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Live Dealer casino games offer online gamblers the perfect blend of land-based action and online convenience. Live dealer casino.

With Live Dealer games, you can ditch the monotony of playing against a computer dealer or invisible roulette croupier and take on a real-life, human dealer overseeing all the action.

All you need is a reasonably fast Internet connection, a nice bankroll, and the best insider knowledge on where to play.

Luckily, we can help you with that last part. At we recommend the very best Live Dealer casinos on the web. Play and chat in English against human croupiers and experience the thrill of gambling in a bricks 'n mortar casino without ever having to leave your bedroom.

How Does Live Dealer Work?

The first live dealer games appeared in the mid-2000s, but not much has changed since then. Back then, as now, special tables were set up in land-based casinos (to give that 'authentic' casino atmosphere) with human dealers overseeing all the action.

The croupiers dictate play straight to a camera hooked up to the casino and players watch the dealer via a webcam stream.

Live casino dealer

Bets are placed in the usual way - by dragging and dropping chips onto the areas of the table you want to bet on - and the wheel is spun (in roulette) or cards dealt (in blackjack) by the dealer themselves.

Special chips in the blackjack cards and roulette table are picked up by the computer and winning bets paid out automatically in the usual way.

Chat and Get Help - In Real Time

What sets Live Dealer apart from normal online casino games is the human element. The croupier talks players through the action, but the on-screen chatbox lets players talk to the dealer and ask advice.

If you've ever been worried about asking what to do in an offline casino, there's no such problem with Live Dealer: just type your query into the chatbox and the dealer will read the question from their monitor and respond in real time.

Another worry for some online casino players is in trusting the Random Number Generators (RNGs) which govern Internet games. Although the programs are rigorously tested and audited to ensure fairness, some players always have a nagging doubt over "rigged" sites.

Online casino live dealer

With Live Dealer, that doubt is eliminated as you can see how cards are shuffled and wheels spun right in front of you.

Bankrolls and Payouts

Live Dealer games tend to carry slightly larger minimum stakes than conventional table games. But don't let that put you off, if you live miles from a land-based casino, or you're unsure about mixing it with other Brits at a busy table, Live Dealer gives you all the fun of a British casino without the noise, shoving and expensive drinks.

As with all table games, finding the right site is about getting your money in and out fast. All of our recommended rooms here at give you a huge range of real-cash deposit options - and usually with no fees.

Use a British debit card or e-wallet to fund your gambling, then move your winnings around to take a shot at the big-money slots once you've won at the Live Dealer tables.

Getting a Great UK Bonus

Earning free cash is part of the savvy casino player's arsenal. But checking the Terms and Conditions of a bonus promotion first is key. You'll often find that some games aren't eligible towards unlocking a bonus, and Live Dealer games sometimes fall into that camp.

Best live dealer casino

Besides, if you're gambling to a tight timescale, playing enough Live Dealer volume to trigger bonus cash can be very difficult indeed. With the extra time needed to deal cards and spin wheels for the human croupier, Live Dealer is more about enjoying the experience and whittering to the croupiers than rushing through a bonus requirement.

Find the Best Online Live Dealer Casinos

Whatever game you're into - Live roulette, blackjack or baccarat - whack up the bankroll and take a shot at our favourite leading Live Casino websites.

With our recommended picks, you're sure to find a casino that has friendly, helpful dealers, fast streams so you aren't 'lagging' behind your fellow players, and super-quick cash-outs so you can get your winnings out fast.

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