counselling is available throughout New Zealand at no cost.

New Zealand Online Casino FAQs

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