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What’s an offshore casino?

Offshore casino is a very common piece of terminology on online casino websites, and simply means a casino that operates outside the laws of your country because it is based somewhere else. Offshore gambling.

If you live in a country where gambling is illegal or subject to very stringent and restrictive laws, offshore casino gambling can be your only option for finding a casino operator. Playing online with an offshore casino is typically not banned under most anti-gambling laws, though you should check the details in your area if you are uncertain.

An offshore casino can be based anywhere, but will often be located in a country with favorable gambling regulations, so it is very important to check what regulatory and licensing bodies the offshore casino you want to play at is covered by. A reputable offshore casino will be licensed and regulated by a gaming commission or gaming control board, so you may want to check the policies of the relevant regulatory body before you start to play.

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It is also important to remember that not every gaming commission or gaming control board handles complaints or disputes directly so, if you had a problem with an offshore casino and contacted the relevant gaming commission for the jurisdiction in which the offshore casino operator is located, you might find they were unable to help.

In countries that do not ban online gambling but have yet to make specific legislation relevant to it, offshore casino websites can make well regulated and safe casino games available to players who may not otherwise have access to online casinos regulated by gaming commissions or control boards. As always, the important thing is to check exactly where the offshore casino is located, which is usually determined by where its servers or head office are based, how it is regulated, and what assurances players are given that their information will be secure, they will be treated fairly, and that they can expect honest and fair games from the offshore casino operator.

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