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I've been scoping out the rules and reports on wizardofvegas and a few other sources since i'll be going next week july 21st. I have to say I am disgusted with the perpetual downgrade of gambling conditions/odds in vegas. Blackjack rules.

Of course casinos aren't gonna get the same revenue if they deter the gamblers away with these disgusting 6:5, 8-deck, $25 tables.

Wish we can go back to the days where blackjack was playable on the strip.

(Of course if you are a $100/hand player this doesnt matter to you lol)

Over the past 7 year's, the greed of the casinos has gotten alot worse IMO. It was ok to lose a couple of $$$ becuase you got a fair priced room with no resort fee and free parking and food was pretty good value.

Now it feels like their screwing every last penny out of the system. I dunno if its because the casinos have competition with the clubs or something else. Vegas is never going to go away, but it's slowly making it harder to justify a visit if your a low roller ($10 - 15 bet)

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For the most part, people don't care. Tables are still full. You can still find good 3;2 games. They require $25+ min tables during the week and $50 on the weekends.

They drove me away from playing over the years. Now it's craps only for me.

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I don't play blackjack on the strip and haven't done so in a very long time.

I do play $5 or $10 DD BJ at Fremont, Main St Station, California, 4 Queens, and El Cortez as well as at the Orleans and Gold Coast. The Boyd places don't care if you least not spreading 5-30. El Cortez cares a lot and I don't stay there longer than 30 minutes at a time and don't use my players card(they've backed me off before)

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Based on my experience (as recent as April/May) the downtown Boyds don't allow DAS but Gold Coast and Orleans. This was on their $5 to $10 DD tables.

Comps are also fairly generous even for low rollers.

@JDllt No one is disagreeing the fact their a business. It's the fact they cater for all budgets in their accommodation offerings. But whe the it comes to table play its not the same, the lower roller gets screwed. As stated $100 min would require a substantial bankroll based on an average of 60 - 80 hands per hour and for the majority of visitors gambling is entertainment.

The question to ask is, if a bar started giving 3/4 shot and charged the same price it would be found upon a lot more than the. Changes in rules over the past few years.

Yes, I still play. But not as much as i have done in the past.

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I have always found the table games closely resemble carnival games. The odds are horrible, no matter what you want to play. Ever looked at the table odds for 3-card poker? They're abysmal. This is not relegated to Las Vegas, it's every casino across the country.

A number of years back I gave up BJ and all card table games in the main casino. I am now a devout NL hold 'em poker player and only play in the poker rooms.


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