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Once known as Full Tilt Poker, today's Full Tilt is apparently turning more and more to the fun and joy of casino games. First they've introduced casino games and their latest addition to the site experience are live casino tables with real flesh and blood dealers. Live casino games.

Players are able to enjoy real casino atmosphere from the comfort of their homes and for people looking to indulge Black Jack, Baccarat and Roulette or play poker against the house, this is actually quite an attractive alternative. Full Tilt is not a pioneer in this type of entertainment, as several online casinos have been offering this service for some time now, but they will, no doubt, look to grab their share of the market.

Sam Hobcraft, Director of Casino for the Rational Group, stated that he believes that they were able to create the most authentic live casino experience available on the market today. This, combined with some attractive promotions will, in his opinion, give players a lot of reason to visit and stay, eventually making Full Tilt Casino a market leader in Live Casino branch.

Live Casino Promotions

Full Tilt will be running several promotions to celebrate the launch, including the Gold Card promotion that will give players an opportunity to win up to $1,000 in bonus money on Black Jack tables. ‘Lucky 13’ promotion is aimed at roulette players so they will not feel left out either.

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Full Tilt has definitely experienced a downfall on poker side of things but from the latest developments it is clear that their business plan is taking a different direction. These new features and promotions are geared towards players who prefer more traditional kind of casino fun ruled mainly but luck instead of skill.

What Future Brings?

Except for the highstakes action and perhaps FTOPS series, which also failed to meet more than few guarantees during its latest edition, poker action on Full Tilt has been dying off. However, with resources and top people in the gambling industry, there is no doubt that Full Tilt Casino can go a long way.

As you can see from the pictures (or if you visit the site yourself) the whole things seems to run real smooth and really looks good. I’ve never been much of a pit-games man myself, but I can see this really appealing to casino games aficionados. With a good amount of well targeted marketing and nice promotions, Full Tilt should not have too much trouble getting more than their fair share of the global market.

Live dealer casino games

At first glance this may seem bad for poker there, but for a long time sites that attracted a lot of gamblers were the gold mines for grinders and this could happen with Full Tilt. Perhaps rich patrons will descend with their big roulette winnings and share some of the money with grinders always more than willing to give some action. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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