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Your own online Live Casino – streamed from Riga studios

Egamings offers the widest variety of premium live casino products, including live dealer and online table games. Popular casino game titles, such as Live Roulette, Live Poker, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat are livestreamed from Riga-based casino studio. Live casino games are presented in HD quality and run smoothly by professional live dealers. Online live casino.

Our clients can opt for cost-effective generic live tables that allow Live Lobby branding. Licensees of generic tables can also benefit from setting up and configuring betting limits for both groups and individual bettors.

If a client prefers a tailored approach that is both customer-centred and brand-focused, dedicated tables for online casinos, commonly known as dedicated environments, can be chosen instead.

Live broadcasted dedicated tables provide casino service customisation, bespoke market segmentation (whether localised or not) and corporate branding opportunities. Cross-selling and promotion possibilities are truly infinite. Media Control Room along with Risk Management and Chat Support team thoroughly monitor the real-time gaming activity, making sure the game is fair and the whole process is error-free.

Customer and profit-wise, casino operators will certainly gain a competitive advantage from the world’s leading live casino infrastructure. Top quality gaming content can be delivered across a broad range of online gambling platforms, including our own.

We ensure that our secure, 24/7/365 casino product solution meets the needs and expectations of today’s consumers/players, and conforms to all EU regulatory compliances and internal policies.

Our unique offering:

Diversified gaming portfolio

Online casino live

Modern Live Casino studio facilities

Enhanced capacity for casino brand’s exposure

Multilingual and multicurrency services

Key benefits for operators

Largest offering of live casino products

Profit boosting potential

Global gaming audience appeal

Live casino online

Seamless integration into an existing casino business

Ever-growing range of shared and dedicated tables

Rich customization features

Key benefits for players

Interactive casino environment

Wide section of popular live game tables and VIP offers

Instant access to live dealer games from any device or channel

Live casino online

Real-time interaction with dealers and players alike

User-friendly interface for easier navigation

No shortage of betting options

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