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Extreme Texas Hold 'Em is a game fast enough for experienced players, but simple enough even for beginners. Placing the right bets and knowing when to fold is the key to this live, strategy-based poker match. Play texas hold em.

Your goal is to beat the dealer – not other players. This is a huge advantage over playing Texas Hold 'Em with your friends. First, you place your ante and blind bet. Then you get your two cards. Then you can bet or fold.

Next, the dealer turns cards over in the center. As each of the next three cards are turned over you have the chance to bet, fold or raise. The earlier you raise, the higher the stakes become. Finally, after the last of the five cards in the center of the table are revealed, you see if you can make a better hand than the dealer.

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But there is more! You also have the Trips Bonus Bet. This is a side bet you can make at the start of the game. In it, you are betting on what your best hand will be with your two cards and three of the five community cards. Get a three of a kind or better, and you'll win the side bet – even if you eventually lose against the dealer.

This is all done completely live. There is no animation at all. You can see the dealer and the cards – so you know that the game is for real.

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Playing Texas Hold 'Em will help hone your poker skills and give you a great chance at winning. It's all in the choices you make, and when you decide to play through or walk away from the hand.

This is the Extreme Texas Hold 'Em you want to play. It's time for you to get in the game.

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