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What is Live Casino?

Live casino is the term used to describe a hybrid form of online casino betting. Although most online casinos will use computer generated tables to represent gameplay, live casinos broadcast video feeds online with real life croupiers conducting play from a physical table game. Live casino online.

Live Casino Explained

Live casinos have gradually become an increasingly more popular way for players to combine the convenience of online casino action with the thrill of live play. Almost every computer generated table game played online is a combination of graphical algorithms and a random number generator which some players find removes the reality of playing a table game in person. By incorporating a live video feed of a croupier at the table, players are rewarded with the feel of being personally stood at the game table. The croupiers are often encouraged to engage with the players at the table to increase the personal feel of betting in this hybrid virtual environment.

Players are able to place wagers in the same way as they would playing a computer generated online table game by making selections using the on screen layout. For example, when playing roulette players are able to choose anything from individual numbers to broader outside bets and the live croupier will announce ‘,no more bets’,. The computerised betting system will then stop further bets from being placed and pay out winning selections in exactly the same way as any other online betting system.

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The most popular live casino games played online include roulette and blackjack, however this growing sector now features hold ’,em, baccarat and three card poker to name but a few. The dawn of virtual reality technology has led to further investment in this competitive sector with many of the UK’,s mainstream bookmakers, including William Hill, Paddy Power and Ladbrokes, looking to introduce virtual reality casinos available on tablets and smartphones.

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